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BLM 2.0: Riot In Minneapolis After Police Kill 20-Year-Old Black Man

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BLM 2.0: Riot In Minneapolis After Police Kill 20-Year-Old Black Man

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On April 11th, riots broke out in the US city of Minneapolis after a policeman fatally shot a young Black man.

The man was identified as Daunte Wright.

Initially, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said it is “investigating an officer-involved shooting incident” in Brooklyn Center but declined to identify the victim.

BLM 2.0: Riot In Minneapolis After Police Kill 20-Year-Old Black Man

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According to a statement from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, officers pulled over a driver for a traffic violation. When they discovered he had an outstanding warrant, they tried to take him into custody.

He got back into his car, and one of the officers fired their weapon, striking the driver, who died at the scene.

The vehicle travelled several blocks before striking another vehicle, police said, adding both officers’ body cameras were activated during the incident.

A female passenger in the car suffered “non-life threatening injuries” and was transported to a local hospital, said the statement, which did not identify the woman.

Brooklyn City mayor Mike Elliott called the shooting “tragic”.

“We are asking the protesters to continue to be peaceful and that peaceful protesters are not dealt with force,” he said.

The incident happened close to where George Floyd was killed in 2020.

Hundreds of people, some carrying a sign demanding “Justice for George Floyd”, confronted police in riot gear.

BLM 2.0: Riot In Minneapolis After Police Kill 20-Year-Old Black Man

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Brooklyn Center police set off flash bangs and fired tear gas into the crowd of protesters who had gathered outside the police station.

National Guard troops were deployed just before midnight.

“All he did was have air fresheners in the car and they told him to get out of the car,” Wright said.

“He got out of the car and his girlfriend said they shot him,” she said. “He got back in the car and he drove away and crashed and now he’s dead on the ground… Nobody will tell us anything. Nobody will talk to us… I said please take my son off the ground.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said he was monitoring the situation closely.

“Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement,” he said on Twitter.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota described the initial details of the shooting as “troubling”.

“The ACLU-MN has deep concerns that police here appear to have used dangling air fresheners as an excuse for making a pretextual stop, something police do all too often to target Black people,” the group said in a statement. “The warrant appears to be for a non-felony.”

It called for a “transparent and independent investigation by an outside agency other than the Brooklyn Center Police”.

The ACLU also appealed for the “quick release of any body-cam footage” and “the naming of all officers and agencies involved”.


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Just Me

US racist hypocritical a$$holes promoting human rights and justice at home and abroad. What a sh1thole police state.

comment image

Furkan Sahin

Come on Black attack more on Police

Fog of War

How many are there in your country ?

Furkan Sahin

Who Black in Turkey ?

johnny rotten

The Yankee cannot escape his genocidal nature, he is on the genocide that were founded, and their history is essentially made of wars and massacres, the chickens always return to the roost.


The US cops are certainly rather trigger happy, yet the dead car driver was a wanted felon.

Perhaps some non lethal methods of detaining fugitives could be learned?
How about offering fugitives a banana to calm them down?
It works with chimpanzees :)

Kathryn Frank

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Pave Way IV

Not a ‘wanted felon’, Florian. Cops claim the warrant was related to a gross misdemeanor, so something like theft, fighting or 2nd degree DWI. The warrant may have been issued just because he failed to show up to court, or the warrant may have been expired but still reported on the cops’ system. As far as he knew, the cops pulled him over with a bullshit excuse (expired tabs, air freshener on rear-view mirror) and the next thing he knows they’re trying to handcuff him and arrest him without an explanation. He resisted and asked why – I would have done the same thing. Third cop comes up and supposedly tries to Taser him because he’s not ‘complying’, but accidentally shot him with her gun instead. They already released the body cam footage.She knew she fucked up – you can hear it on the tape.

Never would have happened if the cops were decent enough to say that a warrant for his arrest came up and they have to cuff and arrest him before getting on the radio and straightening this out. Whatever they did or didn’t say agitated him more, but it’s not like he was swinging a baseball bat at them. He just wanted to know why he was getting cuffed. The Taser cop wasn’t protecting the other cops – she was punishing him because he didn’t obey their commands like a robot.

Pave Way IV

Warrant was for failing to appear in court against charges he was waving a gun around and ran away from police – sometime last June. Might have been him, might have been someone else. Odd they couldn’t find him all this time. He may never have known he was charged with anything or had a warrant out for his arrest. Calls his mom when the cops were pulling him over. He even tells cops this, who ignore him and demand he get out of the car. Sound like a dangerous gang-banger?


I agree with you 100%.
It is oft said that what the US does today, Britain does 10 years later.

Cops here are shouting and screaming a lot more than they used to, as opposed to speaking in a confident voice with assertion. Cops in the UK have also adopted the ‘Rugby Scrum’ method of throwing people on the ground and smothering them.

This is in part due to the culture of avoiding risk at all costs and the consequent cowardice that results.

Policing with the consent ( of the majority) is again regressing to Policing as a para-military militia with the cops trained for war situations that demand unthinking adherence to warlike ‘SOP’s.

Jihadi Colin

He probably failed to return a library book once too. Totally deserved being shot in other words. Right?

Fog of War

He was on his way to a job interview I’m sure. Or to pickup his PHD diploma.

Proud Hindu

100000 Pakistani mu$lim @$$holes were dispatched 2 h€££ in 2005 earthquake

Proud Hindu

110 Chinese factory workers ki!!ed in 2013 factory fire

Trap Is Not Gay

comment image

Fog of War

Whoring around.

Trap Is Not Gay

George Soros’ USA.

Peter Moy

Well once again, another innocent lamb of the almighty was allegedly exterminated by the bad polizei. You can surely expect to see the likes of other fine pillars of American society like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse (Crime is Messy) Jackson and the usual gang of degenerate Hollywood idiots throwing more fuel on an already combustible situation. I predict that the Wright family will receive a big multi-million dollar settlement with the local government (besides the usual private donations) for their pain and suffering. This will news worldwide, again. Another example of a truly violent, crime-infested, suicidal, mentally ill, physically ill, drug-addicted, alcohol-addicted, dying country that is financially broke but still masquerades all over the world as the beacon on the hill and the upholder of everything good in mankind. Just one more killing. (According to the National Center for Health Statistics – part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – there were 19141 homicides in the US in 2020. Add to this murderous number an estimated 1.2 million hospital emergency department admissions due to violence which equates to about 25,000 per week).

cechas vodobenikov

biden to offer BLM free cocaine to police US border—hunter now semi-official DEA director
NRA soon to declare war on socialist rifle association
mongrel atheist nation descending into cultural /moral chaos where hindoo, Jens, Tommy now have 3 way official marriage —ceremony presided by reverend bacon blyat

Raptar Driver

The military police, (Militarized police), Just can’t learn.

You can’t go on killing your own people, you are not separate from them.
It will come back to you!

Assad must stay

just another feature of great USA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!


Diversity-hire shot him with service pistol when supposedly meaning to deploy taser.

Just another day in the rapidly-declining, turd-world shit-hole USA


comment image


The “US” collectively has become without a doubt a double-digit IQ nation.

Potato Man

So the female cop used a gun instead of a taser… they say BS like she was “stressed” from what…the fuking guy run away, if you look at the other cops they didn’t care… I don’t get it, let say he ran away what’s the big deal they know where he live.

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