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Retuers Says 300 Russians Were Killed Or Injured In Syria Over Last Week

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The mainstream media continues spreading rumors and unconfirmed reports about the alleged casualties among Russian prviate military contractors in Syria.

On February 15, Reuters claimed that “300 men working for a Kremlin-linked Russian private military firm were either killed or injured in Syria last week”.  The report as all the previous claims about hundreds of casualties among the alleged Russians was based on anonymous sources.

“A Russian military doctor said around 100 had been killed, and a source who knows several of the fighters said the death toll was in excess of 80 men.

The timing of the casualties coincided with a battle on Feb. 7 near the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor where, according to U.S. officials and associates of the fighters involved [also anonymous], U.S.-led coalition forces attacked forces aligned with Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,” Reuters’ article reads.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of 5 Russian citizens in Syria “as a result of the armed conflict”. No Russian military service members were among them.

More about the alleged casualties among Russian private military contractors in Deir Ezzor:

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MD Ranix

zio reuters with their fake news

Christian Gains



“Reuters claimed”. Hence, “check credible non-propaganda sources before you believe this”.


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Miguel Redondo

Isn´t that the same Reuters which reported the fall of WTC7 , on 9-11 , about 15 minutes before the act took place? Than we can take this report clearly as an menace to the russian military. So to say ” We are going to atack you in the very near future!”

jerry hamilton

I only know for sure the BBC reported about WTC7 coming down while it was still up behind her.

America would never have attacked like that without warning Russia first.

You can call me Al

The strange thing is that I watched that report live and missed it completely, as I didn’t know whish one WT7 was.

jerry hamilton

If you don’t have much time, start it at 3 min 20. I call the BBC little Israel because to a large degree it is Netanyahu’s propaganda factory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0HPqd8dPeE

You can call me Al

LOL cheers, yep, that’s the one.

History will come back to haunt the bstards.

jerry hamilton

I wish.

Miguel Redondo

BBC got the report from the Reuters ticker. The poor journalist was reading the teleprompter without looking what was happening in New York. The point is that Reuters gave the notice before the crash of WTC-7 . When you see a report before the actual success happens , than someone is playing really dirty.

jerry hamilton

Here is Susan Lindauer the 911 CIA whistle blower. She tells all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQjTYmDKPaI

Christian Gains

YUP! And YUP! AND YUP! “C,razy N.uts N.ewz” Network & “Rudderless Reuters”!


Western media’s lack of real achievements love to have this “feel good” fake news. Let them be. It’s old fakes .

How can hundreds be killed so easily stupid. western fellas are really dummies.


Israel wiping out “half” of SyAAF, Turks killing “1500 Kurdish/ISIS” terrorists, Americans killing “hundreds” of Russians… Damn this was a bloody month. lol

Tudor Miron

SF, let me ask you: That fact that reuters is reposting same fake (with a little bit different spin to it) – do you guys feel that this is news worth posting? Reposting this fake news over and over again for 3 days in a row – does it help allocating your monthly budget?

John Whitehot

I have same thought, but I’m patiently awaiting how they will “unfondle” the story – I ‘m not sure this is over yet

Christian Gains

I agree & am SERIOUSLY concerned that “We the People…”, are being duped! SURE HOPE I’m wrong, but I MORE wish our boys get pulled…Reuters is SOLD OUT to the HIGHEST BIDDER, [IRRATIONAL RADICALIZED OPERATIONAL NUTS!…Engineering WAR!]…

John Whitehot

“”We the People…”, are being duped! ”

Absolutely agree.

Tudor Miron

Let’s hope.

Christian Gains

GOOD POINT Tudor! SF…Answer?


no my source told me half of the Russian population died in that air strike….for god sake are you going to hear a word from western media, its all being used for political interests just like that southfront report said , western media trying to show as if the Russian influence is Syria is subsiding and that Russia is powerless in front the american iron first, but of course they can only do that that through propaganda….they are testing the Russian patience and tbh through all what iv seen the Russian ways of gaining its interests is very wise and patient and not convulsive like the western..so dont think Russia will do anything stupid if all the reports where real its real world here not middle school.

John Whitehot

“the Russian ways of gaining its interests is very wise and patient and not convulsive like the western”

Correct. The reason for this though, are deeply rooted in the way western societies have been shaping over the last few generations.

It’s not something that is going to be corrected anytime soon and in any case, their effort is aimed not to correct but the other way.


3 or 300, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not going to trick Putin in making a dumb move because his emotions have been hurt.


According to these western idiots only DMC/ISIS had air support by United Snakes while the Russian militias were in complete disarray without a radio to call for help. +B$ please…

John Whitehot

Russian militias? wtf are Russian militias and where the f you ever saw talking abt “Russian militias” in Syria or elsewhere in the world?


The inflammatory propaganda statements spewing from the US and NATO dummies of the Main Stream Media are attempting to push Russia into a hasty and direct confrontation with Israel and the US in my opinion, as the US Coalition of Terror has failed to take Damascus with proxy terrorists and the only hope for the US and Israel now is to create a situation where they are ‘ Defending themselves’ against Russian ‘aggression’ and then launch an all out attack on Russian and Syrian bases . Plus of course the ‘obligatory’ mass murder of civilians by Israel and the US

Israel has always successfully played the ‘victim ‘ and the US is now playing the same game.

