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JUNE 2023

Rocket Attack Hits U.S. Base In Large Oil Field In Northeastern Syria

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Late on December 17, a rocket attack targeted a U.S.-led coalition base in one of northeastern Syria’s largest oil fields.

Local sources said several rockets struck the base at the al-Omar oil fields in the late hours of the night. The rockets landed as a U.S.-led coalition convoy was entering the oil fields. No casualties or material losses have been reported, thus far.

Following the rocket attack, U.S. forces carried out a combing operation in a graveyard next to the oil fields. Coalition fighter jets and attack helicopters backed the operation.

Rocket Attack Hits U.S. Base In Large Oil Field In Northeastern Syria

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. ISIS remains the main suspect. Its cells are highly-active in southeastern Deir Ezzor. In the last few years, the terrorist group’s cells carried out many attacks on the al-Omar oil fields.

Earlier this year, the U.S.-led coalition expanded its based in the al-Omar oil fields. The U.S. claims its troops are present in northeastern Syria to “guard” oil fields from ISIS.

While this was not the first such attack on an oil facility occupied by the coalition, it is without a doubt an example of the growing threats to U.S. troops in northeastern Syria.


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Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen corporate slaves. May they rest in peace.


Frankly, the US idiots will face massive resistance soon. A Russian MI-35 locked on to a American Apache junk this week in the same area as well where they were stealing oil to fund their headchopping terrorists.



I don’t think Russians get too close to those oil fields. Last time they tried it didn’t end very well.


You mean the several soviet contracters (NOT MILITARY) CIA WANKERS! Russia comfirms all fatalities of their service men,like fkn drrr


Sure they do …. lol

Ashok Varma

You Zionist criminals killed 15 Russians in the treacherous shoot down of IL-20 and Russia announced the causalities instantly. It should have retaliated though.


Syrian recruits brought down the Russian plane … full stop

Russia saw fit to blame the IDF … at least the Russian military saw fit to blame Israel … Putin entered into a deconfliction arrangement with Israel … hello?

Israel has a full range of options in Syria … having attacked IRGC / Hezbollah / Shia Brigades 100’s of times … the Russian deconfliction arrangement makes future conflict less likely … eh?

Putin / Bibi have a mutual respect for each other … count on that continuing



Naw, Jews are just evil backstabbers.

The Objective

The U.S has no time for your cowardly politics. You lack the spine to mount any real resistance. All you shiites can do is throw some feeble punches here and there, deliberately aiming to miss, and then you make a lot of noise about how strong your resistance is. If this is how a resistance looks like, then I’d rather live under a permanent U.S occupation without fighting at all. Even after the U.S caused you so much pain.

As long as you don’t have the spine to kill an American, you can forget the dream of driving the U.S out of Iraq. Two of your top talents and many other lower ranked officers have died in this struggle already. But the U.S is still in Iraq and will remain for as long as they want. Biden isn’t pulling out of Iraq either. He’ll redeploy U.S forces together with embassy officials.

Sunni groups like Taliban are much much braver than all your shiite terrorists combined. At least, they have the mind to strike back. Hence, their lives are respected more. Your own lives get wasted on a near daily basis You think Russia will fight your own wars by locking onto a U.S helicopter? Keep dreaming.


Russia gimped out usa several times via emp and a broard spectrums,iraqs fkd usa may hang onto iraq/kuwait,but not afghanistan,libya or syria no more,take a miracle!


You don’t sound convinced … lol

The Objective

Are you claiming that Russia is part of your Shiite resistance? Then why the hell are you competing with Russia in Syria? Why does Russia give Israeli pilots a free pass to nuke your locations in Syria?


Amen to that: OnWARd for Full USA Domination of the World.. Viva La Pax Americana! All USA Soldiers are vaccined, gene-modded IMPACT WARRIORS! The entire world will tremble before the Might of Great Satan America. We, the little Untermenschen, we the coward subhumans will just watch from the sidelines as USA becomes Greatest Exceptional World Power. Any tourist shouting “I am an American Citizen!” will see us, poor cowardly subhumans kneel and grovel before the Unbearable Exceptionalism of the Ideal US Citizen before our wretched eyes!


