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Rocket Salvo Slams Turkish Base In Northern Iraq (Videos, Photos)

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Rocket Salvo Slams Turkish Base In Northern Iraq (Videos, Photos)

FILE PHOTO: Turkish soldiers seen at the border town of Akcakale © Reuters / Murad Sezer

Late on January 2, a rocket salvo hit a Turkish military base located near the town of Zaylkan in Bashiqa district in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.

An unnamed Iraqi security source told the Sputnik news agency that at least six rockets landed in the vicinity of the base.

“As for now, there has been no information about any casualties as a result of the attack,” the source said.

Iraqi security forces found the improvised rocket launcher that was used in the attack near the town of Abu Jarbua’a, which is located to the northeast of the city of Mosul. The launcher was apparently loaded with 20 Grad 122 mm rockets. Only one of the rockets failed to fire.

Some observers speculated that the attack was carried out by pro-Iranian forces in Iraq to honor the memory of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani who were assassinated two years ago by the US. However, this is unlikely as Turkey was not a part of the plot. Ankara even criticized the assassination.

Pro-Iranian forces honored the late leaders by attacking the US Camp Victory military base near Baghdad International Airport with two suicide drones early on January 3.

The rocket attack on Zaylkan was likely a response by pro-Iranian forces or the more likely the Kurdistan Workers’ Party to the recent Turkish airstrikes on the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. On December 27 and 31 two similar attacks targeted the base.


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LMFAO, I said before and I said it again, Kurds are Zion hands in M.E. A kid can tell it was Kurds, why would they think that would work? Not gonna lie, that was funny to read. Kurds are a combination of rtded Wahhabi+Zion.

Chris Gr

Kurds are not united.


Even better for Zion and yanquis to run them. The link between Kurd terrorist groups has been the yanquis. Have you heard about “Kurdistan or Greater Kurdistan”? Ofc, they are linked together. If you got out of your house and talk to fuking Kurds you know they suck each other off. Why wouldn’t they?

Chris Gr

You are just on this thing. Actually, the Kurdistan project was started by the Soviets.


You are just jumping around like a donkey. It is so useless to talk to people like you. Every time someone points your BS you jump on a different point.

“Kurds are not united.” Why wouldn’t they? Who told you that? They work together on many levels. I can tell, you are one of those people who also cried like a donkey saying KSA and Israel weren’t working together. I remember those stupid morons saying shit like that.

Chris Gr

Saudi Wahhabism is against Israel firstly. Secondly, KRG was supported by Iran in the past both against Saddam and against ISIS. Is that incorrect?


NO. What, are you 12 years old? KSA is against Iran and other Arab states which disagree with KSA or their Wahhabism. You even said that KSA funded Daesh/ISIS in Syria, just fuking think and tell me why? Stop being so childish.

ISIS/Daesh works with the US, Zion, and KSA. Do you want proof? Mossad says they work with ISIS to destroy Syria, we saw Zion pedo child killer just walking next to ISIS fighters and giving them aids. Link this together, why have ISIS or any other terrorist groups haven’t attacked Israel? Or Zion outside of Israel. Yanquis attacked/killed more Zion than ISIS, isn’t that just funny? Why did we see dancing Zion during 9-11?

Zion and Wahhabi have been working together for so long.

Secondly, why wouldn’t Iran support Iraqi Kurds against Saddam? Kurds seek Iran’s help and Iran aid them, they united to fight Saddam which both groups hated the most. During WWII the US and British were allied with the Soviet Union, why? Same answer as to why Iran helped Iraqi Kurds. In both cases, after the war, they changed their path. The same story in Syria, Russia, Iran, and the Syrian government supported the Kurds to fight ISIS/Daesh.

You need to understand after ISIS/Daesh’s death, the Kurds changed their path and wanted to control lands that never belong to them, in Syria and Iraq. The countries that supported them were the US and Zion. We saw Mossad and CIA in the Iraqi Kurds area, and Kurds know in Syria they can’t hold on to Syrian lands, have you seen a change in SDF over the past 1-2 years? It is the US plan to cut up Syria-Iraq and make them fight each other and use them for their own interest, spies, to launch terrorist attacks, and so on.

Chris Gr

Th last paragraph is correct. But Israel never supported ISIS. Saudis did but not anymore.

SDF is a force only. They are not “all Kurds”. Iraqi Kurdistan has no problem with Turkey.


Oh, poor child, I feel bad for you. “A new report from the UN reveals that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) maintained regular contact with members of ISIS since May 2013. The UN identified contact with IDF forces and ISIS soldiers.” Should I believe a child? Or UN reports and facts. Israel never hides that it wants to destroy Syria and steal Syrian land.

Saudis still do support ISIS/Daesh but the US runs and trains ISIS. ISIS/Daesh FOLLOW Wahhabism and make their own books based on Wahhabism books. I don’t think you understand…

“SDF is a force only. They are not “all Kurds”. Iraqi Kurdistan has no problem with Turkey.” What are you on about? It is okay to say you don’t understand and you need to read and learn, but why are you lying? “Based on agreements from 1995 and 1997 relating to Turkey’s anti-terrorist operations against the PKK, Turkey maintains a military force of some 2,000 troops in bases some 30 – 40 km inside Iraq”

To this day Turkey launch attacks against Kurds in Iraq and they claimed they attacking YPG/PKK/etc which most of the time is BS. Turkey gets attacked by PKK and they get attacked by local Kurds as well. Kurds are linked together, and they support each other, as we see PKK in Iraqi Kurdistan. How YPG and PPK work together and so on.

Did I say SDF is all Kurds? No, what are you on about? You need to read and if you don’t understand someone you ask them to be clear.

Buddy, I can see you being an Islamophobic, just say you are so I don’t have to reason with you. There are so many Islamophobic people out there who lie and believe Zion just because they hate Muslims. Or they are just fangirls of NATO-US-Zion blocks, which have done more war crimes than anything else.

I’m old and not an Islamophobic and that is because I understand which countries want us to believe Muslims are these devils who hate us and whatnot. Let me be clear with you, to me you sound like one of those people who ignore facts, and try so hard to disagree when you well know you are wrong. And just to top it off you change the topic. Your replies are childish with no based facts but you believe in what you are saying. I know jens, he doesn’t hide that he is a racist fuk from Denmark, but you do.

Stop being the cringe kid.

P.S. go and ask for your payment from Zion and Wahhabi in KSA they need people like you.

Chris Gr

LOL Erdogan said that Soleimani was a martyr!


and he was… he was cowardly assassinated by terrorist scum.

Last edited 1 year ago by hmm

They sent him to visit Virgin Mary 😁

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