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Rome on Verge of War between Migrants & the Poor – Rome Mayor

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The Rome mayor believes that mayors of European cities should be the first, who will welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation.”

Rome on Verge of War between Migrants & the Poor – Rome Mayor

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi said mayors need to welcome refugees with open arms (Photo: vilaglato.info)

Mayors need to be the first, who will welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation,” Rome mayor Virginia Raggi told an immigration summit of European city. The statement was made just days after neighbors, shouting “We do not want these n*****s,” prevented a Moroccan family from moving into a council flat in Rome, given to them by the authorities.

“Our cities seem to be closed off with their self-interest and the mayors are the ones who should give the first reception,” Raggi said. “We must guarantee human warmth, shelter, accommodation.”

She also added that the attitude that has been seen “offends our dignity as mayors and people.”

“For this we must take action, even more in the suburbs, which are the most abandoned parts of the city, where there is a risk of a war between the poor,” the Rome mayor noted.

Raggi pointed out that there is a very fragile situation between the impoverished locals and refugees in the suburbs of the Italian capital. According to her this means that battles between the two groups are imminent.

“In Rome, we are trying to provide stability with temporary shelters and tents. We want everyone to have a roof over their heads,” the Rome mayor said. “Rome is working hard to respect the dignity of people. We are historically open to reception and we want to continue.”

She also added that rich Western countries are responsible for the largest migrant crisis since the Second World War.

“The behavior of the richest countries, the prevalence of individual interests, the exploitation of natural resources, and the globalization – all of this has made many poor countries the subject of conquest,” Raggi said.

This year, Italy has faced the largest increase in migrant arrivals to Europe, after a deal between the EU and Turkey was made, according to which migrants were headed to Italy instead of Greece.

Yesterday, Italy held the EU to ransom after refusing to back a change to the bloc’s budget up to 2020, claiming that the state does not have enough money to tackle the migrant crisis, which has had an enormous impact on the country.

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Marek Pejović

In reality, what these blindly ideological flower-power policies are doing is that they are just encouraging people to more openly be radical. soon the realistic situation will mean that it’s ok to openly be in favor of faaaaar right worldview. it is fools like this that make a situation in which even ordinary people become pragmatically open to far right. stage seems to slowly be getting set, we only need a bit of police brutality and a few stories of immigrants molesting girls. and let’s not forget; Italy is still a democracy.


The more they insist on pushing multikulti down our throats the more we will vote for what they fear the most.


It’s simply the oppression of the majority by entitled minorities.


Stupid snowflake politicians crapping all over their own people. The notion that the locals are not going to get pissed off with this stupidity is so naive. Tinder box say hello to spark.

Romulus Nicola

Revolutions never come with a warning…


Poor refugees, fleeing that terrible Moroccan war….


Yes and all those unknown massive wars in Ghana, Senegal, Niger, Gambia !. Italy has completely lost control of its borders – time to Itexit subito


Italy has allowed itself to become the willing victim of a highly organized people trafficking scheme, on a massive scale. See the report posted by Southfont at https://southfront.org/ngos-smuggling-immigrants-into-europe-on-industrial-scale/ by gefira . As a result of the criminal stupidity of the Italian authorities (I don’t use the word “goverment”) the country is being swamped by sub-Saharan Africans, over 500 000 in 3 years, who will remain in Italy FOREVER. Why ? Because the other EU states plus Switzerland have closed their borders and the Italians can’t or won’t deport them. It is insane to pick up bargeloads of Africans, by prior arrangement, just a few Kms off the Libyan coast and transport them hundreds of kms north to Italy. Italy is in dire straits , no jobs, youth unemployment 25-50 % in some cities – there will be riots next summer if not sooner. EU created this mess now Italy suffers

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