At least YOU know your place … eh?

Jaime Galarza

It seems sarcasm is beyond some people’s reading comprehension skills.


Most Americans are plain ordinary people and the Trump “deplorables” in particular have grown up with zero privilege. Don’t paint with too brood a stroke.

Jaime Galarza

“The U.S has no time for your cowardly politics.” It’s strange to say the least how you defend the US, considering, as you say, you are a Sunni. I suppose you’re aware that the US killed the largest number of Sunnis and took down a Sunni leader -Saddam Hussein. However, everybody here knows you are neither Sunni nor Muslim. After all, sowing division is something that they teach very well in Langley and Tel Aviv. What real resistance can the Syrians mount when there are so many fronts? They are fighting for their survival. Haven’t you noticed that? Besides, isn’t the country invaded by the US, Turkey, attacked daily by Israel, and full of headchopping terrorists supported by the three Satans I mentioned before? In any case, it’s self-evident that fighting the invaders has to have priorities. This has been the destruction of Sunni terrorists of all stripes. Evidently, you and your ilk would love Syria to fall for the bait and give the US or Israel the justification to carry out a large attack, if not an invasion.

The Objective

I have zero support for any U.S war on ordinary Shiites. There are plenty of normal Shiites in the middle east who live in peace with their Sunni and Christian neighbors. But the fanatical militias led by Iran are an entirely different breed from hell. They have a fixed idea on how a place should be governed and nothing would change that.

Accusing me of being an American or Israeli is nonsense. Read more of my posts. My Disqus profile is deliberately set to be accessed by all. Read my past comments since about three years back. You’ll notice I strongly supported Iran up until around may of this year. My change of heart came when I fully understood the magnitude of threat posed by the thousands of militias Iran has trained. I realized they are targeting the Sunni Muslim instead of their declared Israeli and American enemies. You certainly won’t continue to support someone who poses a mortal threat to your own kind.

The U.S killed many Sunni Muslims around the world, mostly without justification. But that doesn’t mean Iran should do the same or set conditions that’ll lead to a bloodbath in Muslim communities, especially when it’s trying to position itself as the leader of the Islamic world. I read somewhere that even Hezbollah does not hesitate to take up arms on sectarian grounds in Lebanon when people start protesting the system of governance.

Saddam Hussein was a bad leader and deserved what happened to him. My sadness is only for the innocent Iraqis who died as a result of America’s mass murder and Saddam’s foolishness.

You know what, I believe after my research that Iran will most likely cause the deaths of millions in the middle east because of these militias who will provoke a U.S overt or covert attacks on countries. Take Syria for an example of this. Lebanon and Iraq would likely follow (God forbid).

Potato Man

They want no war…US be gone in time and Zion fail right after them – US is bloodline of Zion. They don’t have to start a war, they bleed them to the death.

You would rather live under US occupation like in Afghanistan buddy? The US goal is not to save them but kill them and loot the country, NDS – Zero units – drugs – supporting Taliban which are part of Wahhabi cult, even the Afghanistan government the most BS thing in the world that have no power. US killed more civilians than Taliban.

US is like British fukers – they break countries apart to start war and sell weapons and let them be poor. India was one they broke it to two and now they have nukes aim at each others. Syria and Iraq – where France and UK draw lines when they were drunk, and look at Iraq, they are mostly Shia -> Sunni -> Kurds. Kurds doing their own thing and Sunnis wants to be part of Wahhabi cult they hate Shia and Shia are the government.

The US leave by it self one day the world wouldn’t stay the same forever, it never have been. 20-30 is may be a lot for us but it isn’t really just 81 years ago WWII started. Did anyone see that coming? They looted Germany after WWI and still they (Nazi)killed EU countries.

