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Rodrigo Duterte: Philippine Army Needs 20,000 Additional Soldiers To Increase Security In Country

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Rodrigo Duterte: Philippine Army Needs 20,000 Additional Soldiers To Increase Security In Country

Philippine Army Scout Rangers. Photo courtesy of AFP Facebook page

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has asked the Philippine Congress to approve the funding of 20,000 additional troops to the Philippine Army to secure the country from various threats.

“The request of the president for additional 20,000 troops is part of our intensified security posture to guard areas in the country where there are continuing security threats,” Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said. “The deployment of troops to Marawi and other points in Mindanao needs to be re-balanced to ensure maximum effectiveness.”

Meanwhile, Philippine Armed Forces Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla said that the Philippine Army has so far killed 523 ISIS fighters during the battle for Marawi. Padilla added that the army has reseized 602 guns from ISIS fighters so far. According to the source, 122 Philippine soldiers have been killed during so far, along with 45 civilians.

The battle of Marawi city will end very soon, according to Philippine sources, as a majority of the ISIS fighters has been killed in the city, and the Philippine Army has regained control over most of Marawi city and surrounding villages.

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  1. MeMadMax says:

    Why do that?
    It’s easier and cheaper to just ban islam and run it off the island(there’s not that many of them there anyways)…

  2. hvaiallverden says:

    The moment Duterte opened His mouth and made some weird noise bytes about NK, He lost me totally, and we can only wounder, like that spectacular double faced and elected based upon peace, of course was just another rotten liar in the idiot bin, South Korean.
    Where both are just another side of what I define as Syriza styled fake scums, and right now makes it hard to believe anything coming from the from this rotten creeps from now on.

    Whom the f….. cares, let the idiots in the Philippines continue with their cooperation with the imperial banana republic, because I bet this will be expanding, despite this idiotic rants from their leader.


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