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Rockets Launched From Syria Hit Turkey’s Kilis (Photos, Video)

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Late on March 18, two rockets launched from northern Syria struck the outskirts of the southern Turkish city of Kilis.

According to Syrian sources, the two rockets were launched from the vicinity of the town of Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside. The area is controlled by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). The Turkish media said that one of the rockets fell in an empty land. The other, however, hit a residential building.

In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense said that the rocket attack didn’t result in any casualties or material losses.

“A notification was made to the Russian Federation to stop the fire; the determined targets were immediately put under fire. Our troops in the region have been alerted,” the statement reads.

Following the attack, the Turkish artillery shelled the towns of Maranaz, Shawarighat al-Arz, Qalaat Shawarigha, al-Alaqsa, Tell Rifaat, Ayn Daqna, Baylouniyah, Binê, Soghanaka and Deir Jamal, Sheikh Issa, Menagh and Harbul. All of these towns are held by the YPG.

Heavy clashes were also reported between Kurdish fighters and militants of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army west of the Turkish-occupied town of al-Bab.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. However, Turkish and Syrian sources held the YPG responsible. In the last few years, the group launched similar rocket attacks on southern Turkey. Yet, these attacks were carried out in only response to large-scale Turkish operations.


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Assad must stay

they get a taste of their own medicine lol


Exactly …. 👏👏👏

Peter Jennings

I’m sure these rockets will keep coming just as long as the US, nato, and the isreali apartheid regime keep supplying them.

Following the attack, the Turkish artillery shelled the towns of Maranaz Shawarighat al-Arz Qalaat Shawarigha al-Alaqsa Tell Rifaat, Ayn Daqna Baylouniyah Binê Soghanaka Deir Jamal Sheikh Issa Menagh Harbul. ‘

The reaction to two missiles which did nothing, is worthy of a false flag.

Hadi Heidary

turk are ethnic cleansing the kurds all the time, they don’t need false flag! and i don’t think the rockets came from US or Nato , but i guess time will tell, one thing that seems likely is that these rocket attacks will drasticaly increase in the future.


One can only hope … eh?


its the only way foo……get on with the program already. Let Iran do its holy work here.

Pave Way IV

The picture doesn’t really look like a residential building struck by a rocket. They must have already been working on the street, because there’s no way a rocket is going to strip off that much of the surface and not flatten the buildings around it. I *think* a couple of cars in the first picture have some shrapnel damage, but all the windows in the buildings seem to be intact. Maybe one errant Grad? I know the pictures were probably suppose to give the impression of a giant crater and huge rocket, but that isn’t possible.


It appears that Bidens crisis actors have been working again :)

Pave Way IV

I’m kind of surprised the White Helmets weren’t swarming the place and heroically dragging military-aged male civilian ‘victims’ across the dirt into old UK ambulances. Must have been their night off.


The White Helmets are currently having Diversity Training from UK LGBT military trainers, I understand.

I am deeply shocked that the White Helmets are still wearing White Helmets that are a symbol of White supremacy. Rainbow helmets must be issued with a black spot to signify partnership with BLM..

I am also very angry that ‘people with vaginas’ ( once known as women) are not represented in the White Helmets atall.

Sleepy Joe must do something about this grave afront to ‘ Democratic Liberal Values’.

Pave Way IV

Mandatory gender reassignment for women to meet social norms of foreign cultures?


It’s turkey … not Moscow

Arch Bungle

They missed Ankara.


My ancestors were from kilis


Exactly … thanks for noticing



This worries me. First Turkey are withdrawing Syrian mercenaries from Libya after a deal with the US. Then Turkey moves a vast amount of equipment and troops to Syrian border. Then Kurds in northern Syria suddenly starts to fire rockets across the Turkish border, something that could be used as a pretext for nato’s article 5. All this happens in a short amount of time after some deal(s) between Turkey-USA and Biden is a war hawk.

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