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Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky’s Land Reform

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Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky's Land Reform

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On December 17th, protests took place in Kiev against the Ukrainian land reform.

Protesters attempted to set up tents, to organize a sit-in against the land reform bill, but police took them down and arrested dozens of activists, many of them radicals.

There were clashes, and some reports even claim that there was one death, but the Ukrainian police claimed that the death was unrelated to the protests.

The backbone of the protests were the nationalists of the National Corps, who opposed the sale of land and tried to open a tent camp near Rada.

The demonstration was timed to a meeting of the agrarian committee, which was to consider amendments to the second reading of the bill.

In parallel opponents of the land law blocked the podium in the Ukrainian Parliament – members of Yulia Tymoshenko’s party as well as the Opposition Platform – For Life.

They called for the protests to continue, and the National Corps announced that they would remain in front of the parliament indefinitely.

The protests began around 9 AM local time, and present were agrarian associations, trade unions, as well as a number of parties such as “Fatherland”, “Freedom” and “National Corps”.

It was with the nationalists that the police fought twice. The first time is when they tried to bring tents in front of the Parliament. But later they managed to install them – both on Grushevsky Street and on Constitution Square near the Parliament.

Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky's Land Reform

Click to see full-size image

Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky's Land Reform

Click to see full-size image

Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky's Land Reform

Click to see full-size image

Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky's Land Reform

Click to see full-size image

Riots In Kiev Over Zelensky's Land Reform

Click to see full-size image

Initially, the protesters agreed with the authorities on the placement of the stage and two large white tents opposite the parliament.

The situation began to deteriorate after activists brought in army tents and began to crush asphalt with a pneumatic hammer drill on Grushevsky Street.

The second clash happened when the police took the tents down with a quick attack and detained 26 activists, according to the National Corps estimates.

The head of the “National Corps” Andrei Biletsky admitted that his people occupied the roadway – which was the reason for the attack by the police.

The Kiev Police issued a statement on the matter:

“Police dismantled military tents and detained the most active protesters in Kiev.

The participants in the event did not comply with the lawful requirements of law enforcement officers, erected military tents on Grushevsky Street and staged a clash: two police officers were taken to a hospital.

Despite all the calls of law enforcement officers not to violate the norms of the current legislation, the organizers and participants of the rally did not comply with the police. Instead, they clashed, used batons, and threw stones. As a result, two policemen were injured, they were taken to a hospital.

After that, despite the requests of dialogue by police officers to stop illegal actions, citizens tried to establish another military tent, ignoring the warnings of the law enforcement officers.

The police dismantled the tents. The most active participants were detained, they are taken to the police department. After reviewing evidence, their actions will be given a legal assessment. “

By the evening on December 17th, protests continued, but there was no violence.

However, it is unlikely that anything would change despite the presumed crisis that the Ukrainian parliament is.

Political analysts estimate that the laws will pass, and those who disagree will simply be dealt with.

This was the opinion of Vadim Karasev, a political analyst, interviewed by Strana.

“Today’s clashes near Rada showed that the authorities will not allow any serious protest. Showed cruelty. The authorities demonstrate that they are ready for any protests and no rallies will change the plans of the president and his mono-majority,” Karasev said.

“In the end, they will take whatever they see fit. They will even pass the bill on the opening of the land market. If they don’t vote, this will show their weakness. Therefore, they will rigidly convince their own people, they will buy the votes of the independent MPs. But they will not change their course.”


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Well…the sale of land and total slavery to the West is logical development of the Ukrainian situation. Why do they complain now?!? Wasn’t that what they have been asking for on Maidan? To be integral part of the West? They will become integral part of the West now, just not the way they wanted it…. But by becoming literally in total submission and not as equal partner. Well to be honest, nobody on the West bothered to explain them complete picture while they were pushing them in confrontation with everything Russian during the Maidan. They forgot to mention to them that they will become penniless Western slaves after Ukraine is completely robbed and all the rest sold to foreigners ( land, water, everything ). Their government is already not theirs, but only the outpost of the Western interests.


Perfectly said.

Jens Holm

Yerrh as usual a very big nothing with a minus in front. You dont know about facts in Ukraine of today at all.

You only know USSR should be there, but they collapsed – didnt they You moron. Kolkhoses, Sovkoses, stupid combinates – and after that the plundres certainly also was Ukrainians old communist oligarcs and warlords.

Thats what Zelinsky is elected for to clean and that probatly also included the USSR contrasts making even more semi nazis then ever needed.

Ypu should help those people proposing something better, but You probatly only are able to screem, shout and destroy just as those paid rioters are.

Jens Holm

I am so tired about the non and underinformed comments from Your many behinds with hay and dirt.

More then half You write is 150% lie. You also dont see the need.


Who cares what you think? Don’t read

Jens Holm

You should. Your messages never reach the rest of the world as influencers.

