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Rockets Hit Baghdad Airport And Green Zone, Despite U.S. C-RAM Deployment


Rockets Hit Baghdad Airport And Green Zone, Despite U.S. C-RAM Deployment

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On the evening of July 5th, a Katyusha rocket was fired at the Baghdad International Airport, near where American troops and diplomats are housed.

The strike happened just hours after the US reportedly shot down a Katyusha rocket that was launched at the same location.

Reportedly there were no injuries and no damages, but this is the 7th such rocket launched towards the airport in less than 30 days.

The US, as per Fox News, accuses Iran-backed militias of carrying out the attacks.

The increased attacks against U.S. and coalition forces prompted the American military recently to deploy C-RAM [“Counter-rocket, artillery and mortar”] — which could fire 3,000 rounds of 20-mm high-explosive tracer rounds per minute to protect Baghdad’s Green Zone, which houses the US Embassy.

The C-RAM shot down a Katyusha rocket for the first time since it was deployed to Iraq’s capital city on the morning of July 5th.

C-RAM is the land-based version of the CWIS [close-in weapons system] which U.S. warships have used for decades.

C-RAM has protected American troops in bases in Iraq for many years dating back to the Iraq War.

C-RAM test-fired by Raytheon in Afghanistan, circa 2018.

A statement by the U.S.-led coalition said another rocket attack early on July 5th resulted in four Iraqi casualties.

“This attack is one more illustration of the indiscriminate nature of these attacks, how [Iranian-backed militias] harm Iraq’s sovereignty and security, and our need for self-defense capabilities,” the statement read.

On June 25th, the Iraqi military said that its forces had raided a base in southern Baghdad used by Kata’ib Hezbollah, which the US blames for the attacks on its positions in Iraq, despite another group claiming responsibility more than once.

Iraqi authorities were questioning the 14 men detained during the raid, the military added. A number of those arrested were later released.




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