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“Rinse, Lather, Repeat”: False WMD Accusations As Tool of Foreign Policy

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Recently, rumors and provocations have become the main, if not the only, instrument of the so-called US-led bloc to justify its aggressive and two-faced policy around the world.

Douma chemical attack

On April 14, the US, the UK and France delivered a massive missile strike on Syria describing their actions as a response to the alleged chemical attack in the town of Douma.

According to mainstream media (MSM) quoting local “activists” linked to Douma militants, about 50-70 people were killed and up to 1000 were injured in the alleged attack.

At first, the so-called “international community” blamed Iran, Russia and Bashar Assad’s “regime” without providing any evidence confirming this claim. As always, all the accusations were based only on reports from pro-militant sources.

On April 9, a missile attack hit the T4 air base in Syria further fueling the escalation. According to the Russian military, the attack was conducted by two Israeli F-15 warplanes.

The entire chain of events was triggered by a series of unconfirmed social media messages and allegations of pro-militant sources.

Who needs credible evidence if there are such usefully timed posts in the social media and “local media outlets” affiliated with militants?

On April 7, when the alleged attack took place, Douma was already completely encircled and besieged by the Syrian Army. Jaish al-Islam, which was the main militant group in Douma, and its allies had no chance of winning the battle for the town. On April 8, the militants officially accepted an evacuation agreement and agreed to withdraw from the area to other militant-held parts of Syria.

First, “regime forces” attacked “Douma’s defenders” with the toxic gas. Second, these “defenders” agreed on the evacuation.  Apparently they were not afraid that the “Assad regime” would poison their evacuation buses with some toxic agent.

But there is a remarkable coincidence here.

On April 3, the US President Donald Trump was going to pull the American troops out of Syria. The president’s words were at odds with the rest of Washington. The MSM and the establishment made no bones of its opposition to this plan.

However, after the Douma incident, the US military will obviously recall its “moral obligations” to stay in the occupied territories in northern and eastern Syria to defend them from the regime, which constantly uses chemical weapons.

Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack

About a year ago, almost the same scenario was observed over the Khan Sheikhoun incident.

On March 30, 2017 US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stated that the regime change in Syria was no longer the goal of the US foreign policy.

On April 4, the “bloody dictator” Assad allegedly committed the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, killing at least 74 people, according to “local activists” linked to militant groups operating in the area.

Without conducting any investigation, the so-called international community concluded that “the Assad regime” had been behind this attack.

On April 7, the US struck the Syrian Air Force’s Shayrat Air Base with cruise missiles. According to Washington, the “Assad regime” had used this airbase to conduct its Khan Sheikhoun attack.

Like the Douma incident, the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun took place when militants were in full retreat, this time in northern Hama. However, the “dictator Assad” broke bad and decided to use the chemical weapon in the eyes of all the international community.

The “international investigation” of the Khan Sheikhoun incident was mainly based on pro-militant sources and “open-source research”. UN-OPCW investigators did not visit the place of the alleged attack and disregarded almost all the inconsistencies in the “Assad did it” version.

To sum up: Assad’s “bloody regime” committed two chemical attacks against civilians within a year. Both times the chemical weapons were used without any military purpose, amid or ahead of the important diplomatic or military events related to Syria.

Skripal poisoning

On March 4, the Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in the UK by the alleged nerve agent Novichok. London rushed to accuse Russia of being behind the poisoning, but refused to provide any evidence besides “Russians did it”.

The initial claim of the UK Foreign Office that the nerve agent’s origin was identified as Russia was just revealed to be a pure lie. In early April “deadly poisoned” Sergei Skripal revived after this incredibly powerful chemical agent.

Nonetheless, the UK, the US and their “allies” used the incident to expel Russian diplomats and to increase a diplomatic and media pressure on Moscow.

As usual, it is a foregone conclusion who would be “highly likely” blamed in this “international investigation”. It is as if the US-led bloc is satisfied to take the British “gentlemen” at their word.

