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Rockets Fall Much More Often Than Rain In Baghdad’s Green Zone

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Rockets Fall Much More Often Than Rain In Baghdad's Green Zone

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On September 22nd, Baghdad’s Green Zone came under fire again.

Initially, the Iraqi authorities said that three artillery mines had been detonated in the specially protected area.

However, the security forces soon discovered the place where the shelling was being conducted from.

As before, unknown militants used a homemade installation. However, this time it was loaded with Iranian-made PG-7-AT grenade launchers. At the same time, half of the grenades never flew out of the guides (which is also typical for 107-mm rockets).

Rockets Fall Much More Often Than Rain In Baghdad's Green Zone

Click to see full-size image

Rockets Fall Much More Often Than Rain In Baghdad's Green Zone

Click to see full-size image

Previously, this ammunition was seen in Yemen and even in the hands of Idlib militants, who, apparently, took possession of them in battles against Iranian mercenaries in Syria.

There is no other report regarding the attack, however, these happen somewhat frequently and generally either target positions that host US troops, or just hit near the US Embassy in the Baghdad Green Zone.

Almost exactly a week ago, on September 16th, a Katyusha rocket landed inside the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, and that happened just a day after a British Embassy convoy was targeted on a key highway in the city.

There were no casualties and no one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack — the latest in near-daily rocket assaults targeting the Green Zone and Iraqi army bases hosting U.S. troops. The attacks have raised security concerns about armed groups outside of the state’s control.

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has promised to reign in armed groups acting outside of the state’s authority. The attacks surged after al-Kadhimi traveled to the U.S. in August to conclude strategic talks, putting pressure on his administration.

Earlier, on September 14th, two rockets were fired at the Green Zone but caused no casualties; one was intercepted by the U.S. embassy’s C-RAM defense system.

That attack came after a roadside bomb targeted a convoy of vehicles carrying equipment for Americans earlier in the day on the main highway in Babylon province, south of Baghdad.

It appears that al-Kadhimi’s claims to stop the attacks have proved useless so far.


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The RPG contraption is quite ingenious. Hopefully, the rain of rockets will turn into a thunderclap for the demoralized US occupation losers, as Mr. Trump calls them.


Top notch technology:)))) But in seriousness looks cheap, mobile and easy to move and hide. I bet it fits in a boot


One salvo from a GRAD would do the job not those Toys.

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