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“Roar of the Dawn”: Palestinian Forces Launch More Missiles On Israel

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Gaza factions announced that they launched dozens of rockets at Israeli settlements in the second day of what they called “Operation Roar of the Dawn”.

In a joint statement, al-Quds Brigades, al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and al-Mujahedeen Brigades said that the rocket attacks targeted the southern Israeli settlements of Ashkelon and Sderot.

“We declare our responsibility for this heroic jihadi mission, which comes in the framework of Roar of the Dawn operation, launched by the resistance as a response to the crimes of the Zionist occupation against our steadfast people in the Gaza Strip, and in response to the assassination of the great leader Bahaa Abu al-Atta, and the attempt to assassinate Commander Akram Ajouri in Damascus,” the statement reads.

Israel claimed responsibility for the assassination of Bahaa Abu al-Atta in the Gaza Strip, claiming that he planned several attacks against its forces.

Earlier, the al-Quds Brigades released a video showing its fighters launching dozens of locally-made rockets at Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip on November 12.

The Israeli military responded to the rocket attacks with several waves of airstrikes, which claimed the lives of at least 24 Palestinian and injured 69 others. No one was reportedly killed on the other side.

This round of escalation in Gaza is the biggest since last May, when 25 Palestinians and 4 Israelis were killed in similar skirmishes. So far, there is no sign of a near ceasefire.

"Roar of the Dawn": Palestinian Forces Launch More Missiles On Israel

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klove and light

satanic Evil jew non-human bastards

Debunking Arrogance

Iran must put more effort towards the overthrow of the Jordanian regime. This single country is the most important thing preventing a 2-State Palestinian solution. If only that regime were to fall, Palestine will have access to high tech offensive weapons from Iran through Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and then Palestine.


The tolerance and benevolence of the Jordanian people towards the Palestinians will be replaced over night by hell and fury if the Palestinians will cooperate with the Iranians in a fail attempt to overthrow the (very popular ) Arab king and government of Jordan
Some Jordanians have been waiting for decades to get rid of the ungrateful Palestinians, back in September 1970 they started the job but didn’t complete it, next time, they will complete the job and solve the problem once and for all

Real Anti-Racist Action

Why wont SF talk about how yesterday Israel launched 3 missiles directly at the center of the capital of Syria, Damascus and Russian air defense were able to shoot down 1 while 2 hit directly on target. The capital! Russian anti-air does work… 1/3rd of the time.
How does Putin sleep at night? Some day Israel will launch 3 missiles at Putin in Moscow and Russia will shoot down 1 missile and the other two will hit Putin on his bald head and Russia will announce that their air defenses worked because they brought down a full 1/3rd of the missiles lol.
Russian junk, no wonder the Russians are scared sh*tless and trying to rush the S-500 system out next year, because they know S-400 and S-300 are failures.


Still better then the Patriot garbage, also taking into consideration that Israel has probably the most advanced missiles, so thank you for sending them out to be studied and countered. How many missiles did SA intercept with the Patriot? Zero if I remember and those missiles were way behind what Israel has to offer.


Probably because its a BS..

Black Waters

You’re a propagandist, most of what you just say it’s pure bullshit. I hope that when the Nuclear war starts you and your masters enjoy burning alive, money won’t save you and the U.S Zio-gestapo nuclear doctrine is obsolete, there’s no escape this time.

Putin this, Putin that… no, it’s more like “that free nation” or “those” people, the U.S zionist gestapo it’s targeting people not a single man, the only reason of why the zionists don’t like Putin it’s because he’s is informing the “masses”, which compromises the regular propaganda of the Zio-US propaganda machine. Educated people it’s a threat for this modern age slavers, but knowledge and truth can’t be stopped from its very nature.

Ricky Miller

Oh baloney. Israel took the S-300 operated by Syria into consideration during the op by flying their planes over the Sea of Galilea and launching from there. Note that there is no flying over government controlled Syria, for that very reason. Israeli aircraft used to fly over Syria at will, launching from wherever they wanted, multiple times a month. Alas, no more. But you are right, that simply intercepting standoff launched missiles, flying at low altitude is a losing game. For there is to a stop to all Israeli attacks Syria must be willing to sneak S-300 emplacements forward to reach into Israel or to return missile fire with an attack itself.

King Cliff

Who are they kidding those missile can’t really do any real damage to isreal settlements…if they possess what the Houthies posses then when wouldwou seen real damage done to isreal economy infrastructure.

Simon Bernstein

IDF have destroyed 15 terrorist rocket launcher positions since 24 hours ago! 30+ terrorists eliminated

Black Waters

So the IDF is destroying their own rockets?


a deluge of missiles from all quarters aimed at israel will finally end this failed experiment to give the jews their ‘own’ land. for starters it’s illegal since england had no such authority to bestow any land on the jews and they, the jews, have miserably failed the issue to be a benevolent part of mankind and thus has forfeited any right to call the land they occupy israel. thus the so called israelis must be returned to the rightful owners, the palestinians, and the jews should for their own safety find an alternative home, maybe in the USA.

but one thing is certain and that is that the squatters have outstayed their welcome and the world wants them gone. gone and then gone!

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