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Resistance Claims It Controls Panjshir, As Taliban Introduce Unwanted Changes

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Resistance Claims It Controls Panjshir, As Taliban Introduce Unwanted Changes

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The Afghanistan Resistance in Panjshir controls 60-65% of the province’s territory, Afghan Resistance Front spokesman Ali Nazari said on CNN.

“All strategic positions in Panjshir are under our control. We have made a tactical withdrawal from the main road,” he added.

According to Nazari, the Taliban suffered heavy casualties in battles with resistance forces. He also assured that in the near future the Panjshir will be “completely cleansed” of the Taliban.

On Monday, September 6, the movement announced that Panjshir was the last of 34 Afghan regions to come under their control, but resistance denied this report.

In August, against the background of the withdrawal of the American contingent from the republic, the Taliban captured all major cities and border crossings and declared the end of the twenty-year war.

The Taliban announced the members of their government who are all old officials and there’s little surprise in the governance of their Islamic Emirate.

Though new leaders have vowed to respect people’s rights, including those of women, in accordance with Shariah, those who have won greater freedoms over the last two decades are worried about losing them, seemingly for good reason.

And, immediately, a senior Taliban official said that women in Afghanistan would no longer be allowed to play cricket and possibly any other sport because it was “not necessary” and because their bodies might be exposed.

In Kabul, a group of women holding signs that read “A cabinet without women is a failure” held another protest in the Pul-e Surkh area of the city.

Meanwhile, the global community reacted to the government appointments with dismay and caution.

“We’re assessing the announcement, but despite professing that a new government would be inclusive, the announced list of names consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates, and no women,” said U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

While visiting a U.S. air base in Germany that has been a transit point for evacuees from Afghanistan, Blinken said Washington was “concerned by the affiliations and track records of some of those individuals.”

The new acting cabinet includes former detainees of U.S. military prison Guantanamo Bay, while the interior minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is wanted by the United States on terrorism charges and carries a bounty of $10 million.

His uncle, with a bounty of $5 million, is the minister for refugees and repatriation.

Meanwhile, Taliban authorities have agreed to let 200 American civilians and third country nationals who remained in Afghanistan after the end of the U.S. evacuation operation to depart on charter flights from Kabul airport.

This was claimed by an unnamed US official cited by Reuters.


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The end

Well, for once I agree with Talibans. That is on women not allowed to play cricket. This game is truly just for medieval faggots.

Michel LeBlanc

Whatever nerd you dont do any sports whatsoever. GTFO here troglodyte.

The end

I upvoted your brilliant and informative of its self reply.


The resistence no longer has life since 6 of September 2021.

Tommy Lee

Let the hens cluck until they tire themselves out. They’ll be back home in time for dinner. I’m sure that their husbands are thankful for an end to all this “women’s rights” bullshit.

Last edited 13 days ago by Tommy Lee

Well this will remain to be seen, just gotta keep the pressure on the Talib filth, use the same tactics against them with assassinations and car bombing and see if they like there own medicine, taliban head choppers must not have a easy go at staying in power.

Alberto Bohon.

Whore of Zionist Neocon😆🇮🇱


Lol home boy fuck Israel and fuck the zionist dream, bunch of fags, just like you talib sex doll.

Alberto Bohon.

The Taliban government has to hunt down the resistance rats hiding in their cave holes and destroy them completely, undermining your group, and preventing them from resurrecting with more force. resistance is the whore of the Neocon Zionists.

Yamil Perez

Pakistan’s drones are as useless in Panjshir as Iranian drones are useless in Yemen. They only function for targeted assassinations just as they did now, but they won’t move the needle in battle of attrition. Provided that the resistance force is competent enough to hold ground, the Taliban won’t be able to penetrate that deep. Not even with those American made Tonkas.

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