Taliban are working with US buddy…have you forgotten US – Taliban oil deal? Have you forgotten how much US aid them…

“Hence, their lives are respected more”. Funny thing is that can be said about Wahhabi State and Zion…people who stupid living in West believe Saudis and Zion are great. Yet both of them fully support terrorists.

Taliban and US is hate and love shit story. US attack and kill any country that is friendly to Russia and China. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9RWtx8myQc

The Objective

Look, I understand and agree with much of what you say about America. The U.S government is evil. However, so too is the Iranian government. Both are responsible for the death of many. Both Iran and the U.S are fighting the Sunni in Afghanistan. Iran told Taliban recently that the re-establishment of Sunni Shariah Law is a redline for Iran. Meaning if the Taliban were to take back the country and establish Sunnis Islam, Iran may invade it. Again, Iran is fighting the Sunnis in Iraq who make up a large part (about 40%) of the Iranian population. Iraq is already divided. Many or most Sunnis want America to stay. This is because of the sectarian tension Iran is generating in Iraq. A similar thing happens in Lebanon and Yemen where Houthis control. Thus, anywhere Iran goes, sectarian strive follows. How long would this continue? Your declared enemies are the Americans and Israelis. But why are you first killing Sunnis before the people you call your eternal enemies? Look at the assassinations in Iraq. How does it help Iran for civil war to start in these countries based on Sunni/Shiite divide?

Well, I’m highly confident that the U.S won’t leave Iraq anytime soon. In fact, I think Biden is more likely to attack Iran’s militias than Trump. That serves the Shiites right. Two bad guys fighting each other.

One thing is almost certain. No matter how hard Iran tries, it cannot escape a U.S war. There’s simply too much conflicting interest between the two for war to be completely avoided.

cechas vodobenikov

more peasant false equivalence–uglified amerikans create, fund train the jihadi HTS/SDF,ISIS…..your fake confidence is paid for by CIA. amerikan cowards lose all wars; when the decayed empire collapses in the next few years your confidence will be observed at the bottom of your empty whiskey bottle


Americans still enjoy a trendies standard of living. Below the poverty line in America is rich in 50% of the world. Don’t hold your breath. People from all over the world still try to immigrate and sneak in if they have to. The lights are on and the refrigerator is full. Sit down and have a bite.

The Objective

My friend, make no mistake, the U.S will have to fight Iran. Fanatical Shiites are naturally stubborn. They won’t compromise on their drive to take Islam’s holly sites. This is how I know that at some point, there MUST be a U.S/Iran war. All the holy sites of Islam are under control by American puppets and Israel. It’ll be a miracle for Iran to take these sites without a war.

Ashok Varma

You Wahhabi CIA trolls have been wishing a US war with Iran for better part of four decades now, so it is highly unlikely.

The Objective

Yeah, I would welcome a war that destroys the Iranian regime. Much of the regime’s actions are evil. The most threatening of all its destabilizing activities is the militias it trains everywhere it gets the opportunity. I don’t care about Iran’s missile or nuclear program provided it stops building Shiite militias in Muslim countries. We have enough problems already without Iran adding onto it with its battery of militias.

Frankly, I have no doubt that the U.S would fight Iran some day. Israel rightly understands that Iran represents an existential threat to the Jewish state. So does all America’s puppet governments in the Middle East. Iran is competing violently with America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and recently, Venezuela. Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons that threatens Israel, America, and the gulf Arabs. It’ll give Iran immunity to dial up its destabilizing activities without fear of an invasion or attack. 40 years of history proves that Iran will not relent on its effort to export the Shiite revolution through its network of terror militias. Thus, as long as Iran’s militias continue to exist there won’t be any peace in the region. Israel, the GCC and America will always seek to destroy them.


Iran unlike the jews who bomb unsuspecting people in their sleep and take pride in it.. Proven so many times its undeniable.. Even bombing the Russian PMC’s sleeping in their quarters in DZ and then boasting about killing hundreds of russians.. And you call Iran evil??? Maybe if you get that dildo up your ass out, you might be able to think straight again..

