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Retaliation Strikes Hit Israel, Escalation Growing (Videos)

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Retaliation Strikes Hit Israel, Escalation Growing (Videos)

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In early hours of August 6th, rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are now responding with artillery rounds, targeting the launch sites in Southern Lebanon.

According to Israeli media, 20 rockets were launched, 10 of them were reportedly intercepted. Some rockets passed the Iron Dome, targeting inhabited areas.

Hezbollah statement:

At 11:15 a.m. this Friday, and in response to the Israeli air raids on open lands in the Al-Jarmaq and Al-Shawakir areas last Thursday night, the groups of the martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen and the martyr Muhammad Qasim Tahan in the Islamic Resistance bombed open lands in the occupied Shebaa Farms with dozens of 122 ⁠mm rockets.

The IDF command reported that air defense sirens went off in the village of Ein Kiniya in the Golan Heights and near the village of Snir.

No injuries or damage were reported.

The rocket attack is taking place amid a new round of escalation between Israel and Lebanon.

Israeli territory was targeted in response to air strikes that were carried out by Israeli Air Force on Lebanon’s South Governorate, the heartland of Hezbollah, on August 5.

A day earlier, on August 4, another rocket attack targeted Israeli territory. Three rockets were launched from South Lebanon, with one failing midway and two landing in Israeli territory. Even without reaching any infrastructure, rockets are dangerous because they are causing large fires.

It seems that the current round of escalation is a pre-planned action.

The recent Israeli air strikes were of an unusually large scale and were carried out on Thursday. The military and political leadership in Tel Aviv preview a fast response from the Lebanese territory the next day, on Friday. The military actions cannot go unnoticed by the Muslim community of Lebanon. The imams will certainly light them up during the Friday prayer (صَلَاة ٱلْجُمُعَة‎, Ṣalāt al-Jumuʿah), which will further inflame hatred towards Israel among the population.

Now Israel is launching another attack on Lebanon, new air strikes should be expected. Escalation is becoming inevitable. It is likely that the ‘enemy aggression’ will be used by the Israeli military-political leadership to justify the increase in military actions against Lebanon, up to the new military intervention.

Meanwhile, Lebanon is torn apart by internal conflicts amid a severe economic crisis. The popularity of Hezbollah’s ideology is consistently growing.


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Drunk Ruskies can only dream of having such anti-air system that ACTUALLY intercepts missiles unlike the useless junk they have in Syria, which always gets destroyed by Israeli jets.

James Charlson

These are rockets. I don’t assume a moron like you knows the difference between a rocket and a missile. Jesus christ trolls are stupid.


Israel takes out rockets from Phantom FireWorks with 20 million dollar high tech boat anchors.


the zionists hit their own military post in golan with the interceptors they use on top of it being utter waste they did the damage to themselves on their own

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

they misfired even with these 122 calibre rockets which are basically rocket artillery not much different from nebelwerfer rocket or katyusha rocket

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Put the Drugs away clown.

Zioncunts are chicken

The stupid cowardly Jewcunts could not even hit a single
WW2 vintage grad rocket despite firing 37 one hundred thousand dollar Iron Dud. This was just a message that there is a new Sherriff in town. The Zionist child killers will not escalate as Iran would flatten them. At this stage both sides are burning bushes.


“Putin Is A Fag”? Looks to me that you are projecting. A good therapist can be one of the best tools for overcoming projection.

Good luck!

Hindu Fungus

Hasbara is full ofFAGS :)

Russian and Chinese collapse agenda 2024

Are u talking about Shia and Sunni imams who abuse young boys and girls in their madarsaas? Shia do mutah while sunnis do halala 🥵just like how Muhammad purified ayesha by sleeping with her when she was 9 yrs old


you are delusional and you are filled with nonsense and hatred against muslims this will not serve you and in fact you hatefilled loser will die the same you lived which is miserable mr hind you are truely a reason of shame for humanity


go build some toilets instead of talking nonsense your animal kingdom called india is sinking in feces


Are you Christian by any chance? Or Jewish?


