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Rockets Fall On Heads Of US Troops In Iraq As Israel Bombs Gaza Strip


Rockets Fall On Heads Of US Troops In Iraq As Israel Bombs Gaza Strip

A screenshot from the video

It seems that the UAE-Israeli peace deal did not help much to stabilize the situation in the region.

On August 16 evening, a rocket targeted the Green Zone of Iraq’s capital Baghdad, which houses government buildings and foreign missions. The strike caused no casualties. Security forces found a missile launch site and dismantled two other rockets.

This attack was one among almost a dozen of others within the last weeks apparently aimed at US forces and facilities.

Just a few hours earlier, the pro-Iranian armed group Ashab al-Kahf released a video showing an improvised explosive device attack on a US equipment convoy in the Anbar area. The group claimed that the convoy was fully destroyed.

On August 15, two rockets targeted the biggest US military base in Iraq – Camp Taji. The base is located north of Baghdad.

“On Aug 15, appx 9:15 p.m., two small rockets landed near Taji base. No coalition troops near impact,” spokesman for the U.S-led coalition, Col. Myles B. Caggins III, said on Twitter.

On the same day, a convoy carrying logistical supplies for the U.S.-led coalition was targeted on the highway between Dhi Qar and Basrah in southern Iraq. The attack was conducted by another pro-Iranian group, Usbat al-Tha’ireen. Pro-US sources denied any casualties as a result of the attack.

Meanwhile, the situation escalated in the Gaza Strip with the Israeli Defense Forces conducting strikes on Hamas targets there.

The situation escalated there amid reports about the UAE-Israeli peace deal. Under the deal Israel had to suspend its plans of occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank. However, the Israeli leadership already declared that it just delayed this move and is still aiming to do this.

The US detention of tankers with Iranian fuel en route to Venezuela also did not help to de-escalate the situation.




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