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‘Right Sector on combat alert’: Ukraine Neo-Nazis to Start Shootout at EU Border

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Yesterday, “Right Sector” exercised an attempt to push local smugglers in the town of Mukachevo (Zakarpattya, border with Hungary). The smugglers (all Ukrainian patriots) bit back: there is information about at least 2 killed, a lot of injured and firefights including the use of grenade launchers in the city. When police arrived, the “Right Sector” fighters attacked law enforcement officers using Kalashnikovs, RPG-7 grenade launchers and other weapons.

‘Right Sector on combat alert’: Ukraine Neo-Nazis to Start Shootout at EU Border

The head of “Right Sector” Dmitro Yarosh arrived the town. He demanded the resignation of the Ukrainian special services’ headquarters. Also, locals reported about the unit of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrived the town in order to detain Yarosh.

Meanwhile, Hungary has strengthened the security at the border with Ukraine. Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has got a hysterics:

“After a real battle by Right Sector virtually on the border with EU,” the Ukrainian authorities are “bearing responsibility for not fulfilling a number of requirements” for the establishment of a visa-free regime with the EU, Ukraine’s Ambassador at Large Dmitry Kuleba wrote on Facebook. “For months we have argued, trying to convince the EU that security risks have been minimized. And we convinced them…”

Yeah, firefights and usage of of grenade launchers at the border with Hungray is a very strong argument for visa-free regime.

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Good. Let the Kievan coup leaders have to fight their own supporters as well as Donbas!

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