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Revelation from Ukrainian Governor Saakashvili: “The Situation in the Country is Worse than in Putin’s Russia”


Revelation from Ukrainian Governor Saakashvili: "The Situation in the Country is Worse than in Putin's Russia"

Screenshot from Youtube video

Government mechanisms have failed in Ukraine, Saakashvili, head of Odessa region complained in his speech at the conference Grain Ukraine 2016.

The official stressed that due to the catastrophic level of corruption, the situation in the country isn’t even slightly better in an economic sense, rather it has become worse than in Putin’s Russia,” the paper Timer wrote.

“Because there some decisions are centralized,” said Saakashvili, “There are those matters which fall under the purview of the boss, and the boss gives his orders… But here the mechanisms of government are broken. In Ukraine, if an official even at the highest rank wants to improve something, he won’t be able to implement it. Meanwhile, the governor said, “in Russia, if you reach a compromise with Putin, everything will be alright. At the same time Saakashvili kept modestly silent that for over two years billions of dollars have been pumped into Ukraine, but the country is still in economic collapse.

At the same time Russia is under the constant pressure of sanctions, and the West is consistently surprised how in spite of everything the country still finds the capacity for growth. Evidently, it’s all arranged by Putin. Initially, Saakashvili was part of the Ukrainian plan which intended to “send the Kremlin to hell,” show it that the corrupt elite can be cleared from a Post-Soviet society, and build democratic values there. However, instead of proving anything to the Kremlin, the former Georgian president proceeded to criticize the authorities of his new homeland, blaming it and its president Petro Poroshenko for all the problems in Ukraine.

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