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Rocket Attack Hit Victoria Base In Baghdad International Airport (Photos)

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Rocket Attack Hit Victoria Base In Baghdad International Airport (Photos)

Click to see full-size image, Source: RT

Late on April 22, three rockets were launched at the US military’s Victoria Base in Baghdad International Airport in the Iraqi capital.

An unnamed Iraqi security source told the RT TV that three rockets had missed their targets, landing in the vicinity of the US base. According to the source, the rocket attack didn’t result in any material of human losses.

“The rockets landed in the vicinity of the base in an area devoid of military or civilian installations and personnel,” the source said. “The three rockets fell on the headquarters of the Counter-Terrorism Service Academy, the headquarters of the Rapid Response Forces regiment, and the central prison.”

Contrary to the source’s claims, a fire was observed at a building in Victoria Base after the attack. The US-led coalition said that it was aware of the attack reports without providing any further details.

Following a quick search operation, Iraqi security forces found the launcher used in the attack on the roof of a building in the al-Jihad district. Two 107 mm rockets were still loaded in the DIY launcher.

The attack was the most recent in a series of operations against US forces in Iraq. Earlier on April 22, two convoys moving supplies for the coalition were targeted in the central province of Babylon.

Pro-Iranian groups in Iraq were likely behind the rocket attack. Last year, these groups vowed to expel US forces from Iraq following the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Qassim Soleimani, Commander of Iran’s Quds Force.


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johnny rotten

Captain America cannot be injured, not even when he is sleeping, his super powers make him invulnerable and invincible.
Has anyone alerted Iraqi fighters that every attack is useless?

Jens Holm

Most here think figtings makes solutions. It does. When everyone is dead, the problems are solved.

Much as some kind of contraseption, where You feed up people to be spendable waste.

We are not like that. As a minimum we eat our victims and they are hens, little roosters, cows, sheep and fish.


No you ain’t like that. lmao
Killing 10 million creatures that your animal farm neanderthals grow to provide fur coats for other neanderthals. Disgusting creatures and you personify that disgust. You live 6 months in the dark. A half a lifetime in the grey zone results in the drivel coming out of your sick mind…. Kierkegaard with a speech impediment.
No you ain’t like that. lmao

Jens Holm

One or two more and Bidens will hit back hard.

Robert Ferrin

Biden won’t due shit he’s too tied up in the BLM movement as they burn and loot soon to be in Washington they don’t dare to call the troops out because they afraid 50% will join the BLM movement which a sure sign that the empire is in decline…

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