Repeating the narrative

The МSM narrative says that this is just a chain of coincidences, which only unmasks the “evil” face of the West’s opponents at the international scene. But there is a clear pattern in all three cases:

  • A “horrible” accident using the “chemical weapon” occurs. Always when it is absolutely unprofitable for the alleged attacker;
  • The so-called international community rushes to apportion blame without any evidence and investigation;
  • Diplomatic and economic measures or direct aggression are launched against the accused party;
  • A non-transparent and biased investigation based on rumors and fabricated “evidence” takes place;
  • Additional pressure is exerted on the accused parties regardless of the procedure and the results of the investigation.

Rinse, lather, repeat…

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Cui Bono?

Paul James

So now we know the game we are in – it has been played on us time and time again Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, 911, USS liberty, … what are the people now going to do about it? …. the War we are all in – all nationalities is Black Nobilty – New World Order Vs all of humanity! Most do not know the war has been going on under an agenda written in 1776! The Cabal are not doing anything that they have not told us that they will do. Either people wake up or Billions will die: DEGEL 2025: AMERICA – 81 % DEPOP BY 2025: https://chemtrailsplanet.net/2017/02/22/deagel-forecast-predicts-81-us-population-reduction-by-2025/ GEORGIA GUIDE STONES: 6.5 BILLION GENOCIDE: https://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-the-georgia-guidestones/ Will the people bother unlearning or seeing the threats with their own eyes? …. It appears Putin understands the battle and that he will not allow the NWO to take any more GROUND: These links will bring you up to speed quickly if you do not know what we are up against: https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/nwo-edu-101/main-nwo-agenda-1776 http://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/nwo-edu-101/main-nwo-agenda-1969http://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/zionism-adl-b-nai-b-rith-list; https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/unlearn/122-putin-on-the-destruction-of-the-middle-east …. There is a reason United States and UNITED STATES have been at war 222 years of the last 239!

Kell McBanned

These people have a name btw

comment image

Pave Way IV

We are in one of those rare periods of history where little people who are aware of these deceptions can communicate with each other relatively freely and compare notes. Sometimes that results in change, sometimes not. Communication is humanity’s immune system to psychopaths. That’s why they are always fanatical about access, monitoring and control of all communications.


You are quite right. Communication between people has always been feared by the elite and pan world communication scares the shit out of the elite, especially the Khazars.

The advent printing press was opposed by the Church in the UK because the Church only wanted the people to hear the news from the Pulpit.

Kell McBanned

Yes indeed, we have a small window of time atm, to change things.
Better get kicking kids, otherwise eternal slavery awaits!

Paul James

comment image

jerry hamilton

That would be a jewish run CIA.

Jens Holm

Hard for me to see any jewish in that. More like Muhammed Economies financing the State of his by what we name as criminell activities.

But USA also is based on education, skills are well paid and salery by hard work.


Of course.

Jens Holm

320 millions of them :)

Jens Holm

It would be nice the rest would be written too. Its a well known doctrine, that for USA the weapons also often are seen to make extra money financing weapons + benefit.

Paul James

comment image


Did he realized about something ? Why did he do something against this establishment ? hypocrital.

Jens Holm

It was hard ro see for not only Chamberlain, that You cant just be isolated and very naive.

Even austriched listen, when their heads go to the ground with closed eyes. He did not do anything against his establishment, because he was in the group You can name as “Only the Monroe doctrine is ours” apart from Manilla, which should be their own in 1948.

By that he was the establishment, which was changed by Rosewelt, McArthur with Eisenhower, Marshall and fx Patton.

It changed too late for making a good army against the japanese expansions. Later on – in 1941 – USA had no troops and airplanes to help UK, but they sended a lot of equipment to them as well as to Russia.

Jens Holm

If he had not died in 1940, he probatly would be decorated by the russians, so he hardly could walk.


These morons need any reason to invade any country in the world. If they don’t have any reason then they make fake/false accusations and then invade the target country. Then other morons in the world also join them to enjoy the misery of an unarmed country. For example Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so many other dozens countries that these morons have bombed them just on false/fake accusations.


Adolf Hitler Speech – Must See – Exposing Zionists and their MSM ….

