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RIOTSLeft-Wing CHOP Zone Responsible For 525% Spike In Seattle Crime

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Written by Paul Joseph Watson; Originally appeared at Summit News

After characterizing the infamous CHOP area of downtown Seattle as a “summer of love,” Mayor Jenny Durkan was eventually forced to acknowledge that the failed communist experiment was responsible for a whopping 525 per cent spike in crime.

As we highlighted yesterday, following weeks of violence and chaos, CHOP was finally dismantled by Seattle police, but only after occupiers marched on Mayor Durkan’s 5,000 sqft., $7.6 million house.

For almost the entirety of June, the area was plagued with fights, bickering, robberies and rapes, with occupiers targeting both outsiders and each other.

It has now emerged that compared to the same period last year, from June 2 to June 30 there was a 525 per cent jump in crime.

This figure is even greater than the 300% number repeatedly cited by Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

Rather embarrassingly, after proclaiming a “summer of love” and telling President Trump, “Seattle is fine, don’t be so afraid of democracy,” Mayor Durkan was forced to acknowledge the numbers in her own emergency order.

The order states that there were, “22 additional incidents, in person-related crime in the area, to include two additional homicides, 6 additional robberies, and 16 additional aggravated assaults (to include 2 additional non-fatal shootings).”

So in other words, a commune that was built in the name of opposing violence and brutality led directly to a massive increase in violence and brutality.

So much for the tolerant left!

*  *  *

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The seditionists are trying to retake the CHOP zone. Last night the police arrested 25 of them. And the idiots running the city government are disarming the police by prohibiting the use of crowd control equipment. And have a catch and release program where the criminals are released by the local prosecutors and judges almost immediately after arrest by the police so that they can return to rioting the same day.

“At least 25 demonstrators were arrested during a face off with a line of police officers in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood at Pine Street and Broadway Avenue, the intersection at the edge of a restricted area that had encircled what was known as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest and police’s East Precinct headquarters. .. .

According to the ordinance, “no City department shall own, purchase, rent, store or use crowd control weapons,” including “kinetic impact projectiles, chemical irritants, acoustic weapons, directed energy weapons, water cannons, disorientation devices, ultrasonic cannons, or any other device . . . to cause pain or discomfort. …

The council’s ban will take effect on July 26, and it remains unclear what methods the city plans to use for crowd control other than pepper spray and batons.”

– Seattle City Council’s ban on crowd control methods to become law, raising many questions –



comment image?itok=hAIvtzJ0

– M&P®40 M2.0 –



I happen to have a Mossberg :)


Right now the number of protesters are way down after all of the violence and crime at the CHOP zone. And the police are able to handle the groups of them physically with arrests. Because there is rough parity in numbers. But once that changes and the police are heavily outnumbered. They’re going to be in life threatening situations without the less than lethal crowd control equipment that the city just outlawed. And the guns will be their only means of self defense and crowd control. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


comment image?c=2




Be interesting, in subsequent washout of all this, as to how Seattle based small/ medium/ large business owners respond to policy decisions of Mayor such as Durkan. In essence, by abandoning the CHOP zone, the city admin has cost any operational business in affected zone serious income and property issues. Legally, a decent class action could argue for business’ challenging basic outgoings in period such as city rates etc, and much more on individual bases, given the city effectively abandoned those business’ most basic protection and civil services in period. However, even if such claims were successful, it’s ultimately state tax-payers that would foot the bill for the policy decisions of the likes of Democrat-hack Durkan.


This could work:

– Ted Cruz Introducing Legislation To Hold City Officials Accountable For Damages And Injuries From Rioting –



This was last night.



Blocking the I5 Interstate freeway is a dangerous expansion, things could go wrong in a big hurry, a 60 mph vehicle meets 0 mph protester.
Happy to see the police using plexiglass shields and batons rather than guns. Those who are pushing this “movement” are looking to start a race war, lets hope they don’t win.

Best of Luck RichardD


I was caught in a road blocking incident on the block with the police station on the morning that they cleared the CHOP zone. And that was with the street entrance to the police station blocked with a dozen officers watching these idiots blocking the intersection. They eventually cleared the protesters out of the intersection. But rather than wait for them to do that I was able to do a 3 point turn and get out of there before I got caught in a melee.

If the police hadn’t been there these criminal protesters have a habit of damaging cars and going after motorists and pedestrians.


I driven almost 2 million miles in my life. Almost every day for the past 46 years. I’ve lost track of how many road rage incidents that I’ve been victimised in. And now they’re being added to exponentially by the protest attacks on motorists and pedestrians.

When I first started driving road rage incidents were essentially non existent. Once they legalized the CIA mind control drugs about 30 years ago that big pharma reformulated and repackaged into “psychiatric medicine”. And pusher shrinks who’re vastly disproportionately Jews flooded society with these dangerous drugs that are present in almost all mass shootings. The road rage problem, like the mass shooting problem, has gotten progressively worse.


“It was a simple life…
Until a road-raging maniac threatened everything he’d worked so hard for…
It happened when Brad was headed home from work…
He noticed a car swerving dangerously through traffic…
But when he tried to get out of the way he ended up stuck at a red light right next to the crazed driver…
He was trapped as the man screamed obscenities and threatened him…
Brad begged the guy to leave him alone.
Instead, the other driver suddenly got out of his car and attempted to attack Brad through his car window…
…right there in the middle of the road!
Well, Brad did the only thing he could do…
He grabbed his pepper spray…aimed…and sprayed his attacker.
He even called the police to report the attack, but when they finally arrived — Brad was the one charged with assault.
Imagine how he must have felt at that moment…
Now he faced a criminal record, thousands of dollars in fines, and the threat of a civil suit from the very person who attacked him…”

– Gun Owner Used Pepper Spray On An Attacker — Still Got Charged With Assault –



To the best of my knowledge the men in green uniforms are SWAT officers, not national guard in this picture.

“Seattle Police respond to Black Lives Matter demonstrators on Capitol Hill around midnight on Sunday, June 7.”
comment image?ixlib=rails-2.1.4&auto=format&crop=faces&fit=crop&h=1098&w=1600



This is the current state of the clean up.


good american

I didn’t know that the movie Idiocracy was a how to video for the extreme left. Chaz the rapper as a ruler of CHOP is the President of the film! Too weird.The democrats have sunk so low they are about to bust through the other side of the earth and land the moon. Completely deranged.


It was actually quite funny to watch (from afar) all these miscreants destroy themselves. I feel zero sympathy for anyone dumb enough to be hanging around such a place, or to vote for politicians like Durkan. Just Darwin’s law in action.

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