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MAY 2021

Romania Seizes Record 2.5 Tons of Colombian Cocaine Worth Over 600 Million Euros

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Romania Seizes Record 2.5 Tons of Colombian Cocaine Worth Over 600 Million Euros

A Romanian special forces unit member stands guard near bags containing part of 2.5 tonnes of cocaine seized in the Black Sea port of Constanta. Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea/via REUTERS

Two and a half tons of cocaine, whose price is at least 600 million euros ($667.20 million), were seized by Romanian police. The drugs were found in Colombian banana containers arriving in the Black Sea port of Constanta, known as the country’s biggest drug center.

On Friday the Balkan nation’s anti-mafia police stated that ‘a six-month-long operation involving undercover agents and back-up from US authorities’ allowed to arrest four Lithuanians and one Colombian in Romania.

According to the Balkan nation’s anti-mafia police, the cocaine, which had arrived from Colombia last week, was to be transported to the Netherlands. Traffickers planned to conceal the drugs among construction materials in trucks.

Police also caught a man with Dutch and Spanish citizenship in Spain. As reported, he is connected with the cocaine shipment.

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This is what CIA is best at running the drug cartel


Did you mean to say “CIA and US military”?

Real Anti-Racist Action

CIA owns the military. And Mossad and Mi6 heavily influence the CIA. They are all the same Zio-networks of global control.

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