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JUNE 2023

Reuters Argues “Helicopter Shot Down In Hama Province”, Cites Fake Source

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If you work in Reuters, you don’t need any proofs to make news.
Reuters Argues "Helicopter Shot Down In Hama Province", Cites Fake Source

Reuters argues that militants shot down a helicopter in the Syrian province of Hama on October 8:

“The helicopter was downed near the village of Kafr Nabouda in northern Hama, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. It was unclear if the aircraft was Syrian or Russian.” the news agency stated.

However, Reuters doesn’t have any proofs of this fact: video, photo or even comment of the wintess. The only source used by Reuters journalist, John Davison is “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. Is it a relevant information source? Ha! The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is run by one man (a migrant from Syria), Rami Abdul Rahman, and it’s based in his two bedroom home in the UK.

How can a man living in the UK be a relevant source about shot down “Russian helicopter”? It’s the question for John Davison and his employer.

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