I love Adolf Hitler he was genius and a great leader. What we are talking about now he had told us 80 years ago. Now I fully understood that how Zionist hats and lies about other nations in the world to justify their attacks. Zionists fight with the whole world population through US, UK and France. Adolf Hitler was against Zionists. He said in his speeches that if we leave Zionists then they will massacre millions of innocents in the world. We must protect the world population from Zionist oppressors.

jerry hamilton

Thanks Rob. You have proved you know the truth. A+++

Jens Holm

Nice ro have others knowing more then Rob even its easy to be like that level.

jerry hamilton

You would do well to learn about Rob before criticising him.
He is, I assume Arabic and has taken a murderous assault from western powers.
Just how much hatred of the west do you think he should have?
Ask him if any of his family have been murdered by the west.
Are you understanding this yet?

Jens Holm

I do understand fx Rob very well.

Most is very good fabricated exuses and the usual 1001 night excuses for doing nothing changing things for real.

Let me remind You the hate is both ways and You also should not blame all westerns and especially jews for all the thing You do Yourself at least 50:50.

We all have our own past, but I dont blame people for what their ancisters do. I certainly blame them for doing the bad things again.

You dont see Saddam invading Iran and Kuwait. You dont see why kurds has uprised several times for good reasons, You dont see Phalestinians has a part of Israel was made and the last chance for them was to give up Jerusalem. You dont see the pressure on women in Your whole world and there almost always has been war in Yemen – fx Nasser was there TOO lomng time ago.

You dont see arabs all treating each other in ranks. Phalestinians and Somalis are lowest and after that most from Pakistan.

You not even see arabs only is a little % of the muslim population and You take war patents for stupid small things about. “How to be a real muslim”.

Armenians You dont see. Kurds being killed, You dont see. Kurds killing Christians and Assyrians, You dont see.

In Egypt You dont see Mursi block to make a country for all Egyptians and now they are back into non productive and corrupt military rule. You dont see the small countries along the arabian peninsula treaten even muslim bader then horses and camels.

We only made WW1. WW2 and a few more.

I have to go to job the next couple of days bye, but I have my old Galaxy there.

jerry hamilton

Blameing others for what you do yourself is exactly what jews do.
Look at what Occupied Palestine are doing to Palestinians.
It is called Blaming the Victims.
Like it or not, the jewish Bolsheviks DID murder tens of millions of Christian Russians.
We are all aware that Saddam was set up to invade Kuwait.
I will not spend time further addressing your many points.
I do however cordially invite you to stick a cactus up your ar$e and swivel.

Kell McBanned

Amazing speech, we have of course been here before.

comment image


Totally correct

Jens Holm

It would be nice many more would go on from that. Unfortunatly I have no solution for Phalestine.

Could be Assads have. So far 500.000 are dead and 5 millions are out of Syria and many seemes not to come back ever.

So an idea would be some etnic cleansing in the west bank as well as gaza.

Kill, killl – There are 2,8 mio. at the west bank and most of them are arabs.

jerry hamilton

Please… Shut the fuck up.

Jens Holm

Mine make sense. Phalestines already are spendabels as well as at least the Westbakers was a part of Region Syria by the Osmans.

And let me remind You that Assads, Bagdads incl. Saddams and Turks already for many years have moved people around like little chesspieces for own purpose solving nothing and even gassed them. Well Turks have not gassed – Yet.

Relatives to Jews – once Syrians- are watching You from Golan. Those did not come from Europe.

Jens Holm

Hitler did not only that. Every handicapped, every political enemy, every roman as well as all checoslaovakians, Poles, Russians and several others should be exterminates apart from those, which could be used in farms, mines and industrial areas.

You ignore the rest. You cant find not a single sentence telling Jews were the only ones.

It was cleaning by race taking the worst away first.

The devastating for the jews were they were spread and had no homeland. You here forget, that several contries proposed, they should have their own, where they could live as they wished like USA fx made Liberia with Monrovia.

The Brittish solution was to kind of Europaise the Western part of Palestine by creating new jobs not taking jobs and land from the people already living there in an old structure.