Looks like basic projection and a very unhealthy fantasy fixation!


zionist media jerusalem post just today released a video of paper dome interceptor missiles falling on the golan heights via misfire or electronic warfare by hezbollah either way they hit military post in golan and create widespread fear and confusion

J Ramirez

Why are Jew infatuated with fags?


Be silent Ukropi faggot.


I have never seen an anti-air missile to be fired and to intercept any kind of missile that have explosive in it, to blast each other and not to have any fireball or black smoke, all these iron domes missiles uplon alleged impact always are white, which means are just empty poxes which they fly few km and they are been just zapped to explode by whoever launching them in the first place. Why don’t the zionists present radar evidence to the world to see that was REAL incoming missiles were really coming to them, or all this is just a pretext to strike Lebanon, like oh Hezbollah attacked us, were forced to defend our self, and we will defend ourself blah blah.

Arch Bungle

Hezbollah begins with it’s smallest, oldest rounds first … cheap, and smart.

Can’t wait til they pull out the big guns …


Not even sure that was Hezbollah,could have been some other small group.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

It is the PFLP of late great Dr. George Habash delivering a message with WWII vintage grads just for effect. The panicked Zioncunts fired over 37 iron Dud costing millions and could not hit a single one. Very embarrassing.

Arch Bungle

First round was not Hezbollah, however they have claimed ownership of the most recent strike in retaliation for air strikes.

Russian and Chinese collapse agenda 2024

Shia don’t have money and people so they can’t fight lol

US & EU are Zion slaves

Zion are thieves, liars, and true terrorists. Those are facts unlike your moronic wet dream, Iran under 40+ years of sanctions and still going strong and make unclear weapons and so much more by themselves unlike some Zion, who just steal and loot the US and EU 24/7 the beggar of the world.

Arch Bungle

Which is why the Jews had to drag their dead and wounded out of South Lebanon and haven’t had the balls to come back in 15 years…

If you ask me, the Shia resistance fighter is the best bang for buck globally right now. Certainly more value than the overpriced shit being pumped out of the Idf right now…

Lazy Gamer

So now we have a riddle. How does the US/Israel/UK execute “retaliation” without jeopardizing Israel. Which side has a more pressing need to appear strong? Is LIFO one of the rules? lol Seems that both parity or disparity scenarios can lead to war. One is just easier.

Russian collapse agenda 2024

Dead Shia Muslims?

Hindu Fungus

Keep licking Chinese aR$e.

Arch Bungle

Black fungus hindu fanatics floating down the ganges…

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

I’m fully with the Resistance, but shooting Israel from the middle of a city, which is not a Hezbollah turf (this is a city where the majority of the population are Druze), that is not right. Especially whatever they did wasn’t strategic or asymmetrical. They should change their tactics here, its playing against them internally in Lebanon.

On the other hand, Israeli’s are a bunch of losers, shooting down cheap rockets with with millions of dollars Iron Dome is hilarious.

Recommendations to my dear fellows who appreciate the hard work of the resistance, there is no need to respond to the Wahabi & USraeli people on these threads, let them bark as much as they want.

These people might Say Hezbollah is nothing without Iran, or that Syria is nothing without Russia, but Israel is nothing without the US, UK and their subordinates. So their time will come. Patience my friends.

We forgive you dear trolls! As Jesus Christ said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And I add, they will only know when they will be facing God, and by then, its too late lol


again for all those who think the zionists had a successful interception of these 20+ 122 calibre rockets the zionist media jerusalem post just today released a video of paper dome interceptor missiles falling on the golan heights via misfire or electronic warfare by hezbollah either way they hit military post in golan and create widespread fear and confusion

"Israel" is a terrorist EU settler colony

Lebanon should target the nuclear reactor in occupied Palestine. That will teach the fascist jews a lesson.


Iron Dome : Castello di tangenti , al massimo può abbattere piccioni

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