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JUNE 2023

Rioters Attempt To Storm Iranian Consulate, As Anti-Government Protests Continue In Iraq

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Rioters Attempt To Storm Iranian Consulate, As Anti-Government Protests Continue In Iraq

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Protests in Iraq are continuing for a second week, after they restarted on October 25th, with protesters blocking Baghdad, Basra and the holy city of Karbala.

Since the beginning of the first batch of protests between October 1st and 9th, and their return on October 25th, upwards of 250 people have been killed.

Iraqi President Barham Saleh said Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi would resign if political parties could agree on his replacement.

Demonstrators reportedly scaled the concrete barriers surrounding the Iranian consulate in the city of Karbala.

Security forces fired in the air to disperse the crowd, who threw stones and burned tires around the building on a street corner in Karbala, south of the capital, Baghdad.

Mustafa Saadoon, director of the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, told Al Jazeera that three protesters were killed during the assault on the Iranian consulate.

In Baghdad, protesters shut the main roads in the capital. Students staged sit-ins at their schools and government offices were closed on the first day of the working week in the Muslim nation.

Riot police deployed along the bridges fired tear gas at protesters. Amnesty International has criticised Iraqi forces for using two types of military-grade tear gas canisters that have pierced protesters’ skulls and lungs.


Thousands of people blocked access to the vital Umm Qasr port, near the southern city of Basra. But the general situation there was peaceful and there were no significant clashes between protesters and security forces.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi called for markets, factories, schools and universities to reopen after days of protests in the capital and across the mostly Shia south. He said the threat to oil facilities and the closure of roads had cost the country billions of dollars and contributed to price increases that affected everyone.

In his statement, Abdul Mahdi differentiated between peaceful protesters, who he said had turned the demonstrations into “popular festivals” that bring the nation together, and “outlaws” who he said had used the demonstrators as “human shields” while attacking security forces. The prime minister had met with top security officials late on Saturday.

In his weekly sermon, top Iraqi Shia leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani warned of “civil conflict, chaos and destruction” if the security forces or paramilitary groups crack down on the protests.

“No person or group, no side with a particular view, no regional or international actor may seize the will of the Iraqi people and impose its will on them,” he said.

His calls came one day after Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomenei addressed the situation in Iraq.

“I seize this opportunity to tell those who care about Iraq … to remedy insecurity as their priority,” Khamenei said. The supreme leader blamed the United States its allies for spreading “insecurity and turmoil” in Iraq and Lebanon.

Feisal Istrabadi, a former Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations and director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East at Indiana University, warned the situation could deteriorate.

“I am very much afraid that is what’s coming next,” he told Al Jazeera, saying it is “nearly impossible” for the current leaders in Iraq to quell the ongoing protests.


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Saso Mange

It’s interesting that almost always it’s Israel opponents who get rioted against. Iraq after it was clear that it’s leaning towards Iran. Lebanon, after it was clear that Hezbollah can’t be touched from the outside.

Jens Holm

Another usual diaper jumping explanation keeping fx Syria, Iraq and Lebanon in dark,

Interesting some small dot like Israel can make millions in Iraq ans Leabon in the street. Syria of course is same thing. 50% unimployment is made by Isrel and now they riot about it too even Assad and his upperclass is a nice person doing a good job kiling every possible change in the name of nepotisme.


Saso Mange

Whole “Arab Spring” was preplanned decades ago which is confirmed by the now infamous statement from Condoleza Rice. “You are with us or against us. New middle East is coming.” This policy is officially confirmed by every administration since and culmination was Trumps illegal recognition of Jerusalem and Golan. You mentioned dipers?