That came out of hand, because most jews would not live in Europe anymore. Not all jews went to palestine as well. many went to other emmigation areas as well.

jerry hamilton

It is difficult to work out what you are actually trying to say.
I made a post criticising you but deleted it because I was not convinced it was accurate.
I think the problem is in the translation.
FACT… Jews were in Hitlers military.
FACT…. Blacks were in Hitlers Military.
FACT…. Hitler took on America’s idea of euthanization of learning disability and then rejected it as being monstrous.
Hitler tried to be western but the west accepted Bolshevism.
Germans could not tolerate that.

Jens Holm

Only few of mine are removed in fire.

I agree in Your first 2 facts.

Hitler was western 100% asa most germans always has been and western did not tolerate Bolsjevism.

To me the different kinds of Bolsjevism was the result of conservative and liberal failures trying to unite the poor.

Let me remind You, that there was no Bolsjovist regimes in Europe a part from USSR. And let me remind You, that democratic ways are to let ideas be heard and seen and votes about.

And let me remind, that You see the many reactions to and against Bolsjevism, where You have the Spanish civile war and later the many volunteers helping Finland against USSR.

The reason for the relative succes of the Bolsjevism was Eastern Europe was covered and like germany isolated. So Hitler and Staling helped each other.

You can say it was a mistake, but we did not accept Bolsjevism as anything duable. We were well oriented about it in newspapers as well as books.

And let me remind You, that gascism made the WW2 and not communism. Ultraconsrervatism made WW1 and no some commies.

jerry hamilton

Your quote “Let me remind You, that there was no Bolsjovist regimes in Europe a part from USSR”
That is pure zionist lies. I have finished with you.
You are blocked.

Jens Holm

Which ones ? More like Your factual lies are finished.

Only Spain, where Franco took over.

Seemes like You are bloked in Your head Yourself.


A Central Africa “Emperor Bokassa” son told me :
“the Luftwaffe had a prized Black Pilots team considered “Hero’s”
and Jesse Owens, the Olympic Games legendary winner
was highly prized by the Nazi” !

What for an difference with the still today Racist/Fascist US ?

Liards trick is to always accuse others of their own guilt,
Americans Government is tiring !


Sometimes I feel to vomit !

The Ringworm Children: Zionist genocidal experiments on Jews



GERMAN HOLOCAUST GERMAN GENOCIDE: 9-15 Million Germans Killed 1945 – 1953 Post WW2 “The Morgenthau Plan” EISENHOWER’S DEATH CAMPS “A Forgotten Genocide” – True Democracy Party


These Israeli snippers were also busy in the overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian Gov. Over 100 civilians and policemen were shot in the head by mysterious snippers reported to be Israelis. Afghanistan 1980 war, Georgia, Armenia wars, Serbia war and so on. Israel are the monsters, murderists terrorists.



Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized.
No to two state solution. If whole world including Mahmoud Abbas want peace with two state solution in Palestine still there will be no peace in Palestine until complete removal of illegal European migrants (fake Israel) from Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas should not allow Israel on his land because that is a big threat to the surrounding countries in Middle East.


From 5 years ago. 2013-08-30


Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) which are developing biological and chemical weapons. It is located in Ness Ziona, 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv from where chemical plant had supplied to terrorists in Syria to produce chemical weapons and use them against Syrian nation.
In late 1982 another CW nerve agent production facility and a storage facility were identified at the Dimona, Negev Desert.

Israel produces its nuclear weapons at the Negev Nuclear Research Center. Israel already has 400 active nuclear weapons with 5kt to 250kt yields. Most of Raw material and other technologies had been supplied by Washington, UK and France to Israeli brutal migrants.

The Israeli aerospace hardware manufacturing facilities produces Jerico I/II/III Ballistic missiles from 70km to 11000km range, cruise missiles, UAVs, SAM missiles etc. in the city of Lod in the Central district.

jerry hamilton

Well researched Rob.


Thank you.


It would be well researched if he’d provided his sources proving his claims.
Without them they’re just claims – claims which this time you approve and appreciate.

jerry hamilton

Do you never research anything yourself?
When someone makes a statement without providing a source, you have an option to look it up yourself or moan that they did did not provide proof.
Most of us research all the time.
For the odd one or two, it is too much effort.


Yes I do.
But you are the one providing startling information – you could at least provide a little … backup to go with it.

