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JUNE 2023

Rockets Rain Over US Bases In Iraq

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Rockets Rain Over US Bases In IraqOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

You can read this article in German. Link.

Military bases of the United States in Iraq are suffering from poor weather conditions, as it would seem it’s raining rockets in the first days of May and late April.

Late on May 2nd, the US Camp Victory in Iraq came under rocket fire.

Two rockets hit the site near the Baghdad airport.

The third shell was reportedly intercepted by the C-RAM anti-aircraft system.

It was the second attack on Camp Victory in the last 10 days.

Not too long after, on May 3d, the Balad Air Base in the Salah al-Din province that houses Iraqi forces and US contractors was targeted by another rocket attack.

The commander of the base, Div. Gen. Sahi Abdul Ameri, said that a total of 9-10 explosions were heard, but only three self-made rockets exploded on the territory of the base.

The rockets reportedly were 107mm Katyushas.

Alleged photos show that the launchers were labeled with photos of assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Popular Mobilization Units commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Still, the Pentagon said the increasing frequency of attacks against US forces in Iraq does not mean that effective measures are not taken to protect them, adding that the targeted base only hosted only by Iraqi troops and contractors working for an American company.

Alongside this, almost daily IED attacks target convoys moving logistic supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition all over Iraq.

Most recently, on May 2nd, two separate convoys were targeted.

Pro-Iranian groups are suspected of carrying out the attacks.

The recent strikes may be in response to explosions at a large chemical plant located near the city of Qom in central Iran, on May 2nd.

A spokesman for the Qom Fire Department told the semi-official ISNA news agency that the fire had been prevented from reaching nearby alcohol tanks which would have caused a “very large accident” if they had caught fire.

There is no official release of what caused the explosion, but it did happen just as there were some reports that some progress had been made in Vienna in negotiations to salvage the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

On May 1st, Iran revealed that the US had agreed to lift some sanctions in order to revive the 2015 deal.

Tel Aviv has been attempting to hinder the talks between the US and Iran for a while.

Last month, an act of sabotage targeted Iran’s uranium enrichment facility in Natanz.

Israeli intelligence was blamed for this.

The vicious cycle that is the situation around the Iran Nuclear Deal continues, and it is likely that the situation could deteriorate further if Washington and Tehran reach a deal Tel Aviv is unsatisfied with.

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Assad must stay

southfront what happened to disqus?

Rodney Loder

China is coming to the position where the entire Middle East has to become nuclear fee, that includes in their mindset Israeli maggots, so thanks for that China.

Actually we’re doing very well, Biden’s plans for additional front line support from NATO are not likely to succeed, the credibly of the homosexual Sid Loder is falling by the way side, hes is not recognized as Jesus Christ quite as much as he used to be.

John Tosh

I pity those who die for Nothing

jens holm

A few more and Biden will make a statement those happy new year people understand.

Too many mice dancing around there thinking they are rats. Those jas no plans for the future apart from beeing feeded by the Popes in Qaum and random killing seemes to be fun and a part of their genetics.

jens holm

Soutfront has overstepped the non made conditions by them by allowing so much lying crap of the worst kind.I dont blame them very much for it, but no normal people should accept only 0 to 5 % are sober as well as nothing is debate but just hooligan statements.

I miss Syria Live UA as a good site very much. Here we fx could make maps for each other and they made very detailed maps too. So we debated old and new warfare as next steps.

But many also came with so many very bloody pictures and also did not keep dead as well as prisoners anonyme, so the picture part was stopped. Today they are reduced to bringing many short messages, which I often hardly understand. Onæly a few are commenting there as well.

Internet debate wasnt meant as that. Free speech even with sober limitations is gone.

As a private person I dont want several bunches of the debaters here at Soutfront back. They are and represent the selfmade deep dark state themself.

jens holm

Homosexuals are the best for the world. They have time for educating themself to havde a descent job being good taxpayers for the morons making more children, then they can support themself.

None here want overcrowding as China and India.

None here knows who Sid Loder is, but we do try to include all here better then most. It pays off well. We have less unneeded trenches and dont have to confirm 10 time a day we are this and that and are not this and that.

We also has less mashos. None are missing them. Moiderated men are better as roosters even they dont lay eggs.

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