Saso Mange

Also you have to understand that Israel is not the ordinary nation. It is colonial project made by and made for bankers and corporate elites. Safe heaven for criminals, weapon testing, illegal experiments, sodomy and all sorts of perversions which are Israeli export product. This ain’t the fairy tale but a serious accusation for which there are actual proofs. The fact that colonial project has lived for decades and gave rise to political intrigue doesn’t change the fact that Israel is an abomination in the modern world. Time will come when Zionist government and ideals will be replaced by Israel as citizen country, for the people and by the people. If Israelis are totally brainwashed then the fate of Israel will be much worse. South African apartheid ended, Israeli will to. Fun fact – Israel was the only ally of South African regime and was the reason why Nelson Mandela was on terrorist list until 2005. Disgusting!


lebanon is the subject of israel’s wrath since lebanon turned down a request by pompeo to allow israel to build a gas pipeline over the lebanese seabed and the unrest(s) started just after pompeo’s failed visit in beirut, first in the golan heights and now violent demonstrations – just one thing to do, put both pompeo and netanyahu through the wood chipper.

iraq took care of the general that supplied israel with the coordinates of the pmu-groups which then could be attaced by the squatting scum. and once the general was gone, the israeli attacks on the pmu-groups have ceased.

telling, most certainly so.

the conclusion is – who the friggin feck needs israel – no one. terminate it!!!


Whilst I think there are legitimate protests against government corruption & crappy services these things seem to get hijacked by outside forces. I think we all know who benefits from Iraq or Lebanon descending into chaos.

Jens Holm

There we go again. As always Your own dirt is explained as ours. A very food excuse to do nothing about it again and again.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahaha…still tryin’, it is going really F*cked up for you the last couple of moons right? Have any emotional problems with it?

Jens Holm

I hardy dont care anymore. I descriebe facst as they are.

The problems mainly are internal. Where I am, we clean our own homes as a start. You just repaet we and jews make the dirt and You cant change Your very socalled good habits making no changes.

Above that most oil money never reach those in the streets right now. The new elected ones seemes only to be in new suits.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah Anglo-ZioNazis & ZIONATO create all the Dirt & Terrorists in this World…even better: They are the Fuckin’ Terrorists! For Centuries

Jens Holm

It would be nice, if it was like that for You. Its not. You have most own Your own dirt created by Yourself.

Hasbara Hunter

Hahaha…we will be creating a lot more shit for you Fuckers….the war is on Boy….Full Throttle…as you might have noticed

Jens Holm

As long as the shit is in Your own country, I dont care.

Hasbara Hunter

You will be a Pig-Shepherd soon… selling Pig-Shit to make an extra penny…the West is done…

Jens Holm

I am too old to start all over. We eat and eksport for several billions every year and by that its a very respected and ofte well paid job.

Most of our pigs probatly are cleaner and smelss better then You too.

For the moment rhe prices goes up, because pigs in china has become ill.


Concrete Mike

For fucks sakes jens, wake up and smell the coffee, Iraq is an occupied nation that is getting RAPED by western corporations to the detriment of the regular iraqi Joe, this is the root of the protests.

You can put makeup on a pig, its still goddamned pig!!!

Jens Holm

I dont see Iraq as occupied. USA and the Coalision was asked back as well as Iran was for helpagainst ISIS but also other probloms.

Its totally impossible to run a state like that and Syria as well because of the seize and a weak structure even the Iraqian one almost has a modern structure.

Iraq is plundered and has bilions in income where a lot evaporate in internal corruptive matters. Its no new thing. Even Maiki is not in jail.

Its cheep blaming west and others to just take money. We produce and has to be paid for that. Its named as trade. We trade.


Good one, just to take an Assad, this, if it was ANY doubt about whom is behind the riots, fueling the unrest, since the Iraqi Gov and singnaled changes the Imperial banana republic didnt like, or what ISISraelis hate, and the western vassal/puppets opose, its become crystal clear, tthanks Iraqis for showing your true colors, and we can just hope your country for enernity reminds a shithole, you deserve every f…. thing. Rotten scums. Yeah, I bet there wil, come other corrupted rats whining something about this isnt Iraqis, well, years of what we all know is an people whom is basically unable to do anything right, no morale, no truth, no justice, is been shown, and this will remove anykind of symphaty against an people whom is just f…. scums. Period.