If I was to research every claim I hear on the internet I wouldn’t have time to sleep or eat. So man up – validate YOUR claims and provide the sources. (It also makes you more authoritative to do so.)

PS. I take it you didn’t notice …. I upvoted you?
I know some of what you say but you are being praised for doing exactly what the Americans and British are doing right now: making claims and NOT providing the backup for those claims.

It’s not bad method when only the wrong side does it.

jerry hamilton

Thank you for upvoting me. I did not notice.
Possibly if you are up for it we could continue life on the forum more amicably.
I take no pleasure in negative attitudes.

“If I was to research every claim I hear on the internet I wouldn’t have time to sleep or eat.”
That is indeed a problem and I do spend more time than I would like researching things but what I do know, I am happy with.
I am unable to accept a thing because I am told to.
The following is one of many on the internet.

jerry hamilton

It’s quite alright. You don’t need to thank me.


I should thank you for doing what you should have done in the first place?

………Are you British or American?

jerry hamilton

Why should I have done it?
Like I said, you can not believe everything you are told.
I gave you this link but it is up to you to decide if it is truthful.
I can not decide that for you.

British but may be moving to Spain.


What I have mentioned that is already on the OPCW and AEIA documents.


Yemen Explained: Saudi Coalition, Houthis and Famine

Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News

How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen

Oh my God these are children dying due to starvation. They have no food due to blockade …..

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
2. 8 Million People Hungary.
3. About 11,000 people killed.
4. About 50,000 people injured.
5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blockade on Houthis, send them humanitarian aid in emergency. All world leaders should stand against Saudi and Israeli bastards that regularly bombing them like pesticides on insects. Stand against Saudi and Israeli oppression and aggression. Saudis tell to Yemen nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die and nobody will know. Shame

How the Arabian prince spend their money. This will be a shame history.


The Yemeni are phucked – as are the Somali.
No fault of their own – they just happen to be situated where they are.

Who controls those two countries controls all the Suez traffic.
If you can’t control them chaos is the preferred state.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFM1rRDNGkcomment imagecomment image

Israeli terrorists have kidnapped Ahed Tamimi and her parents at midnight by gunpoints. Nobody knows where Israel have kept them hostage. Each year Israel kidnap thousands of adults and small kids from the streets and hold them hostage. Many of them Israel kill in fake combats. The US and UK brutal regimes have invaded Palestine and have held all Palestinians hostage for last 100years. They support brutality and terrorism in the Middle East. If Vietnam can be freed from American regime army then Palestine can also be freed from US and UK. Israel should go back to their native countries.


This is a very brave and intelligent girl.


Yes this is true. But US use Hollywood and MSM as a political propaganda and for that Russian and Muslims states should have their own film industry and MSM to counter US and UK propaganda. The Russian Sci fi and action movies are the best but that cannot penetrate the world market because these movies are not in English. Many Russians and Pakistani, Arabians have born in US and in UK and they can go to their own countries and can work in their film industries to promote the truth in the world.

jerry hamilton

This is not so much a film industry issue as a totally political issue.
Germany was destroyed by jews for their political status and the building of a stolen country. Reparations were planned.
Germany was demonised by the jewish media because they wanted it so.
The Jewish Bolsheviks that murdered millions of Russians wanted to transfer their guilt on to Germany. And they did.


Without film industry and Russian own MSM, awareness cannot come in the world population who speak English. So English is the US / UK tool on which Russia can fight with them.

jerry hamilton

What you are suggesting is a massive thing to organise.
It would be more economical to discredit the MSM which has to be done anyway.


I agree. I rarely watch any US made movies these days. I find them rather inane and tedious.


Remember watching MSM news, Hollywood Movies and watching football is just wastage of time. It is much better to make your own statements based on your own research, and play football yourself instead of watching because football is a good exercise. 3rd instead of watching movies its better to look after yourself, your relatives, neighbours and entire world communities.


Her whole family are too.


They are indeed.
Israeli’s almost in panic mode now as the world is seeing what Zionists would to to all of us if they could. They want to enslave the world as their false god ‘gave it to them.

