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Ron Paul: Neocons & Shadow Government Elites to Try to Influence Trump’s Presidency (Video)

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According to former congressman and Libertarian icon, Ron Paul, shadow government figures and neocons will try to infiltrate and influence Donald Trump’s presidency and prevent him from achieving successful change.

Ron Paul: Neocons & Shadow Government Elites to Try to Influence Trump's Presidency (Video)

Former congressman and Libertarian icon Ron Paul (Photo: YouTube / RT)

Shadow government figures and neocons are going to try to infiltrate and influence Donald Trump‘s presidency, as well as to prevent him from achieving successful change, former congressman and Libertarian icon, Ron Paul, said during an interview with RT.

“Unfortunately, there have been several neoconservatives that are getting closer to Trump. And if he gets his advice from them, then I do not think that is a good sign,” Paul said. “We look at the president, we look at what he said, we look at what he might do, when you look at his advisors.”

Paul also noted that there is an outside source, which is called ‘deep state’ or the ‘shadow government’.

“There is a lot of influence by people, which are actually more powerful than our government itself, our president,” the former congressman pointed out. “Yes, Trump is his own guy, more so than most of those, who have ever been in before. We hope, he can maintain independence and go in the right direction. But I fear the fact that there is so much that can be done secretly, out of control of our apparent government and out of the view of so many citizens.”

Paul also spoke about the possibility of a fundamental change in US foreign policy, which can become less hawkish and interventionist, as the politician is a longtime supporter of such a course of development.

“During the campaign, he did talk a little bit about backing off and being less confrontational to Russia, and I like that.” Paul noted. “He criticized some the wars in the Middle East at the same time. He believes, we should accelerate the war against ISIS and terrorism, without showing he has an understanding of what causes terrorism.”

The former congressman also stressed that sometimes, military interventions and wars can be imposed upon a president by ‘dark actors’

“Sometimes the false flags and the unintended consequences are beyond the control of even a sincere President that would prefer that not to happen,” he said.

Paul also added that in his opinion, it will be difficult for Trump to separate the US away from NATO, as the new president told he is going to do.

“Get the United States out of NATO, we should have never joined,” the politician said, noting that to stay out of entangled political and military alliances is the long term goal of the US. “I’m optimistic in the long run, but it’s going to be messy in the short run,” he said. “The odds of Trump winning that argument are very slim.”

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Daniel Rich

If Trump steps on too many toes, the only question will be, are they gonna ‘JFK’ him or do it more discretely, out of sight, as a case of ‘suicide?’


His VP running mate , Pence, certainly has me worried . He has just the sort of reactionary mind that is easy to manipulate , the deep state would be back with him . We will hope Trump has Heaven’s Mandate and can lead America back to peace .


I do not believe neocons will have much of an influence in a Trump presidency, Trump like other egomaniacs are focused on controlling the state of events according to his dictates and goals; if severe natural disasters or terrorist attacks occur in the US, I see him becoming a dictator. Under those circumstances the neocons will be a foregone conclusion. Trump can very well fulfill the prophetic events attributed to the antichrist at the end times. A Jewish rabbi in Israel predicted that Trump would win and usher the return of the Messiah. Poor rabbi, he said the right thing, without understanding what he said.


The Republic of the United States of America, represented by the Good American Patriot People, have defeated the organized criminal acts of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION cabal, and have decapitated the Khazarian Mafia who had “lined up the Good American Patriot People” to feed them into the FEMA meat grinders presently known as the FEMA Concentration Camps which have been set up in the 10 Districts into which the NeoCon sub human monsters have, geographically, divided the Republic of the United State of America. Ron Paul, is one of the living American Patriot Heroes, for the utter destruction he has caused to the Private Bank known as the FED, which, save for his persistent war and blockade, “forced the audit upon the FED – the first audit in more than 100 years – which has produced stunning results. The White Hats have followed suit, in / at every level of the Republic of the United States of America Society. The entrance of The Donald into the White House, effectively destroys the NeoCon – NWO – Alien Agenda – for the depopulation of Mother Planet Dimitra, otherwise known as Planet Earth to 500 million people. The NeoCon sub human Ashkenazim Khazaroktini Zionist / otherwise known as the Khazarian Mafia Cabal made the mortal mistake to cross the red “invisible red lines” drawn by Goddess Nemesis, who, is “a bitch and a half to all unethical sub human scum who have Crossed the Cosmic Laws of Genesis”. ARISTOTELIS ELLINAS Synchronized with : THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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