Jens Holm

Yerrh all of You sit peacefully among each other sitting on Your eyes with closed eyes.

It would be nice if You and others at least couldpropose something better, but You are not even capable and too often not even allowed to do so.

To me several countries in the world are too big according the lack of infrastructure for it. 3 solutions are possible 1) You divide them into Emir seize 2) The Central Gioverment is made stronger by more well organized strings for devellopment and 3) Making the central mainly to do upperthings and local elected to take care of local things incl. dividing the tax income.

klove and light

US intelligence embassy says hello…+16000 employees……..time to shut it down……they will never leave iraq or syria……..you will have to make em leave….in iraq…..the Zionist pricks will use all possible Methods to try to Damage the path of repair…. be it the civil Society…the Military….the poilitical process…electricity..sewage..etc……. the first step has to be the removal of all foreign Forces from iraq…second step.. the closure/ downsize of the current intelligance embassy of the US in Bagdad..16000+ employes is a fucking joke…… biut then agaiun..as mentioned above..the most damaging in the Long run, is the iraqi constituion that was written by zionists to make sure that political Progress is harmed if not made impossible.That would be my third step…. a new constituiton fro iraq wwritten by iraqis.

Jens Holm

Its only true the Constituion partly is based on Western Know how.

The rest is no love and certainly no light.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Latest Langley rent-a-mob outing with technical support helpline charged at premium rates.

Jens Holm

Thats not needed. Investments for vital things done by unimployed has nothing to do with people from outside even some of the might be corrupt as well.

Peter Jennings

It does seem so. Why would Iraqi’s attack an Iranian embassy when Iran is obviously so supportive of Iraq and willing to use its resources to help the country, even after it was attacked by the very same some years ago under Saddam.

These riots only make sense when one looks at them from a particular angle.

Harry Smith

Looks like a country needs route to export oil from Northern Syria. Which country it could be? [sarcasm]

Jens Holm

They cpuld go to USA and SDF in Syria. They use ballons, Eufrat as barrel trasporters as well as zipfiles.

Iraqians cant even supply Basra with water.

Hasbara Hunter

Ehmm who else uses Demonstrators as Human Shields to hide behind? One wonders if it might be the same perpetrator who is always behind that shit…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d6a0db52eb9972f83cfc3748a427900f29654d0e3a5bd069feb93a80814f010.jpg

Jens Holm

Why not. Wesbankers and Gazas do the same but in hundreds and of cpourse blame Israel for they are jailed, wounded or killed.

I have no solation for it. I only see the Israelians look and behave mpre like the arabs there. Thats no good sign.

I also wasnt born, when Israel was created.

Hasbara Hunter

ZioNazis are Imperial Colonists & Illegal Immigrants occupying Semitic Land….they should Piss off back to the shitholes they came from…that ISraHell was created before you were born doesn’t make it any more Legal

Jens Holm

So what. Jews are semites too.

You eat same things and amputate parts of carrots in exact same way.

Hasbara Hunter

Only about three procent of all Jews are Semitic….the rest are Khazarian AshkeZioNazi Imposters & Converts with not a single Semitic Particle to be found in their DNA…

Jens Holm

I dont care if they are fed up from the backside of the moon eating green cheese. I have heard about the crap about it in all my life.

Facts are You should change but only are able to blame others like jews and westerns and waste a lot of time and a good life.

Hasbara Hunter

I already changed…I want to have nothing to do with the Great Western Empire any longer….I don’t want to be associated with them Terrorist-Rats in any way….believe me: it is a huge relieve..should try it…

Jens Holm

Fine with me. A good start, but You have to contact the rest and work with them.

Denmark try to be independent of oil, gas and coal by windpower, and we have succes about parts of it …

Most of the investments makes + from day one.