Potato Man

We can’t compare Iran with US or West. Iran support Shia+Sunnis+ any other group that don’t obey US or West. US+West support Wahhabi and Zion = Daesh/ISIL/Al-Qaeda, they didn’t hide their love and support to anyone and it is them that want to break Shia and Sunnis apart. Even now Iran call Syrian+Iraqi+Pakistani+Arabs brothers, they know what Zion and Wahhabi cult planning. Wahhabi are not Sunnis as Zion are not Jews.

Iran knows that Taliban are apart of Wahhabi cult buddy (anti-China and Russian plus they kill Shia and fully support West and US.), we all know but don’t forget Iran host a lot Afghani Shia and Sunni. Look how much Turkey bitch about Syrian in Turkey and they ask EU for payment – Iran host Afghani and they work together, Iran wants to see Afghani Shia can live in Afghanistan,but IF Taliban take the power it is lost and more Shia Afghani move to Iran. Iran don’t want to see Wahhabi Cult fuking sending their terrorists to Iran from Afghanistan. But are really think it because of the re-establishment of Sunni Shariah Law Iran don’t want to see a Taliban government? No

Iran is not killing Iraqi Sunnis buddy and your numbers wrong Sunnis in Iraq are 35% and Shia make up the larger part by 65% the fuk are you on about? Buddy Iraq was divided and Saddam was a mad man and had to kill Iraqi to make them not fight each other….why do you think Saddam just gas Kurds without care? I have Iraqi friend and he right put asked if I like Shia or Sunni – YOU CAN’T BLAME IRAN FOR THAT. THAT IS THANKS TO BRITISH AND FRANCE.

“Many or most Sunnis want America to stay”/ ALOT MORE SHIA AFGHANI want US to stay and fuking kill Taliban buddy. Your point???? It is not because of Iran….fuk dude look at Iraq past before say shit like that. IRAQI SHIA HAVE THEIR OWN GOAL to….Iran don’t control them….do you really just think Iran say something and they just follow it like that….are you child? One thing I know about Iraqi I meet in my life they don’t give a fuk to anyone.

“A similar thing happens in Lebanon and Yemen where Houthis control.” Are you gonna blame Iran for what is happening in US and UK and France as well don’tr be shy go one blame everything on Iran…fuk off. Thus, you need to stfu and think and read and see what really people of those country want.

What the fuk are you talking about? Iran killing Sunnis…tell a Iraqi that he is Wahhabi Sunni and see what would happen to your face. ISIL/Daesh/Al-Qaeda are not Sunnis they read and follow Wahhabism. US killed more Sunnis in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria 100* more than Iran.

No, no-one fuking think Biden or anyone after him leave Iraq any time soon buddy they are just planning…Iraq – Syria – Afghanistan are all part of China plan and Russia would have much love those countries to be one once again. If you love Wahhabi Sunnis I don’t give a fuk buddy. I like Shia more and would like them fuking more Wahhabi Sunnis and Zion. They are Satanic cult and rot of problems.

One thing for sure is you stupid to see Iran as the main problem and ignore Wahhabi + Zion +Turkish + West block all together. A war with Iran gonna cost US losing world power, China nor Russia would let Iran fail not a chance in hell and we know what would happened to Zion and Wahhabi States. Both Zion and Wahhabi Sunni have small part of their country that their people live LMFAO unlike Iran.

One last thing BTW read about Yemen buddy….it use to be two countries in so call Yemen now. The Houthis want their land back from Wahhabi Sunnis and you need to understand each of those countries have THEIR OWN GOAL and they are not suckers of Wahhabi+Zion+West BLOCK.

The Objective

I agree with some points you made, but I must warn you to stop insulting me in replies, because I don’t want to use the same harsh words on you. We can argue and agree or disagree honorably.

