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Rocket Attacks Target U.S. Embassy, Military Base In Iraqi Capital


Rocket Attacks Target U.S. Embassy, Military Base In Iraqi Capital

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Late on January 4, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and its outskirt were the target of at least two rockets attacks carried out by unknown persons.

Reuters said that at least one of the rockets fell near the U.S. embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone, which houses government buildings and foreign missions. An Iraqi source told the news agency that the attack didn’t result in any casualties.

Four other rockets landed near the southern entrance of Balad Air Base, north of Baghdad, according to the al-Sumaria TV. The results of the attack on the base, which used to host U.S. forces, are yet to be revealed.

“U.S. forces which were deployed inside the base withdrew today’s afternoon,” a source told the Iraqi channel.

A few minutes after the attacks, Shia group Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH) released a short statement, in which it called on Iraqi security forces to stay at least 1,000 m away from U.S. bases starting from January 5 evening.

“Commanders of security services should adhere to the safety rules … Security services shouldn’t turn their fighters into human shields for the American invaders,” Commander of the group’s Special Forces warned in the statement.

The Iraqi government and the U.S.-led coalition have not commented on the rocket attacks, nor on KH’s warning, so far.

Shia groups in Iraq may be on the verge of launching a new insurgency against U.S. troops in response to the recent U.S. strikes on Iraq. The strikes killed several prominent Iraqi and Iranian commanders, including Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani.

Rocket Attacks Target U.S. Embassy, Military Base In Iraqi Capital

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  • Mustafa Mehmet

    Two days then everything will back to normal

  • J Ramirez

    So it begins

  • Damien C

    I think this was just someone over eager to fire of a few rockets lying about, I have no doubt that KH will be looking to unleash something much more tangible

    • John

      Hello Damien. It’s part of the op in my opinion. They are not going to let US forces be comfortable from here on in. The PMU is literally calling the shots now, at their tempo from the looks of it. It appears that tomorrow evening they put it into second gear.

  • LR captain

    well everyone time to start prepping.

    cause pro US sources say that 1/3 of Iraqis support the usa, while Iranian sources say that 2/3 support iran.

    if the US does not tie down irans troops in iran with a military invasion, We will witness same results of the Vietnam war with iran troops and proxies attacking US and US back troops where ever they are, With the end result of iraq being broken up by Iran, Jordan and the Kurds.

    such a scenario would be unacceptable to US n co as it literally would move iran’s borders closer to Israeli.

    on the other hand if the us will have hard time invading iran as will not be a cake walk, while any victory would be a pyrrhic one at best as the US would need the help of North ATLANTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION know as NATO. Such support would further weaken the organization. Thus making Ukraine nazi government collapse and ending the war time rhetoric against Russia.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      All Muslims Nations Unite at the moment….America will have to fight one Mighty opponent…Muslims have suffered a lot under the AngloZioNazi-Parasites

      America the Great Satan…Iran was always right…

    • Pave Way IV

      You realize that 2/3rds of Iraqis are Shia, right LR captain? That doesn’t mean automatic support for Iran, but I would venture to guess that 30 million Iraqi Shia are not big fans of Israel’s planned Shia Holocaust, either in Iraq or Iran.

      What are those ‘polls’ going to show when those 30 million Iraqis are being marched into the U.S.-built gas chambers at gunpoint? You know, for a US/Israeli preemptive protective gassing. We have to – we simply don’t have enough 155mm ammo or JDAMs left to kill all of them ‘the usual way’. Our ISIS and al Qaeda contractors have not only failed to annihilate the Iraqi Shia, but seem to kill as many Sunnis, too. Worthless head-chopper bastards.

      Iraqi Shia need to be might support Iran, and Israel needs to have the US gas those 81 million Shia terrorists, too. Every Shia is an existential threat to Israel – I pretty sure that’s what I heard on CNN. Or is Israel just going to microwave the Iranians itself without the US? Sounds pretty expensive with lots of really bad political fallout. Screw that – have the stupid American goyim do it. That’s why AIPAC and WINEP bribe politicians.

