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Rioters In Portland Set Police Association On Fire, Clash With Police Throughout City


Rioters In Portland Set Police Association On Fire, Clash With Police Throughout City

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On August 4th, riots in Portland ramped up in violence.

There were fires and clashes between rioters and police all throughout the city on several days.

Rioters broke into Portland’s Police Association office setting fires at the building and elsewhere nearby.

Hundreds of protesters marched to the office building on North Lombard Street near North Campbell Avenue and arrived at approximately 9:45 p.m., at which point police said they blocked “all lanes of traffic” at the intersection, according to information released by the police department.

Police said a “large fire” was started on North Lombard Street soon after the group arrived at the PPA building.

A truck drove into protesters on August 5th, and nobody was injured.

“Members of the group started vandalizing the Portland Police Association office with graffiti while others attempted to pull the plywood off of the doors and windows,” police further alleged.

These riots continued on the evening of August 5th.

There were even suspicions that an explosive device had been planted in front of a police station.

It turned out not to be anything dangerous.

However, the situation has reached such a point that there are even suspicions that rioters would plant explosive devices to potentially kill police officers and destroy police stations.

Furthermore, initially reports in MSM and claims by Democrats and other supporters of the rioters were that violence escalated in Portland because US President Donald Trump deployed federal agents to the city.

The agents have since left, but the violence appears to be ramping up.

Rioters are thrashing residential neighborhoods with police officers having to clash with them and take them down.

Random vandalism is also a reality.

Police said that riots have so far cost Portland businesses $23 million.

“We’re six weeks into this,” Portland Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis said during a virtual news briefing. “A walk through downtown today will expose you to a scene of boarded-up windows, extensive damage to public property and really an unfortunate scene in our city center.”

More than 100 people — comprised of city employees and the public — have also sustained injuries, he said.




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