Let me make it clear to you that I don’t support the Saudi Arabian monarchy in any way. Their rule is purely anti-Islamic. They don’t represent the Sunni Muslim world. Even the Saudi citizens have no love for their rulers. They know they are being oppressed. They know that these rulers have killed more Sunnis than even Israel has. They know that America invades and destroys these Sunni countries mostly with cooperation from the monarchies. When you see a Sunni criticize Iran, do not jump to the conclusion that he supports Wahhabi, ISIS, Zionist, America, etc. The Sunni Muslim world is split in two: One full of hypocrites (Sisi, MBS, MBZ, etc. + the masses that support them), and the other full of Islamic patriots (Some anti status quo scholars + those who follow them). I belong to the second group. Many such Sunni scholars are languishing in jails in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Egypt, etc.

It may surprise you to know that Iran represents a higher threat for us (true Sunnis) than America, Israel, and the Wahhabis combined. There is a good reason why I say this, and I hope you’ll read attentively to understand that reason. I’ll present and compare the threat we face from both camps.

The Saudis, Israelis, and Americans are mainly after power and wealth. They want to continue ruling and they want to dominate. Any threat to their rule or power is met with a harsh reaction, mostly violent and inhumane.

The Iranian regime too wants the same. They want power in the Muslim world (you can see it clearly from their attempt to position themselves as the leader of the Islamic world, their power struggle with Sistani of Iraq for influence on Shiites, their extensive training, arming, and funding of militias – something even Hezbollah’s leader confessed to, and most importantly, they want control of Muslim’s holy lands – you can see how they fought to protect their shrines, and these shrines are not as important to them as Mecca, Madinah, and Jerusalem)

The Iranian regime differs from its enemies (West, Israel, GCC) in that they have little interest in amassing wealth for worldly pleasures. Wealth to them is a tool to advance their ideological mission, not to enjoy life with magnificent buildings and yachts, beautiful women, fashion, games and sports, etc.

But here is where the Iranian regime is a much bigger threat to the Ordinary Sunnis (Please stop confusing the larger body of Sunnis with Wahhabi, ISIS, etc. The Wahhabis and co. rule the Muslim world because they have the power, tools of influence, and wealth. But they don’t have the support of the majority of Sunnis worldwide. Make sure you understand that). Back to Iran.

The Iranian regime targets the Sunni Muslim faith. This is what makes Iran more dangerous. The regime represents an existential threat to the Sunni creed wherever it has the opportunity. For example, If Iran were to gain unchallenged influence in a Sunni community, it’ll make a constant effort to undermine the Sunni dawah. It’ll use money, deceit, and even force to stop the propagation of Sunni Islam even in times of peace. It will frustrate the Sunni scholars, impose Shiite study curriculum on Sunni children if it could, threaten, kill or imprison scholars who criticize Shiism, weaken Sunni populations (like it’s doing in Iraq), and many other things. The end goal will be a total elimination of the Sunni creed. This is what makes Iran a much bigger threat than the U.S and its allies who are mainly after power and wealth. America and Israel don’t care what we believe in our hearts provided you don’t threaten their rule. Iran on the other hand, even if it rules unchallenged, would still come after our faiths, right into our houses.

Iran recently warned the Taliban that establishing a Sunni Islamic government in Afghanistan would cross a red line for Iran.

I hope you understand my position now.

And about Afghanistan, the Taliban are a U.S enemy, but they consider America a lesser enemy than Iran for the same reason I explained above. They’re willing to cooperate with America to keep Iran at bay.


Frankly, the Syrians are fed up with the corrupt US occupation, theft of oil and CIA sponsored terrorists. Resistance has been building up for a while now and will take hold in earnest after the new year. US is bankrupt and mired in poverty and needs to go home.


Can’t wait to see US Soldier Refugees arriving home on boats and shabby planes, as penniless bums from US bases all over the world.