Jens Holm

Israel is not in panic at all. You must have found that idea below Your bed blacket to make Yourself big and happy.

jerry hamilton

I take back the excuses I was trying to make for you.
You are nothing but a jew troll. Plss 0ff


No Jens, I just make myself read the Western Press every day and see more whining from zionist jews.

Kell McBanned

The israeli media call her “Shirly Temper” a refferene to Shirly Temple, the Palle’s are onto something here with their Electronic Intefada, exposing Israels crimes to all the world and the “you know who’s” dont like it very much at all.comment image

Jens Holm

Children should not be there at all being spendables like that.

Jens Holm

I really dont care anymore. Its almost the same from when I once upon a time ago was a child.


These morons create fake / false reasons to invade any country in the world. Then other morons in the world also join them to enjoy the misery of an unarmed country. For example Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so many other dozens countries that these morons have bombed them just on false/fake accusations.


Rrriiiiggghhtttt….. we KNOW why the bad guys act the way they do- just as it ain’t a surprise when a mugger arms himself with a blade or gun to make his threat more ‘real’.

What I don’t get is why you all think it is FINE for zionist appeasser Putin, the SUPPOSED good guy to act the way he does.

Russia COULD declare use of false flags by an enemy to be an ACT OF WAR. You know, like how the UK and USA have stated in public they have the right to respond to CYBER attacks with nuclear weapons (yeah- this is true- google it).

Instead Putin instructs his people to act as if the narrative of a false flag is PLAUSIBLE. To give weight to the false flag lie- thus allowing the West to weaponise this tactic perfectly.

The ONLY problem with crime is NOT that some people are ‘criminals’, but when the POLICE fail to have the right methods, numbers, equipment etc. Dumb-dumbs on our side are directed to NEVER look at the failures of Putin.

So over the last weekend Putin confirmed he has BANNED sales of s-300 to Syria, and as an ‘excuse’ stated that WASHINGTON (“our western friends” in Putin’s zio-speak) had commanded Russia to not sell. Now look at the list of CONFIRMED customers for Russia’s s-400 system. Some of the most depraved regimes on the planet.

The zionist troll regulars here magically see no problem with Putin selling s-400 to all the bad guys, while banning s-300 to Syria. And THAT is my enduring point. EVERY comment here since last weekend should be SCREAMING at Russia to sell s-300 to Syria- but this forum is almost a 100% echo chamber of jewsplainers. In that respect it is almost unique- even the CIA run subReddit has some honest intelligent content.

Today while the jewsplainers throw up their usual smokescreens, Putin and Trump TOGETHER have begun the process to bring Saudi wahhabi military forces into Syria under the guise of ‘Arab League peacekeepers’. This is simply the West’s invasion rebadged- and how Putin is handling the coming Russian retreat from Syria.


Let me try to make this simple. Two
choices; 1. Buy an S whatever, pay for my people to be trained on
it, and hope they are good enough to protect us. 2. One of the
most powerful military in the world, a long time ally, offers to
locate, man and repair the state of the art, latest upgrades, not for
export version system on my territory, complete with Satellite Intel
and experienced operators, not to mention; They also offer their
political, humanitarian, tactical, financial, spiritual and actual
boots on the ground assistance.
Perhaps the Russians, same applies
to Lebanon, are just nervous to put such a powerful weapon in the
hands of a not particularly disciplined or experienced fighting
force, although improving daily. Afraid some hot head in the middle
of the night might take out an Airbus or worse some
terrorists/rebels, due to a lapse, might get their hands on it. Ah
new name Terrorbels!

Dim bulb you seem to be using the same
paradigm as the MSM. Just keep repeating over and over the same lame
nonsense and somehow after a couple hundred times it becomes true.
Look at the results of the empires conquest over the last 50 years
and tell me one good news outcome, one. Granada, the Falklands?
Certainly not, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Korea,
Vietnam, Yugoslavia, 9/11. Then examine the domestic situation in
pretty much all the West. If its so great why so much mass murders
and suicide. No making mega hit movie productions does not mitigate

We get you don’t like Putin, but guess
what, most of us here see him as the only significant force standing
between us and the book 1984 becoming completely realized. Who else
is there? Clinton, Trump, May, Macron, The Pope, Really?

