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Rocket Salvo Hits Iraqi Base Hosting U.S. Troops (Photos)


UPDATE: 3 US-led coalition personnel were killed in the incident.


On March 11 afternoon, a rocket salvo hit the Iraq’s Camp Taji where troops of the U.S.-led coalition are known to be stationed.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell said ten rockets landed in the military camp, which is located in a rural region approximately 27 km north of the capital, Baghdad. From its side, the U.S.-led coalition said the camp was struck with fifteen rockets. Nevertheless, the attack didn’t result in any losses.

Within a few minutes, Iraqi security forces uncovered a rocket launcher with 40 107 mm barrels near Camp Taji. The launcher was installed in the back of Kia Bongo truck. Three rockets were still loaded into the launcher.

The last few months witnessed several rocket attacks on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troops as well as on Washington’s diplomatic mission in Baghdad. Most of these attacks didn’t result in any losses.

The only deadly rocket strike targeted the K1 base on December 27 of 2019. A U.S. military contractor was killed. The U.S. military responded with a series of airstrikes on Iraq and Syria, killing dozens of Iraqi fighters.

The U.S. believe that Iraqi Shiite groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were behind at least some of these rocket attacks. However, there is no evidence supporting these accusations, as for now.

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