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JUNE 2021

Riots In Iran – Repetition Ahead Of 2018 Presidential Election In Russia

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Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has accidentally revealed that riots in Iran are a repetition for the events “scheduled” by the US leadrship in Russia ahead of the 2018 presidential election.

McFaul posted on Facebook a post in Russian saying: “300 thousands of Iranians are going to hang local security services servicemen. What you did for Russia?” McFaul attached to the post an alleged video of protests in Iran.

However, social media users found that the video posted by McFaul showed the 2011 protests in Bahrain. Furthermore, people on the video carry flags of Bahrain. The US official was forced to admit his “mistake”.

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Omar Trevelyan



You are too kind .

Tudor Miron

This little Micky bitch really hates us Russians :) He doesn’t care if people know that he’s lieing but he hopes that there are enough idiots that would believe it.



Trump investment waisted on protests in Iran. CIA and Mossad plan flopped. LOL
Now enjoy pro government rallies across Iran. US regime is a corrupt dictator like Netanyahu. Making money without corruption is impossible. If robbers and thieves brake your home then consider that this is impossible without the support of America and Israel. Even Trump openly says in public addresses that we support that stand against their governments this may be terrorist elements, robbers, and thieves.


the pro government demonstrator always with a uniform of chador/burqa and clerical headgear vs the opposition are very colourful cloth sign of freedom.


Because not all of them actually a protesters. Some clearly just a bystanders.

jhon malakiat

if iran people across country choose to use hijab or burqa, then you shouldn’t need to complain about that. that is democratic value, right..


burqa/chadur is compulsory enforcement by theocracy of iran. even Ahmadinejad wanted to lift the chador enforcement


They’ve been lifted. You don’t hear that from MSM yes.


Iran is a Muslim country did you get me. Go and see true Muslims in America and London there they also are in the same dress code. They are not christen. Second true christians and Jews also use the same dress code. Go and see in the Churches and Synagogue. Don’t force anybody what to wear and what not. Western dress code is a none religious dress code which indicates atheists.


comment image

650,000 illegal Israeli settlers have secretly entered in Palestine from Germany, France, UK, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc and now living in illegal settlements (colonies) on Palestinian land, demolishing Palestinian homes and leaving innocent families and children homeless.

4.7 million Palestinians are classified by the U.N as refugees that were displaced from their homes by Israeli forces by gunpoints.

The Archbishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela as well as other South African leaders have reported that the Israeli apartheid is worse than in South Africa. “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” – Nelson Mandela


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Jaime Galarza

“I apologize. I misread the caption, & then deleted after realizing my mistake (My Russian is rusty.” If this is true, then he’s an idiot because he was pretending to know what he didn´t. If it isn’t true, then he is evil because he was trying to deceive others with fake information in order to sow chaos.


‘…social media users found that the video posted by McFaul showed the 2011 protests in Bahrain…’

The dishonesty and cynicism of these US officials is breathtaking. Misrepresenting 2011 footage of Bahrain’s majority Shia’s, protesting against the repressive, Saudi installed, Bahraini regime as allegedly representing current events in Iran. Aside of the obvious dishonesty, what’s so incredibly cynical about this is that US state officials and US-MSM completely ignored the events surrounding the Saudi National Guard entering into Bahrain during the ‘Arab Spring’ to suppress mass Bahraini Shia protesters – using live fire and then following up with days of drive-by live fire into the Shia neighborhoods.

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