Hasbara Hunter

I’m sorry to say but I personally think Humanity lacks the Intelligence to drastically change things before their Extinction…

Jens Holm

Well, thats one of the strong sides for Democrasy. We systematcly change things a little by a little and at least repair, whats wrong or becames outdated.

Windpower and now also some by solar electricity is a good example. In many years e had big and also very expensive heating and lectricity as well as we had smog. I lived in Copenhagen at that time.

The time was warmed up by almost any kind of things, which cpould burn and cars also had lead in the fuel, so a lot of things not could grow. People there has a shorter life with fx Astma and children was born smaller andto many in 0/1000 died before birth or just after.

Therefore we made cintralised heating systems fx also burning most of our garbage. Those not even was cheeper and because the chimneys an the burning also was cleaner, but those also could produce a lot of electricity, when we didnt needed heating.

It was the base for other big systems made sense. Some very strange noerds told us, that an old windmill type named the Gedser windmill in larger seize could produce a ot of electricity and replace powerplants making electricity and maybee after some years could replace them.

Most of Denmark kind of laughed but a school for old schoolchidren actually made one by mopre modern materials. It worked fine but the electricity was very expensive.

After seing that, there was base for innovation by scientists and cimpanies already making heat and electricity. Those told, there was realisme and the Tvind windmill coud fill our need and in most things was a good pilot projekt even made by teachers and pupils.

By that and after many years of debate, it was decided to make real and drastic changes.

So the base didnt come from day to day, but suddenly the windmills did. By that I will say that Denmark as Democrats invented the windmill industry, which after that has spread into many companies around the whole world.

They also can spread because they are much better and need less wind. The electricity transportation is reformed a lot as well as we can use electricity to more things now. Danes didnt invent the Lithium Battery hahaha.

But changes has to be in steps, so they work. Even small steps mainly is fine. Then You can go to next, next and has to remember the ones, You can turn Your back to also need paint and spareparts and people to do it.

And its what many should understand better. They do by democrasy, because they becomes responsabile and also pay as well as get the benefits.

It doesnt matter whicj´h sectors it is or You are in a primitive or advanced mode. If You build, most things has to be supported with influence by the users even one vote seemes to be nothing.

One vote is not, because that small vote and oppinion is agreed with many others as lobby NGO s, politicalpaarties and like that.

Peter Jennings

The world has to deal with the isreali regime problem sooner or later, otherwise given enough time and resources they will get around to all of us. The jewish people are there to stay, unfortunately, because nobody wants them to return to where they came from. The nation of isreal was handed to them by the British in order to deal with the problem back then. A century on, the result is as everyone had expected because they will never be satisfied.

World bodies should do their job and this problem need never arise.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah but Queen Elizabeth is a ZioNazi too…I personally think she should return the 16.66% of the Earth’s Landmass that she has stolen as well….

Jens Holm

You think…She is like many others haviung property aso.

We can redefine stolen. That has been done many times during time. So far I see no majority for her as owner and her activity.

Hasbara Hunter

Denmark is mine now….and you’ll have to move…go live somewhere else…go feed sum pinguins…eat their shit ‘n’ die…

Peter Jennings

At worst the kid could suffer being hit by a stone, at worst the demonstrator could be hit by a bullet to the head. Man, women or child. There is no distinction where goyim are concerned.