      • LR captain

        all i know is that this is gonna be another Vietnam for the US and it might up with large portions of iraqi under Iranian control. It is not out of realm of possibly that after the US kicked out that no iraqi will trust his politician and opt for integration with iran.

        Sunnis and kurd however will still stick the US for some reason and thus the Kurds may be the first to break away while the Jordan is used as power projection thus may get the south west part of iraq for it troubles.

        • John

          Hello LR. One difference between then and now is that we don’t have up to a half million troops that we can stuff into the country. The PMU took out the Peshmerga in one night. US forces there would be hard pressed to last more than a few days under direct assault, maybe a week or two at best. Reinv to them would be walking into a meat grinder and thousands of dead and wounded for the US in short order would not go down well back on the other side of the pond ( Iran has tagged USSF as terrorists so they don’t need to be nice when they get a hold of them ). This one could make the Tet Offensive look like a vacation. My take on it at present.

          • LR captain

            im more interested in the fact that iraq may break up and iran’s border may move closer to Israeli

          • John

            Interesting. But, I have not seen any indication or behavioral pattern which indicates that Iran wants full responsibility for Iraq or any other country.

          • LR captain

            well look at it this way Iran knows that if the US will try to gain influence over iraqi again after the war is over. Even if the the Iraqi government is fully loyal to Iran at the start. US money kidnapping of family members, threats of frozen assets, sanctions on officials, paying off students to riot, threats of fabricated human rights violations. all of those tools the US would to bring a country government to heel.

            Iran would need keep Iraqi a full vassal and restrict it political freedoms to avoid such a disaster. but the issues with that is
            – kurds not wanting to be Iranian vassal.
            – some sunni with US support will still onto areas by Jordan.

            thus once the kurds leave, some iraqis may want to leave and the sunni would not want to be vassal of iran.

            Thus rather than vassal state on border like what (russia has with donbass) Iran would just add it the own country.

            Cause ask yourself US threatens Russia with war if donbass becomes part of the Russia. So vassals are their compromise.

            in irans case a war has just been fought it can do what it wants, and like what you said why should iran care about some sunni who rather live US law and the back stabbing kurds. let kurds have their north and let the sunni have the south western most portion of ambar.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Without hyperbole, I believe that the dumbass Americunts have opened the gates of hell and will have to restart a national draft if they want to fight in a region 5 times the size of Vietnam and 10 times the population. Iranians and Shia and even the Sunnis are now fed up with Americunt and Zionist leeches and a firestorm is coming. It will need millions of Americunts and NATO lapdogs to come and die in the Middle East and even that will not help.

    Selective Service Website Falters Over #WWIII Draft Fears

    Selective Servive draft website crashes in the US as scared young men scramble to find information on how to avoid being drafted and sent to the Middle East.

    Iran war would need ‘millions of men like invading Germany in World War 2’

    British Admiral Lord West urged US officials who want war with Iran “be careful
    what you wish for” as he said branded the situation “highly dangerous”

    Bloomberg) — Concerns that Washington may revive the draft to fight a new war in the Middle
    East spiked after the U.S. killed a top Iranian military leader in adrone strike, taking down the US government website.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      yea isnt it hilarious how the only people cheering for war with iran are dumbass white trash and republican news commentators/pundits, because they arent gonna be the ones who have to fight and die for no reason

      • Jens Holm

        To me its trash against Iranian trash . So I do support killing top trash from any country and organisation.

        We see the alternative having so many soldiers and civilians being killed in total destructions.

        So I kind of enjoy the many diaperjumping hyppocrites being sheep supporti¨ng those mad Leaders instaed of removing them.

        Let me make it clear. It goes for bad western leaders too. MiddleEasters has no patent in having bad leaders.

