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Rocket Strike On Yet Another US-Led Coalition Base in Iraq

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Rocket Strike On Yet Another US-Led Coalition Base in Iraq

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On March 16th, in the evening, a pair of rockets hit the Besmaya base south of Baghdad, Iraq.

The Iraqi military announced the strike, and mentioning no casualties.

This is the third strike on bases hosting US-led coalition and NATO troops in Iraq in a week.

Spanish forces linked to the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS, as well as NATO training forces, are present in Besmaya.

Earlier in the day, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that the US would retaliate “as necessary” against any new assaults on Americans after the rocket attacks.

On the previous day, Pompeo spoke to Iraqi caretaker prime minister Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in connection to a rocket attack on March 14th, after  three American troops and several Iraqi forces were wounded in the second major rocket attack in the past week on an Iraqi base north of Baghdad, U.S. and Iraqi officials said.

He said Iraq’s government should defend the U.S.-led coalition helping it fight Islamic State, according to the statement from State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus.

“Secretary Pompeo underscored that the groups responsible for these attacks must be held accountable. Secretary Pompeo noted that America will not tolerate attacks and threats to American lives and will take additional action as necessary in self-defense,” it said.

After the March 14th attack, Iraq’s Joint Operations Command said 33 Katyusha rockets were launched near a section of the Taji base which houses U.S.-led coalition troops. It said the military found seven rocket launchers and 24 unused rockets in the nearby Abu Izam area.

Before that attack, the US launched airstrikes against Kata’ib Hezbollah, who are part of the Popular Mobilization Units, who are one of the main fighters against ISIS in the Iraqi Armed Forces, following a deadly attack on an Iraqi base housing U.S. troops.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition said that it is vacating some its smaller bases in Iraq, in view of the ramped up attacks on US troops in the country.

“As a result of the success of Iraqi Security Forces in their fight against ISIS, the Coalition is re-positioning troops from a few smaller bases. These bases remain under Iraqi control and we will continue our advising partnership for the permanent defeat of Daesh from other Iraqi military bases,” the US-led coalition said.

“The Coalition remains in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq to defeat ISIS; since 2014, together, we have liberated more than 55,000 square kilometers and freed millions of Iraqi people from ISIS murderous rule. Our troops are re-positioning in coordination with the Government of Iraq. Due to operational security, we will not announce a specific timetable for the troop movements.”

There’s also reportedly a new armed group, Ausbat al-Thaayirin, who claimed responsibility for the March 3rd attack that killed 3 US marines and a British military nurse.

According to the statement assuming responsibility, the attack was in response to the US assassination of Deputy-Commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Commander of the Iranian Quds Force Maj. Gen. Qassam Soleimani. It also vowed to continue military actions against US forces.

It is yet unclear if the new attacks were also carried out by Ausbat al-Thaayirin.


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Zionism = EVIL

Kiddies, this is nothing compared to what is store for the Americunt loser arseholes and their Jew masters.


Rahbar Rahbar Rohollah…..who is that, the ayatollah of rock and rolla


Well, I guess Mr. Pompeo received his reply.

Zionism = EVIL

Yeah, the resistance forces are really scared of lardass dumbass Italian pimp Pompeo.


The truth is, if he had kept his mouth shut, they might not even have hit the base.

Free man

Iran’s answer has always been known.


Iraqi group, consult map.

Free man

An Iraqi group loyal to Iran.


An iraqi group, in their own country ……….. that can chose to like whomever they want. What’s the problem? And ……. go back to the map if there is any confusion.

Ashok Varma

More like a retard man!

Free man

WOW, what an intelligent response.

Liberal guy

And regards too

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The U.S. is in deep crisis, the best thing they can do is come home and get ready to weather the storm.

Zionism = EVIL

100 million Americunts have no basic medical care and even the WHO warned that US is most unprepared and will have huge fatalities. The mean Jew fucks who have hijacked America simply don’t care and they will hide in bunkers and have hospitals for the rich. The average made in China Walmart flag waving redneck is fucked as mass panic takes hold. Could not have happened to nicer people :) KARMA!


there is no extreme capitalism, its only capitalism and its very dangerous!!!!!

Ashok Varma

Capitalism is a failed system built on human exploitation for a few opportunists.

The Objective

These guys are openly goading America into a fight – a fight Trump cannot afford in an election year. I discovered that the U.S is ill-prepared to fight Iran. All the stealth high-tech bombers deployed in the middle east have ONE BIG VULNERABILITY: They rely on Aerial refueling due to limited range. Refueling tankers are highly vulnerable because they are not stealthy or maneuverable.

