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Rival Protests For Labor Day in Venezuela. Russia Warns of “Grave Consequences” If US Intervenes

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Rival Protests For Labor Day in Venezuela. Russia Warns of "Grave Consequences" If US Intervenes

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On May 1st, rival demonstrations took place in Venezuela. According to US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido, more than 397 demonstrations took place across the country.

“397 demonstrations throughout Venezuela, 97 points of concentration, 23 of them brutally repressed, throwing 32 detainees and 25 wounded. This is a regime that has lost control. The more we are in the streets, the closer we are.”

Following his failed April 30th coup attempt, the opposition leader claimed that Operacion Libertad hasn’t yet ended.

“In the face of the advance of the #OperaciónLibertad, the cowardly regime tries to demonstrate with focused repression a control that no longer has. It has no answers; it has nothing left. They were weak yesterday and today they are more, because it #Venezuela goes with everything in the streets.”

“If the regime thought we had reached maximum pressure, they cannot even imagine,” Guaido told thousands of supporters in eastern Caracas. “We have to remain in the streets.”

Rival Protests For Labor Day in Venezuela. Russia Warns of "Grave Consequences" If US Intervenes

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In another part of Caracas, a rival protest in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took place.

Maduro in an address to the people said that “foreign interference, a coup and armed conflict” were the wrong way for Venezuela.

In response to accusations of unanswered aggression by the country’s security forces, Maduro said that 8 military personnel were wounded by gunshots while performing their “constitutional duty.”

He further blamed US National Security Adviser John Bolton for the failed coup.

“John Bolton led yesterday’s [April 30] coup, I’m sure of that,” the president said.

“We have just defeated another plot from the right. They have not or will not be able to succeed with us under any circumstances. They cannot understand the absolute will to defend this Revolution, our Bolivarian Constitution, our national independence and the right of the people to build their future,” Maduro said.

Maduro called May 4th and 5th “Days of Great National Dialogue,” when the Popular power can assume a plan to rectify all mistakes in dealing with the opposition.

Finally, he said that coup attempts would not lead anybody to Miraflores. The only way was through elections.

The US continued its rhetoric, with US National Security Adviser John Bolton saying that Venezuela was at a “delicate point” with violence against citizens.

He once more reiterated that the “Maduro dictatorship” has almost no approval among the people of Venezuela or “the service members of the military.”

Bolton said that about “25,000 Cuban security forces and the Russian presence all make it difficult for the people to express their will.”

The US National Security Adviser once more said that the opposition-led National Assembly was fairly elected and that Maduro’s seat was “free,” because he was “fraudulently elected.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over the phone on May 1st.

The call happened on US initiative.

“The focus was on the situation in Venezuela, where on the eve of the opposition, with the clear support of the United States, attempted to seize power.

It was stressed on the Russian side that Washington’s interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, the threat against its leadership is a gross violation of international law. It was indicated that the continuation of aggressive steps is fraught with the most serious consequences.

Only the Venezuelan people have the right to determine their destiny, for which the dialogue of all political forces in the country is demanded, for which its Government has long called for.

A destructive external influence, especially a forceful one, has nothing to do with the democratic process,” the statement following the call read.

Finally, on the absurd side, Republican Senator Mario Diaz-Balart, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on April 30th and suggested that support Guaido’s opposition in Venezuela was justified and that Russia had already placed nuclear missiles in the South American country.

“Imagine if this regime that now is receiving a lot of international pressure survives, is it or is it not potentially a green light, an open door for the Russians and for the Chinese and for others to increase their activity against our national security interest right here in our hemisphere,“ Diaz-Balart told Carlson.

Later, he tried to rectify the situation by saying that he meant the “Russians were already there,” and not nuclear missiles.

“When I said ‘they’re already there,’ I was reiterating that the Russians are already there – a point that I have made repeatedly,” he said “The points I was making was that Russia’s undue influence at our doorstep is a threat, but I was not indicating that Russia had placed nuclear weapons in Venezuela.”


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It’s very sad. They can send the pretty girls to the Dutch islands as refugees. Males need to stay and fight. (How sexist of me.)


The Dutch don’t have a good record on protecting refugees.


Unfortunately, this has happened enough times for it to become a cliche already. Russia warning of “grave consequences” is code for “we won’t do much at all”. As the US continues to push, the Maduro Govt is sitting there like a deer in the headlights, letting Guaido do as he pleases. Maybe they’ve really run out of ideas. But remember: if you let yourself be intimidated like Yanukovich, you’ll likely share the fate of Yanukovich.

Rhodium 10

Yanukovich leave Ukraine…but Crimea and Donbass entered Rusia


Yeah, Russia will extend it’s territory in South America this year. #revenge4alaska


Actually, it will be China extending its activities across South America this year.


You can call me Al

But what happens if it means the opposite to that ?. I cannot believe the Russia will leave both Venezuela and Cuba to rot; remembering there are a few thousand Cubans there for Maduro’s security.


It’ll all depend on what “counter military intervention” means. Will those countries call for dialogue as Uncle Sam takes Venezuela to the woodshed, or will they say we don’t allow the US to attack our ally and back it up? In the latter case the Maduro Govt would know that somebody serious has their backs so that they could crack down on these CIA assets, and maybe have a few years ahead of them without quarterly coup attempts.

Promitheas Apollonious

what you need to imagine is how to revive the rotting corpse of usa and stop worrying and imagining other nations and worry your single cell with such complicated task as is thinking and imagination you already proven you lack the ability.


One thing is for sure, when Gweedo, Bolton & co. speak, you have to be a complete and utter moron to even contemplate anything they say as factual/truthful.

Ever notice that people? like Bolton, who are always clamoring for war in foreign lands, have never been in the military, instead preferring to hide behind their mama’s skirt. These same pathetic psychopaths have no problem however, sending poor people’s kids to murder other poor people’s kids in far off lands, in order to steal their stuff.


” John Bolton saying that Venezuela was at a “delicate point” with violence against citizens.”

mmm, I remember the armoured vehicles and extreme violence being used against protesters in Ferguson USA after the August 9 shooting to death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in 2014.


peter mcloughlin

There could be ‘grave consequences’ from the tragic crisis in Venezuela. There is increasing likelihood that the US and Russia will come into direct conflict with each other. World war can only be avoided for so long, if not in Latin American then some other flash-point.

Xoli Xoli

Russia must Violate any airspace to pump in reinforcements in Venezuela just USA NATO Turkey and Israel does.This is time of emergency.Russia must stop bluffing with threat and no action it is traditionally known. Yugoslavia,Iraq and Libya go down while Russia bluffs and USA knows this event stupid Erdogan has realized and fuck Russians soldiers around from downing jets to mobilize terrorists to kill Russian troops around.All the countries must start violating UN rules like USA.


Guaido is clutching at straws, or rather old images of mass meetings, to convince the West that Venezuelans support him. Two of his images on his twitter page of May 1 this year were from May in 2017. I guess his US propaganda experts told him to give the appearance of major public support rather than the few hundreds that actually turn up at his shows. https://twitter.com/jguaido


Maduro needs to hold for a year and a half till the next U.S elections…where Donald Trump will lose, not just by the 3 million votes he lost the last presidential election, but by at least a solid 5 million votes !

And then its over, all the crazy US – Trump policies of threatening everyone and sanctioning left right and center because they didnt obey the US bully…


Hillary Clinton was a hawk and would have done pretty much the same stuff. The Trump policy on Venezuela is really just an intensification of the Obama policy on Venezuela. Depending who the Democrats install as their leader, chances are whoever gets in will continue to maintain continuity and plot violence to maintain their “credibility”.

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