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MARCH 2021

Rocket Strike Devastated Turkish Observation Post In Northwestern Aleppo (Photos, Video)


On September 12 afternoon, a rocket strike targeted an observation post of the Turkish military in the town of Xezwe in the northwestern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

A video and several photos of the incident revealed that the post had received several direct hits. One of the rockets landed right in the post’s main garage, where several military vehicles were parked. This caused the fire. Another rocket hit the post’s main point on Xezwe hilltop.

Several opposition activists claimed that the rockets were fired by the Syrian Arab Army from the nearby 46th Regiment Base. Nevertheless, others said Kurdish forces had launched the attack from their positions in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Besides causing heavy material damage, the attack also injured many Turkish service members, according to different pro-opposition news outlets.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the incident, so far. While the ministry acknowledges any casualties within 24 hours, it rarely comments on attacks that causes material damage only.

Xezwe post is one of over 50 observation posts established by Turkey in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib in the last two years.

The attack on Xezwe post may lead to a dangerous escalation in Greater Idlib, especially if it was carried out by Syrian government forces. Earlier this year, Turkey lost dozens of soldiers and officers due to Syrian military attacks.




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