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Rockets Hit Key U.S. Airfield In Northeastern Syria

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Rockets Hit Key U.S. Airfield In Northeastern Syria

A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster departs from a Coalition airfield in Northeast Syria, June 26, 2018. (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA Izabella Sullivan)

Late on October 8, an indirect fire attack targeted a key base of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria’s northeastern region without causing any losses.

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement that the Rumalyn Landing Zone was hit by a salvo of 107 mm rocket.

The coalition’s so-called landing zone consists of a base and an airfield located near the village of Abu Hajar, some 12 kilometers to the south of the town of Rumalyan in the northern al-Hasakah countryside. Some of Syria’s richest oil fields are located in this area.

“The rocket did not impact inside the compound. No U.S. or partnered forces were killed or injured and neither facilities nor equipment were damaged,” the command’s statement reads.

According to the CENTCOM, additional rockets were found at the launch origin site. An investigation into the attack has been launched.

This was the second confirmed attack on a U.S. base in Syria’s northeastern region in less than a month. On September 18, a number of rockets targeted the coalition’s Green Village base in the al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. No casualties or material losses were reported back then. The attack was unofficially blamed on Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces.

Iranian-backed forces may have been also behind the attack on the Rumaylan Landing Zone. The attack came just four days after the U.S.-led coalition conducted a raid in the government-held village of Muluk Saray in the northern al-Hasakah countryside. During the raid, U.S. forces killed a shepherd, who allegedly smuggled weapons for ISIS, and captured the leader of a local pro-government armed group.


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USA will flatten iran in a single week… heheheh


No, it wont, USA cannot win a conventional war with Iran,United States Marine lieutenant general. Van Riper simulated that wars and the USA always lost!

But good luck trying ad believing it!

Ed Theman

USA deserves this and I hope that Russia supplies rockets to anyone who will fire them at USA bases.

This serves them right after USA does the same thing.


It’s time for them to rocket attack and bomb the USA thieves that are stealing oil in Syria.

David Parker

And Iraq and Libya.


Isn’t it wonderfull to see how even the enemies of the US fear them so much and try to deter them without killing a single american soldiers.

While everyone is trying to kill as many russian soldiers as possible cause they do not fear them at all.

Russian allies should watch this carefully. They will be expendable just as all those regions the russian soldiers bled and died for are now.

Every ally of russia should try to make ammends with the us as fast as possible. Cause just like after the end of the sowjet union after putins time is over and whoever follows him will be busy rebuilding russias economy and military those who stand with russia now will be punished by the US just as Jugoslavia was in the 90s.

Cause of the nukes the US can’t directly attack russia but they can crush whoever they are friends with.

The Objective

I have a different opinion. Yes, I agree that the Russian military did suffer some damages lately, but it seems Putin has played most of his cards right. He has managed to create a PARMANENT rift within NATO. The only way for NATO to fix that problem is to overthrow Erdogan and crush the Islamists in Turkey. But that is highly unlikely.

The implications of this division within Nato is severe. Turkey hates the U.S more than it does Russia. The U.S is relentlessly attacking Turkey’s economy, hoping to make Erdogan lose the forthcoming elections. After this experience, Turkey will never forgive the U.S – as long as the Islamists rule.

Russia annexing four regions and mobilizing 300k soldiers means the war is about to get really bloody now. Expect intense Russian attacks throughout the rest of Ukraine (I’m not a supporter of Putin. He’s a ruthless imperialist and expansionist, but we have to be objective about the situation). I think this will be the end of Ukraine. Another victim of America’s dangerous foreign policy.

Poland is in danger too for allowing weapons to Ukraine through its borders. At some point, the U.S/NATO will be forced to intervene. And this is when Joe and Obama will realize their biggest strategic mistake in mistreating Turkey. The U.S/NATO/Europe abandoned and even sanctioned Turkey in Syria. You think Turkey will heed their call for war against Russia? Not a chance. Turkey doesn’t even heed their calls for sanctions let alone war.

Of all the frontline NATO countries, Turkey is the one Russia fears most. The Turkish military is a highly deadly force as it demonstrated in Syria, N-K, and Libya throughout the year 2020. In a one-on-one conventional war with Russia in Syria, I haven’t a doubt they’ll crush the combined force of Iranian militias, Assad’s soldiers, and the Russian soldiers. This is the NATO country that America has been pissing off for the past several years. Russia saw this opportunity and invaded Ukraine, knowing that NATO is weak against Russia with Turkey out of the equation.

The only thing Turkey needs is nukes. It already has the technical know how and is currently building the infrastructure. I think we’ll witness a lot of dramatic events over the next two decades.

David Parker

You are completely unhinged. Putin is acting in the interests of the Russian people, just as he should. Imperialism is not in the interest of the Russian people. Putin has bent over backward to avoid war, but the the Jew-controlled US/NATO is bent on partitioning the Russian landmass and killing the Russian people. Putin does what he must to preserve the sovereignty of Russia. All the moves against Russia, the idiotic sanctions that blocked Russia from playing with dollars, have been an underhanded Jew strategy to continue the economic destruction spearheaded by the covid hoax. The prosperity of the pre-covid era, the general hopeful attitude, and worldwide increase in individual liberty was too much for the Jew program of death and misery for all others. Putin refuses to sacrifice the Russian people to that satanic plot. Haven’t you figured out yet that whatever narrative the Jew-controlled media is spinning is exactly the opposite of the truth or is merely a distraction from what is important? Why are you even on Southfront? Wake up! Also, Turkey already has nukes. They are stockpiled at Incirlik. The United States removed its nuclear armed missiles in 1963 in exchange for the Soviets ending the construction of ISBM launch sites in Cuba, but the US air base still houses some fifty B61 gravity delivered nuclear munitions. There is no doubt in my mind that the Turks could take them if they wanted. I am not sure if the USAF is even capable of safely shipping them back to the states. Turkey is way too close to Israel for any kind of secure nuclear shipment even though Israel already has some 200 nuclear weapons.

Last edited 5 months ago by David Parker
David Parker

First there is unwelcome and uninvited US base at al Tanf blocking Syria from Jordan and Iraq and now there are US airbases in northeastern Syria? When did the invasion of northeastern Syria happen?

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