Rafik Chauhan

This Iraqi fools who creating choas in the name of corruption and protest voilently . they should be better under control of Saddam or isrrael then they will see how they will be treated. Iran who helped them get rid of terriost. this same people are now attacking Iran embassy. And Sadr hypocrite who talk to much by saying PM to resign . then he should become Pm and get rid of Coruupt . if he can manage. Sadr and his followers has never protested against US from the time Terriost got defeated.Sadr knew who supported . But still he doesn’t have guts to go against US or Saudi. Sadr is not a person Iraqi people should not Follow him. and Appreciate Iran for helping them to recover thier country from terriost otherwise this same protester whould be in grave with the hand of Wahbhi scum.


mossad all the way and helped by the unhinged states of A out of the embassy – no other possibility.

just one thing to do – squash the tendencies and string the perpetrators up in the nearest lamppost or push them through a wood chipper, no 8, to speed the process. the important thing is to squash the unrest into nothing. the squatters in stolen palestine are desperate and need a less enmity-prone neighbour than the iraq/iran combo whereas the world needs a world free of israel and the squatters. and once they are into their next diaspora replete with pogroms like never before, they will have nothing to complain about since they brought it onto themselves.

good riddance

Jens Holm

Mossad able to do all that. If so it tells how low You are and insist. How many of Your kind to one from Mossad 10, 100, 1000, 10.000 ?

Here I see pictures and video clips not somming from Israel at all.

Jews in Niqaps haha. Why not.

AM Hants

Why does Soros and NED come to mind, when you hear of these protesters? Funny, how they have kicked off, when the Iraq to Syria Highway is back up and running?

Has anybody seen this article? It relates to Integrity Initiative, who are mixed up with so much of the UK manufactured problems, including regime change scripts, of the 21st century.

Remember Integrity Initiative are heavily involved in Ukraine, Atlantic Council, NATO and trying to get Clinton into the White House.

British Government Disinformation Shop Lost Charity Status – Continues In New Format…https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/11/british-government-disinformation-shop-lost-charity-status-continues-in-new-format.html#more

Boris Johnson at the time, was the UK Foreign Secretary, who was in control of UK intelligence and no doubt working with Integrity Initiative, who were benefactors of tax payer funding, via the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

AM Hants

Taken from the article I linked above:

‘…On 3rd April, Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) minister Alan Duncan revealed his department’s ‘Counter Disinformation and Media Development Programme’ – which bankrolls the Institute for Statecraft and its Integrity Initiative subsidiary – was funding a new endeavour, Open Information Partnership (OIP). The announcement, buried in a response to a written parliamentary question, was supremely light on detail – Duncan merely said the effort would “respond to manipulated information in the news, social media and across the public space”. Official fanfare was also unforthcoming – there was no accompanying press release, briefing document, or even mention of the launch by any government minister or department via social media channels.

The original proposal for the Open Information Partnership, as released by ‘anonymous’, included the Institute of Statecraft, a Media Diversity Institute, Bellingcat, DFR Lab (i.e. the Atlantic Council) and some others in a so called ZINC Network. On the current OIP website the Institute of Statecraft ‘charity’ is no longer named…’

Talking of Belingcat, has anybody seen their guide on how to become a Belingcat Investigative Journalist, using Google Software?

Bellingcat’s Digital Toolkit Open Source Verification and Investigation Tools and Methods…https://www.comsuregroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Bellingcats-Digital-Toolkit.pdf


They let Maliki run Iraq for 10 years while he absolutely ruined everything. AdulMehdi stays 1 year and they all trip out. And somehow Iran is to blame. The Iraqis are not worth the effort tbh. If they weren’t in such a geostrategic location for the Axis of Resistance I would have said to just let them rot.


again we observe made in USA destabilization….

David Parker

Wherever there is chaos and bloodshed, the zionist-controlled CIA has been. What other explanation is there? The only hope these people have for a stable life is a mutual defense pact among Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon and they have to know this.


sure they do and so does israel and is thus sowing discord and unrest because one thing israel can’t have and that is cordial cooperation between iran and iraq or a lebanon run by hezbollah. the failed attempt to break up syria is an existential threat and the fact that erdogan hates israel and will do anything to discontinue the stolen land, should the opportunity present itself somewhere in the near future weighs in heavily as well. together the countries you mentioned would be too much for israel now that the unhinged states of A has made it clear that it ain’t too keen on further warfare in the middle east.

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