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Roger Stone Found Guilty on All Charges, Despite Stark Lack of Evidence

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Roger Stone Found Guilty on All Charges, Despite Stark Lack of Evidence

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On November 15th, a Washington, D.C. federal jury found Roger Stone guilty on all charges against him. Roger Stone is a long-time political adviser of US President Donald Trump and he allegedly a connection to WikiLeaks.

Stone was convicted of one count of obstructing an official proceeding, five counts of making false statements to Congress, and one count of witness tampering.

The verdict makes Stone the sixth former Trump adviser to be convicted of or plead guilty to charges stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Roger Stone was indicted in January 2019, and the case against him took months to finish.

The federal prosecutors alleged that Stone attempted to obstruct the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election by lying to the committee about his efforts to contact WikiLeaks, and by encouraging another witness to lie for him.

Former Trump campaign aides – Steve Bannon and Rick gates testified against Stone. Both of them said that Roger Stone had repeatedly said he had insider information on WikiLeaks and its plans to release information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.

During the case it never became clear whether Stone really had any insider information and if whether he actually carried out any of the things he is being accused of.

The prosecutors provided quite a bit of documentation to prove that the story Roger Stone told Congress, that all his WikiLeaks information came from a single “intermediary,” radio host Randy Credico was a “lie.”

And they suggested Stone concocted this false story to hide his true WikiLeaks connection – conservative author Jerome Corsi, but it’s unclear what he knows and how he got around to knowing it.

The government alleged that when the House Intelligence Committee asked him to testify in their Russia investigation in 2017, Stone concocted a false cover story to hide whatever actually happened.

Stone was also charged with falsely telling Congress he had no emails or texts discussing WikiLeaks; with falsely saying he never asked for any requests to be communicated to Assange; and with falsely saying he never discussed his conversations with his WikiLeaks intermediary with anyone in Trump’s campaign.

To repeat these are the things Roger Stone was found guilty of:

  • Claiming he hadn’t exchanged emails with Wikileaks with third-parties like Credico and Corsi;
  • Saying that Corsi was his only intermediary with Wikileaks;
  • Denying that he asked Credico to be an envoy between himself and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange;
  • Denying he communicated with Credico regarding Wikileaks altogether;
  • Denying that he relayed his communications with Credico to Trump campaign officials.

All of these are contained in the indictment, released back in January 2019.

Roger Stone Full Indictment… by INSIDER News London on Scribd

He was found guilty of carrying out all these actions, and there was no evidence at all. The situation was allegedly described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full 448-page report, but most of it is redacted. It was redacted to allegedly not prejudice the trial of Roger Stone. It also means that, even if there wasn’t anything concrete, redacting it would mean it was simply done as a way to create an illusion suggesting there was.

Whether an unredacted version would be released remains questionable. What’s matters is that the jury, after two days of consideration found Roger Stone guilty, based on no evidence whatsoever, based on a report by Robert Mueller that concluded nothing at all and he completely failed to justify 3 years of investigations before the Congress.

The case against Stone was opened as soon as it turned out that he was lying about his interaction with WikiLeaks, when the site was publishing materials stolen during the hacking of the electronic database of letters from the Democratic National Committee. At the same time, Stone’s defense argued that the charge against Trump’s former assistant should be dropped because the investigation concerned Russia’s interference in the election, and not what Wikileaks did.

However, the jury did not agree with these arguments. Moreover, witnesses who spoke at the trial said that Stone repeatedly boasted that he had his own source close to Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

As for the attempt to put pressure on the witness, Stone recalled his conversation with radio host Randy Credico (who allegedly had connections in Wikileaks). The prosecution claimed that before giving evidence to Credico Stone, in a conversation with him, he uttered a phrase from the movie “The Godfather 2”, intimidating him. The lawyers, in turn, indicated that the phrase was said as a joke, and Stone said it during a friendly conversation.

Stone’s final verdict is supposed to be given on February 20th, 2020 and it could be of up to 50 years in prison.

Donald Trump, commenting on the jury’s decision on Twitter, said Stone’s verdict was yet another manifestation of a double-standard policy. Finally, Trump asked if whether the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, former CIA head Richard Brennan and Robert Muller also lied, among others.

In conclusion, guilty or not, the point of the matter is that Roger Stone was deemed guilty by MSM a long time ago, the same way every other individual who was indicted by Robert Mueller was found guilty long before they were sentenced to anything at all. It is becoming more and more apparent that in the modern US, “justice” has little to do with truth or evidence. It, however, has much to do with constructing a narrative, largely, out of thin air and repeating it on MSM until enough people believe it is fact.

At the same time, Roger Stone may receive a presidential pardon. Asked after the verdict whether Trump is considering a Stone pardon, White House deputy press secretary Steven Groves replied, “Not that I’m aware of.” But there is no rush, since there are still months until February 2020 and Stone isn’t jailed until then.


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Tommy Jensen

What a joke. Thumbs up for Trump and his backbone. The corrupt Democrat slime belong in San Quentin.


Trump and his backbone did you know Trump has given an isreali security company control of the border between USA and Mexico where isreal has set up sophisticated spying apparatus – to spy on Americans he should be hanged for treason


And Hillary still walks free…

klove and light

just 4 letters spell out the current dark side of the USA…

FISA………..FISA court……… no public..all closed doors…..not even Hollywood could make this up…..not even the records are public….the total Abyss….and to round Things up….lol..here Comes the slammer..the court sits “ex parte”… meaning-===
in the absence of anyone but the judge and the government present at the Hearings-

welcome to pure evil


At least one of the charges was validated by the testimony of Randy Credico, a friend of Julian Assange. Credico is credible, and has also known Stone on and off for years.




I’ve heard Credico speak personally at the Left Forum in NYC on the same panel with Ray McGovern and Anya Parampil of RT. You can listen to his interviews on YouTube including on the Jimmy Dore show @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCzAoXv0Paw and also on Craig Murray’s site at: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2019/11/world-exclusive-post-testimony-interview-with-randy-credico/

Credico is a comedian, but was an activist years ago in NYC for prison reform and knew Roger Stone at that time as well. He is also Julian Assange’s friend and solid supporter.


Just look at the farce happening on Capitol Hill. This is our future people. Truth and facts don’t matter. Only the evidence of hearsay and public opinion.
All thanks to the liberal Republicans and ultra liberal Democrats via a liberally flawed Constitution.
Again just look at the farce on Capitol Hill. All of them, Republican and Democrat alike, support stealing YOUR money and giving it to Ukraine. Liberals and ultra Liberals.

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