Ashok Varma

Over 200 million Americans are at a poverty level and in worse shape than India’s poor as US has no community and its people are mean and nasty and don’t look after others. Even Indian news now daily show the long foodlines in India and more people begging than in the streets of Mumbai. US has the largest number of children in poverty.


You’re nuts. Our poorest people grow fat.


Yep with junk hormone induced food. White trash is the appropriate moniker.



White trash is rising. Poor white American working class people enjoy mobility, and food security. We have enough surplus to feed the throngs that want to immigrate. They come and breath free and prosper.


Frankly, beggars in US mean streets are more common than in most South American countries. Even Mexico looks prosperous now compared to the growing foodlines in American cities. A recent, USA Today poll pointed out that 0ver 70% of US veterans have mental issues and suffer homeless poverty. Most are young uneducated white men also known as trailer trash and ignored by the Jews who used them as condoms in the lost wars. for Zionism.


Ashok Varma

US economy is in tatters, millions are unemployed and go hungry, US is dollar is weak and exports at the lowest, and now in desperation it listed even India as a “currency manipulator”, just because we have accumulated around $600 billion in US worthless currency FOREX reserves and don’t want to buy any more US overpriced weapons and have decided to stick with Russia. India has also diffused tensions with China and is not interested a destructive war, much to US and Zionist consternation. US lost wars have destroyed it and it is time for them to take care of their growing domestic problems as Karma is biting badly.


We are fat and happy


US rates as the most miserable nation in the world. Check out the UN stats.

Americans are the unhappiest they’ve ever been, U.N. report finds. An ‘epidemic of addictions’, lack of healthcare, unequal income distribution and massive unemployment could be to blame.


Then why is USA still number one spot for immigration. Our system works. The current political discord will resolve peacefully and the world will see happy, healthy Americans at work and play and we will remain the envy of the world. American exceptionalism is a reality the mobile masses of the world have confirmed repeatedly. No worries here.

John Tosh

Lol…. science fiction is also very popular!


there can’t be enough of attacks on the yankee-twats, just better aim and more destruction of material and of twats. then the white under-educated trash from the fly over states can fuck off for the basic poverty and basic humiliation the yankee-twats in the white house offer them. what more can they stupid morons ask for,

Graham Steinberg

The US ? Ali Baba & the 7 thiefs. “Protecting oil fields” no….They are habitual LOOTERS !


You left out the 40 Jew vultures. UAE will be bankrupted by the Jews in less than 5 years. The countdown has begun. Once Jew infestation takes hold, wars and plunder are assured.




The last time someone took a shot at Al Tanf it didn’t work out did it.


once the kurds are out of the way, which they will be in due course, the jews in palestine and the disunited states of unbelievable stupidity will be forced to leave, squeezed from the north east and from the south east the alternative will be to withdraw to iraq and so on. they might try to put up a resistance but it won’t do them any good. they will,, as the saying goes, be thoroughly cooked,


Look at how criminal the US position is, imagine a terrorist group that had captured & occupied Texas oil fields, now what does the US do!!

Mr T

Elhamdulillah russian/iranians/assadists vs zionist usa/pkk vs wahhabi saud/uae DAESH

win win

Cheryl Brandon




Respect the truth. Could you back that with a link.

Cheryl Brandon



Thanks Cheryl, reminds me of Huxley; Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution http://informationclearinghouse.info/article24712.htm

Harry Smith

Yeah. First four in ARPANET were UCLA, SRI, UTAH and UCSB. No UCI, UCB or MIT.

Cheryl Brandon





That was not Isis,its time this happened every day.


No syrian holiday resort there this time;cough’cough’

chris chuba

If I was the Syrian Govt, I would be looking for ways to stop the theft of my oil.


agree, close the border crossings if possible. on the map you can see that the us-bases are stringed out after the euphrates river for quite a bit making entrance into the southeast of syria for the syrians a bit troublesome.

Cheryl Brandon



Long range (1-2 km) snipe fire would be even better, to kill or wound few of them … But it is still OK. One must start somewhere, somehow the resistance.

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