Any one else see it sorta like this?

Paul James

what you talking about Rob …. ! In a memo of undisclosed date, the US National Security Council suggested the government should either buy or covertly produce Soviet aircraft and use them to launch fake attacks, providing pretext for war https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32977055.pdf

Jens Holm

Afghanistan already was invaded and in civile war.

Very big lacks in the rest overvrowded with totally totally oneeyed oppinions as well.

Next will be men in the area serving tea and locums for their women and children.

jerry hamilton

Plss 0ff


US, UK and France are on the top of the list in corruptions and in frauds. Fake charities is on second number which is also a very attractive business for majority of politicians. 3rd number is foods and medical treatment particularly dentistry.


Iron is red hot just Mr. Putin should hammer it. This is the last opportunity with Syria and their allies and should use it. Russia should Kick out all Israel from Ukraine, Palestine, Gollan Heights, Al-Tanf, North and East Syria by using 1000kg smart bombs and Iskander missile as soon as possible.


Any terrorist whether that is foreign soldier or local rebels they are all hardcore terrorists and they will not leave Syria easily. So its better for Syrian nation to put IEDs in the asses of these hardcore terrorists and in this way Syrian nation should take their revenge.


Israeli morons repeatedly challenging Russian, and the whole Muslim world including Syrian and Iranian armies. Saying fight me if you can. LOL

Kell McBanned

That would be falling into their trap and doing exactly what they wanted, why do you think Israel is constantly proviking them.

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Syria can take down planes over all of it’s neighbors now. It’s a simple matter to transfer improved antiaircraft and antiship capability to the SAA. But the Syrian military will never be able to counter NATO on it’s own no matter what weapons they receive. Only the Russians can do that. Syria playing a game of one upmanship with NATO is a waste of time and resources. That’s what the Russian bases in Syria are for instead.

So it’s not the SAA that’s deterring NATO and the Jews, it’s Russia. The Russians are interested in winning the war, not getting in a macho contest with the regime change perps. And that’s what they’re doing, winning the war. When the time comes to extend the no fly zone west of the river to the US occupied areas on the Jordan border and east of the river. The Russians will put that in place.

NATO and the Jews don’t want the Syrians to have improved ability to defend themselves. Which is why they’re limiting their attacks to ones that will have no affect on the outcome of the war. Because the more that they press the issue. The more that the Russians will upgrade Syrian capability. The Syrian air defenses have become increasingly robust with legacy equipment upgrades and new equipment additions. Why argue with success? The Syrians are winning the war. That’s what’s important.


Scammers will scam. It’s why their reputation is in the toilet and no one believes them. And even their allies are giving them the cold shoulder. Like the Germans, Jordanians and Emirates just did on this latest Jew world order mad bomber attack.
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90 to 95% of the planet’s Jew parasites live in just 5 countries, where they’ve taken over the governments to the citizens disadvantage to victimize, exploit and enslave them:comment image


The solution to humanity’s Jew problem is to get rid of them. As the Russians and many others over the millennium have learned from long and bitter experience. It’s why Jews are the most persecuted, expelled and genocided group of miscreants in history. Because they’re evil:

“Jewish population centers have shifted tremendously over time, due to the constant streams of Jewish refugees created by expulsions, persecution, and officially sanctioned killing of Jews in various places at various times. In addition, assimilation and forced conversions have also impacted Jewish population sizes throughout Jewish history.”

– Historical Jewish population comparisons –



Dejudification in Europe, the near east and north Africa from 1945 to 2010:
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Paul James

In a memo of undisclosed date, the US National Security Council suggested the government should either buy or covertly produce Soviet aircraft and use them to launch fake attacks, providing pretext for war https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32977055.pdf


Well Fisk’s Independent news piece was a start and try this short video interview of Rand Paul, Ron’s son, plainly asking just what is Dr. Assad’s motivation for CW? Perhaps we will have a short period of countering the Bullshit before the next False Flag.
Is it a coincidence that the trolls around here use the same techniques as the MSM? Repetition, followed with a course of not answering essential questions, in videos you can see the interviewer squirm and his comeback, no real answer is pathetic, just like our dear local dissemblers.


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