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Rocket Attack Hits US Positions Near Baghdad International Airport

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Rocket Attack Hits US Positions Near Baghdad International Airport

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In the early hours of December 9th, at least two rockets struck the area surrounding the Baghdad International airport, where US forces are located.

The initial reports were for sirens near the Baghdad international airport and reports that at least two rockets landed in the surrounding area which houses the Iraqi counter-terrorism service, as well as the predominantly US international coalition forces.

There were other reports confirming the strikes:

The facility in question is the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC), which is used by diplomats and intelligence operatives, as well as the US-led anti-terrorist coalition forces in Iraq.

Following the strikes, an Al-Hadath correspondent claimed that the attack was aimed at the US forces located in the vicinity.

The location of the rocket launchers was found later, in the Al Dhobat area of Baghdad.

Euronews reported that 4 Katyusha rockets struck the area around the airport and that six “fighters” were injured, presumably all Iraqi. There are no reports of fatalities.

MSM wasted no time in blaming the attacks on Iran, with reports immediately saying that an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) militia group carried out the attacks. The BBC Persian correspondent Babak Taghvaee furthermore claimed that three rockets were launched.

In fact, no group has taken responsibility as of the morning of December 9th.

In typical fearmongering Taghvaee further said that the IRGC must understand that targeting Operation Inherent Resolve camps is an act of war against not only the US, but against all of the forces presented in the US-led international coalition.

As a result of the rocket fire, some international flights were reportedly diverted to the northeast of the city to avoid possible incidents.

This attack comes days after a rocket attack struck the US Balad air base north of Baghdad.

The US State Department blamed the attack on Iran, despite admitting to have no evidence to back the claim.

Something that could potentially be blamed on Iran is the December 3rd shelling of the Ain al-Asad airbase in the Anbar province in Western Iraq.

The base houses US troops. No facilities were hit and there were no injuries, Col. Myles B. Caggins III, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told Military Times in an emailed statement.

Reuters reported, citing the Iraqi military, that five rockets in total landed in the airbase.

Unnamed officials with OIR told Military Times in June that they witnessed an increase in indirect fire attacks near U.S. installations and other interests in the region. This, based on absolutely no evidence, is allegedly due to increased tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Throughout September and October 2019, the US military has carried out a large number of airstrikes on ISIS positions in Iraq, in total 303 munitions have been launched. Regardless, it is likely that Iran would be accused for the shelling of Ain al-Asad base.

In September, a rocket hit near the empty US Embassy in Baghdad, and it was also blamed on Iran proxies, but no evidence was provided.

The attack was the second since May 2019, when a rocket was fired into the Green Zone, landing near the U.S. Embassy compound, which was empty back then again. Both times the rockets fell without causing any damages or casualties.

All of these attacks have one thing in common: they are always allegedly targeting US positions, and there’s never a single US soldier or citizens or anything at all related to the US that is damaged.

The December 9th strike marks the first time people are injured in the attacks, and all of them are Iraqi.


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What did the US criminal occupiers expect? flowers! They invaded Iraq on fake premise of WMD, imposed sanctions that killed a half a million children and then invaded a dying country with 52 NATO and other vassal states who have occupied Iraq since 2003, looted all its oil and natural resources and are killing Iraqi civilians every day. More than a MILLION Iraqis have been killed by US. Just a reminder of US “human rights” below:

comment image

Tommy Jensen

Excellent photo showing the Western sheeple and Western womens special freedom and care values, all from the free and civilised Western world with International rules of usury order..


what comes around goes around
sweet dreams lynndie england

Tudor Miron

US is ramping up their false flag attacks in Iraq. It goes in parallel with their color revolution activities.

Tommy Jensen

All Israels Airfighters returned safe to their home bases without a schratch after perfect precision strike close to the US bases to wake up the US/Nato Forces to fight against Iran.

Everybody believed it was Iran backed militants in Iraq. Thus the operation was successful..…..LOL.


Now in 2020 entering electionyear in the US, increasing the possible danger that some entities, and there are many hanging around, want to pressure Trump to react to such provocations, not to be seen as weak on foreign policy.
If a limited operation would be started in the next months to “punish” the Iran, chances are high that Iran will “escalate” the conflict by defending its country. Right?

US military doctrine says escalate to deescalate, which could send the hole region into chaos.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

“The” Iran?? Also, the whole region (while I’m at it). Why do some people use the “the” qualifier before a nation’s name where it is singular?

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