    • Jens Holm

      USA never will try to fight Your many primitive WW1 soldiers as we saw with Saddam.

      Everything will be from distance, where You will hit a few missiles and jets – And thats it.

  • Free man

    Trump: : “Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader who had just killed an American, & badly wounded many others, not to mention all of the people he had killed over his lifetime, including recently….”
    It is better for the mullahs to shut up and stop threatening non-stop.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      You Fuckers are going down…run little ZioNazi Faggot….run….want war get war…End-Game…

    • John

      Advice well deserved for the likes of Secretary of State Pompeo.

      • Free man

        Theoretically you are right that both parties should stop threatening.
        But the Iranians appear to have fallen into the trap.

        • RAAS

          The only trap is US history of underestimating their opponents.

        • John

          Not a trap, active combat ops. Iran in not making threats now, they are doing something else.

          • Free man

            Correct, they blow hot air as usual.

          • John

            Don’t try to be cute, follow the ball. Will we see what goes oaths evening. The US was caused out of one base yesterday but, it looks like just a bit of the PMU shaping the battlefield. The hot air is coming from principly the wh right now. Keep your eyes peeled, this could be happening very quickly, as the disappearance of at least one very important US/Israeli intelligence asset has shown. Stay safe out there.

          • Free man

            Why do I get the impression that you think that bringing back American troops from Iraq is a bad thing?
            Americans are there at the request of the Iraqi government. If the Iraqi parliament asks the Americans to leave. Americans should say thank you very much for that and leave tomorrow.

          • John

            Leaving is the best thing possible Free. The Iraqi parliament has convened today and it is deciding the fate of the US-caolition.

            Just curious, I have been very clear on where I stand on US adventuring for years. How did you get the idea that I want us anywhere outside of the US?

          • Free man

            Apparently I got the wrong impression.

          • John

            Np, all good.

  • Hasbara Hunter

    THE U.S. IS ENTIRELY DONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST….The Psychopathic Massmurdering AngloZioNazi Demon in its Final Death Throes…the claws still can do sum damage though….

  • RichardD

    Iraq is turning into another Afghanistan quagmire. The US needs to get out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Yinon plan war on terror needs to be shut down.

    Judaism should be outlawed in the US and world wide. These evil pedophile mass rape cultists are the planet’s biggest problem and the primary cause of much of the war, instability and deprivation that results.

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Kill every AngloZioNazi in Iraq…

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    hahahahaha taht sucks

  • Jens Holm

    Yes, spontane, random: “I had one in my garage and felt for it…”

    Too many only sepak about what Iranians will do. I am sure more should remember how random Trump can bee and how much gunpowder USA and even others have.

    Maybee the Iraqian shiits want to be a part of Iran as wished. Who knows. Let them. The last fair elections showed well, they are not even are able to elect good people for even the shiits themselves. Is it worth kind of saving something like that.

    The money for warfare should be invested in windpower and solarelectricity as well as energy saving achinery, where we pay.

    The same goes for UN and Red Cross help. Should we relative rich copuntry pay almost all of it, if its true me are the ones making the many refugees by our war actions too. Why pay to people being that hostile to us.

    When we try military help to solve things, You just kill each other faster and the temporary winners are the ones, we give the best weapons.

    Bow and arrow is better. You are silent when You kill and slows down too.

    I feel like that more and more. Let people stay in their own quaqmire when they insist. Much to me that the many deserts of Yours all are graveyards of Your own only having flowers on in the spring.

    • John

      Europeans have been traveling the world getting into everybody’s turf and business for more that 500 years now. It would be good if they, along with the US, could stand up and show a good example by stopping their predatory behavior.

  • pk

    US has got to settle things with NK first. There could be a war between NK and US as NK’s ICBMs, SLBMs, EMPs, etc get closer to US. Iran and NK have been conducting joint research and development for some time and not sure if Iran has all those advanced systems that NK currently has.