None, except the B-52 and B-2 spirit bombers can fight from 1000 KM of Iran’s borders. Yet Iran has 2000 km range Missiles that will keep these bombers (F22 and F35) at bay. Problem with B-2 and B-52 is that they cannot provide ground support or maneuver in contested air spaces. This limits their usefulness to high-value targets like nuclear sites and others, plus they are also vulnerable to SAMs. It will take a lot more than surgical strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities to defeat Iran.

The U.S is talking about building “Stealth Tankers” to offset this logistical shortcoming. Their engineers have been working on this for long without any success. Even the KC-46, which happens to be their most advance and latest refueling tanker, has severe operational problems despite not being stealthy.

Iran displayed some concealable SAMs that have everything in one vehicle (Radar, missiles, etc). It seems illogical to me that such a system is meant for highly stealthy and Maneuverable bombers like the F22 and F35. I think this innovative Iranian weapon is intended to target refueling takers. If these SAMs could be deployed on a relatively small truck as displayed in the video, then it can also be deployed on Ships, making them far more deadly for refueling tankers. Without refueling, every F22 or F35 or other planes will be grounded for lack of fuel to complete their mission.

America’s war machines today are highly vulnerable due to the reliance on refueling tankers. Until a stealth tanker or very long range bomber is invented, the U.S really shouldn’t start a war with Iran.


problem i easier than that – 80million persians and 1.65 million sqkm of land is not something anyone can expect to conquer in a short while – andto bomb specific places won’t help since the’re not adjacent and it is virtually impossible to wipe out iran and the people in an attack – yeah I know that the jews are longing for the moment when they can let go of their nukes and take care of the middle east for the jews but that ain’t gonna happen since it would be the end of the illegal settlement called israel and the jews massacred by the goyims around the world.

Assad must stay

inshallah they never are successful with that

Free man

ISIS/Daesh is already defeated, there’s just a small pocket of them running around although they’re probably not going to control cities and larger areas ever again. Iran however is purposely instructing its militias in Iraq to cowardly fire rockets at Iraqi/coalition soldiers to get a reaction out of the United States to sway Iraqi public opinion against them in their quest to “kick out” the US from Iraq. Americans should let the Iraqis get by on their own. No need to spend more billions of dollars there.


Free man, you still insist that Iraqis are Iranian, IRAQIS are IRAQI. Maybe you have forgotten Bush invaded Iraq in 2003. Remember WMD. Iraqi public opinion IS against them. Remember before Soleimani’s assassination 32 Iraqi troops fighting ISIS on the Syrian border were “made to pay” with their lives for one US contractor. Remember Soleimani was a Hero to Iraqis because he defeated ISIS. Yes, “America should let the Iraqis get by on their own”, that’s all they want.

Free man

These militias are made up of Iraqis, but they are loyal to Iran. I’ve written here before that the US invasion of Iraq was a terrible mistake, but the US is currently stuck in Iraq. If the US leaves Iraq, before the presidential election, as a result of the attacks against its troops, it would be considered as Trump’s loss.


These Iraqis are loyal to Iraq and Iraqi troops. Iraq is 70 % Shia, Iran is 90 % Shia, so they share the same religious foundations, holy sites, holidays, religious teachers etc.. The US is not “stuck in Iraq” or anywhere except America. Trump was elected on his promise to bring the troops home from Iraq and Syria. It would be a big win.

Free man

Demonstrations on the city streets in Iraq, burning of Iranian consulates and the burning of the bases of the Iranian militias clearly shows that the Iraqis are not interested in Iranian intervention in their country. It’s not either this or that. It is not this nor that. The Iraqis do not want external intervention in their country, period.


Well your last sentence is right. Yes I’ve read of the demonstrations at the Iranian Consulate. But where did you get, “the burning of the bases of the Iranian militas” , a link to back that.

Free man

There have been reports of several incidents of burnings bases of these militias and related party offices.


Pompeo has no idea. The new resistance is organised along the lines of Hezbollah whose methods have been honed for decades against israel’s multi-layered military systems. NATO troops will find it progressively harder to move freely, and casualties will mount. If they start reprisals against civilians there will be a general uprising which cannot be suppressed any longer. Foreign civilians will be in danger and cannot be protected 100%.


more, more of that and the yankee-cunts will want to go home to mum and apple pie and unemployment in the fly over states rather than being sitting ducks in a hostile country which is getting more hostile by the minute.


What is spain doing in iraq?

If you’re not killing bulls in your own miserable country, you are killing civilians in a country you have helped make miserable.

But spanish history is full of spanish macho midgets slaughtering indigenous people.

You fit right in with the murikan mental midgets that are your masters


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