They – as me – alost only see Your bare unshaved male behinds, and whats comming out. The good part is hay.

And what do people think: Very good computers cant send smells yet.


I do not try to “influence” people. I just speak what I believe and it is only logical that we defend what we believe. I don’t think that I have capacity to “influence” or to be 100% objective every time I say something, since that is almost impossible. I don’t have answer on everything neither I am the best educated nor I am the best informed here.

“only see Your bare unshaved male behinds, and whats comming out”

The same here I also think that you are full of s*hit (if that was what you were trying to say) Most of the time I don’t even have clue what are you talking about. Or why are you here since your opinion is so different and there are so many pro NATO forums you can choose


Trouble in Paradise :)


If reform passes, China, not EU NATO based companies will buy the bulk of land…see 2013 deal


And Arabs (Saudi’s and others)? Didn’t they have a lease to cultivate agricultural products on their land?

Jens Holm

Its very difficult to compare, because the ownerships are quite different. If the area of a country is owned by a tribe its theirs. So if the state need the land, they have to buy it for normal price or at least give a good compensation, Tribeland also can be rented for a long time period.

Big parts of Ukraine are taken/bough land by Oligarcs and Warlords. That cant be sold to others unless it can be proven it is taken as theft. Other parts of land actually are small farms owned by the ones living on the farms. The land which we can buy is the land in 1991 owned by everybody(the state).

Lease is a contract which give You rights for landuse. But thats not forever as ownership. Te owner can take it back according whats written.

It can be for selling it. It can be using it for a hospital or a motorway. It can be because the leaser grow anything there even it is meant for it.

At my old house I had a garden with a house and the garden was 100 m2. I needed more and leased 100 m2 more in standard max contract. Here the max was 30 years and the same amount of money no matter what every year. That kind of agreement was with Goverment signature and needed even I leased from another private household, which had no need of it.

We can see how sharp it is when we try to send refugees home. In Somalia of today there are relative peace in 3/4. Even so refugees from the warzones of the 1/4 can be resettled there – wrong tribe.

In some town those refugees can rent an appartment or shop and live there, but they never can be there permanent if the local tribe goverment says no.

Jens Holm

Anti Ukrainians are not even alowed to reflect about facts.

AM Hants

Is Soros funding these riots, like he did with the Maidan? If so, strange, considering him and his mates wanted Ukraine, owing to her rich, black soil. Hence Monsanto moved in, together with their good mate Bill Gates and his cheque book. Don’t the 13 bio-chemical labs, with full diplomatic immunity, fall under the Gates Vaccination Investment Programme? Doesn’t Gates also invest heavily in Monsanto, which took up base in Ukraine, well before the Maidan?


Talking of the Maidan and all that involved, including Ukraine taking the first $3billion of the Russian loan, that was offered to Yanukovich.

Well, this article over on Gateway Pundit interested me, especially, when you look at the Supreme Court, when it was created in the UK and by whom? Now why does the Soros Supreme Court come to mind?

Common Purpose Member Tony Blair, when UK Prime Minister, thought it would be a good idea to set up the Supreme Court, in order to keep his wife, the Barrister Cherie Blair in work. How much did she make from her Supreme Court Chambers, known as Matric Chambers?

So with Soros running the UK Supreme Court, looks like Russia will lose out on Ukraine paying back the $3 billion, plus interest. Remind me, but, how much did Soros invest in the Ukraine coup d’etat? How much does it cost these days to purchase a sovereign nation’s Government?


Ukrainian Debt and the British Legal System… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukrainian-debt-and-the-british-legal-system/


God Save Our Queen: Elizabeth R dragged into the Brexit Imbroglio (by George Galloway)

‘…Before Tony Blair set up a separate Supreme Court (who else would be responsible for the distinctly un-common law “modernisation” of a US style “Supreme Court”), the delicate balance between legislature, executive courts and Crown was something to behold. A Heath Robinson Affair no doubt. But it worked.

The seismic re-writing of an un-written constitution by 11 unelected unremovable justices over the prorogation of parliament effectively abolishes the Royal Prerogative exercised by British Prime Ministers for centuries. It begins the unravelling of the notion that the PM and the Government represent the “Queen-in-Parliament” and on matters in which parliament itself does not preclude them, can exercise executive authority. From now on, many, maybe most things, will be ultimately decided not in parliament by elected MPs but in courts by unelected judges. Judicial Review just went nuclear…’



Not just the UK Supreme Court that Soros uses for his own amusement.

Soros-Funded ACLU ($37,359,845) Litigating SCOTUS Case Could Redefine Sex… https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2019/10/09/soros-funded-aclu-37359845-litigating-scotus-case-could

Jens Holm

Errrrrh Zoroo did it again.


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Oddly not hearing anything on CNN or BBC about the ‘democracy’ nationalist-right protesters.