President Putin is unlikely to fall into this trap and the Russian response will I trust be one that the US and Israel do not want and have not planned for.


Now I am convinced that this is a propaganda campaign just before elections. Will not work..Westerners do not understand other populations.. They think the whole world think and want to be like them


…and yet when they report on jihadi or Kurd casualties, Reuters regularly forgets it’s algebra and to check the birth certificates of the dead. So by a “honest omission” readers are left un informed about the number of UK, Saudi, Qatari, Jordanian, French, German, Belgian, Albanian, Bosnian, Chinese and Chechen dead…Then again, unlike Russia, all these countries DON’T have presidential elections scheduled in less then 2 months. It’s just MSM throwing a “hail mary pass” hoping for a miracle – talk about being really desperate…

leon mc pilibin

In the next few months it will have rise to 6 million according to the fake Zionist news media.

John Whitehot

“The mainstream media continues spreading rumors and unconfirmed reports about the alleged casualties among Russian prviate military contractors in Syria.”

it appears that these days something like 2 out of 3 reports on sf talk about this bs.


Reuters is directly owned by Rotschild

Manuel Flores Escobar

It doesnt matter 3, 300 or 3000…they are Russian citizens and Russia should respond giving SAM system to SAA to deploy in Deir Ezzor to cover SAA areas and avoid more incoming airstrikes!…beside its taking long time in launch cruise missile strike vs US backed forces in Conico Gas/oil field!


Just as likely as this News



How can you bomb your own forces if you ain’t fightin’ ISIS……?!! Monkeybrains…..


Does anyone know if the news trickling in about a Syrian counter attack building on the Euphrates is true? Why are they going over to offense with no guarantee of air support?


Gary Sellars

Only a retard would believe something just because the Reuters presstitute whores claim it to be so….

Graeme Rymill

Why the ongoing interest in Russian casualties? It is simply because of the secrecy enforced by the Russian government surrounding Russian private military contractors. Incidentally If there were any Russian soldiers killed in this clash it would be, under Russian law, illegal to report it.

Christian Gains

From my view, there’s nothing “powerless” about Russian Contractors OR regular Army…CNN / “U.S. FAKE NEWS OUTLETS” are TOTALLY PROPAGANDA to: #1] Create a confusion & manipulate populace opinion by it; AND! #2] Make Trump look bad…

This has been going on for a YEAR NOW…Akm, I’m not meaning to dispute a single word you’re saying, it’s just that, CNN is now a HIGHLY POLITICIZED, {and corrupted}, “Main SH*T” Media outlet that has been CONTINUALLY CAUGHT (by using the “anonymous” label), lying & creating TOTALLY FALSE info.

FRANKLY Akm, MOST Americans I know HOPE that Russia is able to stabilize Syria, & our kids can be gotten OUTTA there! “We the People…” here, DO NOT WANT more war! Anymore than I’m sure the G.P. in Russia want…BUT! There’s a “DEEP & DANGEROUS “ROUGE” element of infamous “American Military / Industrial / IC” Community that DESPERATELY DESIRES war…{$$$pelled RUPLES / DOLLARS — “Horrible HELL-R-eee”}….

Akm, I’m 71 yrs. old, & well traveled in the W. Hemisphere, so, have got a couple of lesson experiences to go by…and FRANKLY Most decent & intelligent, [NOT the emotional radical element], Americans are WELL AWARE that Putin IS BEING EXTREMELY wise & cautious…NOT FEARFUL, but NOT emotional either…(he reminds me a bit of “Sun Tzu”s counsel).

ANY way, I tend to think that SOUTH FRONT, RT, & BBC, PRESENTLY have a better “take” on the “on ground” realities than CNN, or ANY American “NEWS/PROPAGANDA” mouth pieces. Hope this helps!

ANY WAY…stick by YOUR “on ground” sources…THEY’RE LIKELY to be a bit less effected by EITHER the “fog of War” OR Politics…Amazing how Politics loses VALUE once the lead is flying!!!

Hide Behind

The original Reuters wire service says and implies contractors, once it was accepted by first US censors, and then allowed the term contractors was changed to “mercenaries.” US and NATO have contractor security forces, from world wide sources such as Columbia Peru, Bolivian poor, but if you work for Russian interest you are a merc. No where in US press are the contract military from Pakistan and other nations called mercenaries within Saudi military. People In US have a memory time frame of a slug, they do not remember Clinton’s and Bush executive orders setting up of a Review Board for all foreign news articles, digital and telephone calls, imported to US. All must be vetted, or face severe penalties under Homeland Security today. Free Speech is not available for public at lsrge, especially if one is any way shape or form attached to any government direct employ or contractor. AND now Google is making sure it stays that way by civilians on internet. Syrian people not only ones under attack By NATO, BRITS, ISRAEL AND US.


Reuters, Guardian, Washington Post… they cannot be even defined as a (cheap) propaganda any more, they are just hysterical, completely insane psychos.

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