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JUNE 2021

Riots in Netherlands: Locals refuse refugees

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Police disperses a mass rally, violence erupts

Riots in Netherlands: Locals refuse refugees

© Tom / YouTube

In Netherlands, a mass anti-immigration rally falls into violence after riot police moved in to disperse a 1,000-strong march. Reports said, they rally was taking place against the opening of a refugee center in the town of Heesch, Netherlands. On Monday, January 18, officials held a meeting to discuss plans of accommodating some 500 refugees over the next 10 years.

According to the report, protesters shot fireworks and flares at riot police who were then dispersing the crowd of 1,000 people marching on the local town hall.

The mayor of Heesch, Marieke Moorman posted a message on the town’s website that,

“Far right activists tried to storm the local government headquarters, forcing local officials to abandon their scheduled debate and evacuate the premises. The town ‘had given police extra powers’ after a ‘demonstration ran out of control’.”

Authorities could not confirm the number of those detained or possibly injured in that violence.

Protesters are urging to the local authorities to discard the plan to settle 500 asylum seekers in a town of 12,500 people.

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