Jens Holm

I dont think so. In many countries are very different kinds of uprises. Its impossible to cover them all well.

If danes listen to TV and Radio we are well reformed about what the problems are and what should be done.

The last days we have seen prison trade 2-3 times and more then seconds about them. So Ukraine is not forgotten.

We see Lebanon, Iraq, France, Trump in Court and where dansih troops are around the world and where they will be next year. A Danish Fregat will be at the Hormuz street autum 2020. Replacenment in Iraq as well as in Niger and Tchad.

We also see the problems about Chinese Huwai might look down in any part of the danish and german computer programs. Danish parlament members are not allowed to use mobilephones in the parlament anymore.

Ukraine is not as written above of vital importance. Its only important that they choose their way themselves. Westerns dont take over but some forget the alternative is collapased communisme.

Its also is allowed foreign contries can buy land and produce almost anything here being well integrated in the world economy as we are ourselves. Our problems might be the same,because some f them try to avaiod tax even maing a lot of money.

Finally the cover here seemes to forget, that the Chinese would like to grow a lot of food for themselves in Ukraine. They already do it in several other countries and climate zones.

The Farney Fontenoy

Nationalists voted for a jew who hates them-now they complain he’s letting nationalist-hating jewish oligarchs loot the country-smart people them Ukies.

Jens Holm

No, they didnt. Whats the options – Old Communists of same kind from a collapsed state???

Rhodium 10

Maydan land have lost its military-industrial-aeronautic complex..its huge tourist resort of Crimea…..the rich part of Donbass… the Gas transit …and now are selling the agriculture lands for a fistful of dollars to pay debts!…keep on Maidan!

Jens Holm

Yes, a very incompetent start for a Country. Its very difficult to regain from Bolsjevich and Tzar regimes and build and connect, whats needed.

Therefore they elected Zelnsky somewhere more in the middle of the sandwich. The country need to build up a productive middle class. The only middle class Russians had was the well educated part of the Jews, which was treated very bad by progroms and Hitler and the local Nazis finalized.

When You talk about the theft more then 30% of Donetsk, Karkow and other important town was very productive Jews. Donbass as well as Crimera never was Ukrainians but trade parts by Krustjof and later on for missiles against Western Europe.

Ithink Yiu should vote those Russians back to Russia and ask for some compensation. The price for the war-nonwar is terrible and expensive for all.

Just taxing gas is not productive. Make Your own and alternatives to it instead. That includes insolation of all buildings as well as heating systems for many houses and apprtments. Something like that makes jobs and is fast paid back with interest.

You also seemes to forget the Ukrainian agriculture is from the old days and You easy could produce 10-20 times more as well as too much land is owned by Your Oligarcs and Warlords hardly producing anything.

You here also forget, that even foreiners takes over, they create jobs. In western economies we all pay income tax, when we have a job. By that we can get demical care, schools, hospitals, pension and a lot of other stuff. Your belowed country certainly need a lot of well educated people to grow. So that too.

So the other parts is making the non sold 95% being not runned as in old lazy days with ineffectivity supported by no motivation and low pay. I think Your fokus should be there and see the reasons for ZElinsky and Ukraine.

Even being an amateur I think he realy try, what people elected him an his for.

Jens Holm

Thats no large part of Ukraine. I have many times has proposed, that those districts-oblasts whatever should be voted into a new permannet and stabilized border.

No reaction here. NEVER. I only see stubberness on both sides. Maybee the Baktrians Camels came from here, when the climate was warmer.

AM Hants

This article from Stalker Zone is interesting, owing to the fact that Zelensky’s mentors were Kolomoisky and Soros. So which one will he align with?

Soros/Pinchuk – Burisma Holdings and Open Society Foundation, who both donate to the Atlantic Council.


Kolomoisky/Avakov and their Nanzi Battalions.

Funny how Kolomoisky, was the leader of the European Jewish Community in Ukraine and yet, had no problem funding the Azov ‘nanzi’ Battalion. Whilst Soros found the best times of his life, were back in 1944, when the Hungarian born of Jewish Faith, was working as a collaborator, against his neighbours, peers and community.

Soros who wanted Hilary in the White House. Pinchuk who donated $25 million to Hilary. Kerry, Romney, Biden, Schiff, Pelosi, McCain, Graham etc, etc, etc.

Then you have Kolomoisky’s crowd and I wonder which of them are singing like canaries, to take out the Soros competition, when it comes to carving up Ukraine?

Interesting and wonder who will win?

Oleg Tsarev: Threats of Radicals Aimed at Zelensky Are a Ploy to Make Avakov Prime Minister… https://www.stalkerzone.org/oleg-tsarev-threats-of-radicals-aimed-at-zelensky-are-a-ploy-to-make-avakov-prime-minister/

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