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Review Of Recent Military Escalation In Eastern Ukraine (Map)


A military escalation erupted in the region of Dnobass in eastern Ukraine in the last days of January.

On January 28, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and pro-Kiev paramilitary groups (for example: Right Sector) launched a large-scale offensive against forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). At the same time, the UAF delivered a high number of artillery strikes across the contact line with the DPR. However, a common low level of the Ukrainian military staff resulted in a total military failure on the ground.

The attack violated the international agreements made under the Normandy format and was likely aimed to legitimate Kiev’s withdrawal from the Minsk protocol. Pro-Kiev units moved to minefields, suffered major casualties and were pushed to retreat.

A fighting has been ongoing in various parts of a contact line since then. Especially heavy clashes have been ongoing in the area south of Adveevka near the DPR capital of Donetsk. Sides use various military equipment and artillery, including multiple rocket launcher ystems (BM-21 “Grad”).

According to information obtained by SouthFront, so far, Kiev forces had lost 24 fighters dead and over 60 injured (a notable number of them are now in hospitals in the city of Kharkov).

In the morning on January 31, there were reports that the situation became “quiet”, but then the Kiev vside continued military actions against DPR. Sporadic clashes were reported near Niznee Lozovoe and Aleksandrovka.

The mainstream media and Kiev’s side are now pushing an issue of the “humanitarian disaster” in the Kiev-controlled village of Avdeevka. However, the situation there is an obvious result of the Poroshenko regime’s actions in the area (more here).

Review Of Recent Military Escalation In Eastern Ukraine (Map)

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