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JUNE 2023

Rescuing ‘Skripal Case’ Narrative: Bellingcat Comes With ‘Revelations’ On Another ‘GRU Officer’

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Rescuing 'Skripal Case' Narrative: Bellingcat Comes With 'Revelations' On Another 'GRU Officer'


The Western-backed media organization Bellingcat came with a new ‘investigation’ regarding ‘Russian GRU officers’ in London in an attempt to rescue the dying mainstream narrative of the Skripal case.

A new speculation, released on June 28, claimed that there was evidence suggesting that a senior Russian military intelligence officer worked from a hotel in central London to coordinate the March 2018 ‘nerve agent attack’ against former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.

The entire story with ‘Belilingcat investigation’ openly revelaed the organization as a mouthpiece of Western intelligence services that uses unverifiable data and ‘anonymous intelligence sources’ to shape the story and create speculations/investigations with conclusions playing in the hand of the mainstream narrative.

Another fun fact is that Bellingcat conducts its investigation with help from The Insider (a Lativan-based Russian-language pro-Western media) and BBC’s Newsnight.

The latest Bellingcat claims that the organization “identified a third GRU officer who travelled to London during the Salisbury poisoning operation under the cover identity of Sergey Fedotov.”

“We established that his real name is Denis Sergeev, and that his rank was at no lower than colonel, and possibly Lt. General or Major General. While Sergeev’s exact role in the operation was not known, taking into account his seniority and pattern of prior international operations, we assessed that he was in a senior position to Chepiga and Mishkin, and was likely in charge of coordinating the Salisbury operation,” the organization claimed.

According to the report, the key point of the ‘investigation’ is telephone metadata logs “from a telephone number registered in the name of the (cover) persona “Sergey Fedotov”.”

“Newly obtained telephone metadata logs from a telephone number registered in the name of the (cover) persona “Sergey Fedotov” has allowed us to analyze Denis Sergeev’s telephone usage – including calls and data connections – in the period of May 2017 – May 2019. The data – and especially the cell-ID metadata that we have been able to convert to geo-locations – allowed us to recreate Sergeev’s movements. These movements were both in Russia and abroad, as well as his pattern of communications during his overseas operations. Bellingcat obtained the telephone metadata records from a whistleblower working at a Russian mobile operator, who was convinced s/he was not breaching any data privacy laws due to the fact that the person to whom this phone number was registered (“Sergey Fedotov”) does not in fact exist,” the report said.

These data allegedly allowed the ‘investigators’ to make the following conclusions:

  • Based on the analysis of Sergeev’s telephone movements within Moscow, we have established that his daily routine involves trips from his place of residence to several locations housing GRU operations. These include the GRU headquarters at Khoroshevskoe Shosse 67B, and the GRU Academy at Narodnoe Opolchenie 50
  • Notably, Sergeev’s daily routine shows unchanged pattern of travel to these GRU locations from 2017 through the end of 2018, validating our hypotheses that he was in the employ of the GRU at the time of the Skripal poisoning.
  • The telephone metadata produced further, unexpected evidence validating our identification of Denis Sergeev as the real person behind the “Sergey Fedotov” cover persona. This extra proof came in the form of a stray phone call from a telephone number registered in the name of Denis Sergeev’s wife, to the number registered in the name of “Sergey Fedotov” .
  • Our reporting partner BBC has established via its own sourcing that Denis Sergeev has a rank of Major General. This, along with our prior assessment of his seniority to the Mishkin/Chepiga team and with the objective telephone records from his trip to London, presented below, validates our assumption that he was involved in the Skripal operation in a supervising, coordinating role; communicating back and forth to Moscow, while leaving the suspected Chepiga/Mishkin hit-team to work in an operational “Faraday cage”.

The rest of the report is designed to provide some ‘inside’ how the cooperating ‘independent media organizations’ led to the aforementioned assumptions. This ‘investigation’ raises two keystions:

  • How did Bellingcat & Co reached a “whistleblower working at a Russian mobile operator” and get this “metadata”? It was not the first time when the ‘open source investigators’ used secret and anonymous sources to gather the data (often unverifiable) that then becomes the core of their ‘investigations’.
  • Do they really believe that a Russian intelligence operative would really particiapte in a secret cover mission to poison a former spy carrying own phone? (especially if his wife uses this phone to call him over personal things)


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You can call me Al

So pathetic, so embarrassing – I feel sorry for any Brits.



Have I been in a coma for a few months, Al ? It must be Pantomime season in London again surely?

Tudor Miron

This is pathetic. I can’t help but will say it again – this guys think of their audience to be comlete imbeciles. That says a lot about their own mental abilities.


The clowns that dream up such nonsense are indeed imbeciles , criminal ones at that. Just wait for the fun when Boris Johnson is voted in as Prime Minister. He is an educated version of Trump.

The betrayal of the most democratic vote that Britain has ever had is almost complete. The consequence’s of this will likely result in a further slide into a UK Police State.


”Just wait for the fun when Boris Johnson is voted in as Prime Minister. He is an educated version of Trump.”

Ain’t that the truth (^^,)


From the Mother of Parliaments to police state. More than a thousand years of slow development destroyed in just over 70 years and replaced with something pathetic, dishonest and vicious.


Should be called Billingsgate


True that, it makes me think this stories are made by Russians to discredit the real stories. Nobody can be that incompetent

Peter Jennings

Bellingcat has turned bad journalism and hearsay into a money spinner. What does one expect from a spook but transparent apparitions?

If one is unemployable, then talking shit for a living is the next best thing.


The employment the unemployable , whether intended by the past few governments or not, has resulted in a massive drop in productivity, and the resultant additional overhead costs that are then passed on to consumers by those who actually create goods etc with their labour.

The ‘unemployable’ and officious are usually to be found implementing a blizzard of regulative ‘balls and chains’, with large penalties for rule infringements.

The ‘unemployables’ tend to have little common sense and zero sense of humour. The poorly educated of this sub species are drilled by rote in the narrative of the Rule Books. Essentially such people are parasites feeding off a productive host and a consequence of this is the ability of governments to shift the political burden of unemployment and its cost onto productive business’s, that are then forced to charge more for their products.

Employment of the unemployable is a de facto stealth tax, and a very corrosive one at that.


Theresa May will go down in history as one of worlds great warmongers. She has poisoned people for propaganda purposes, turned the British military into pirates, and has almost destroyed Britain with her anti brexit machinations. The most amazing thing is she can get away with it, because the rest of the British Government are either inbred idiots or agents of Israel.

Concrete Mike

Yes she did phillibuster the brexit deal hasent she?


Circumstantial rubbish in an operation that didn’t exist. Doing well here aren’t we?


Where are the Skripals?

Can we at least be provided with verification that they’re still alive – if only to be assured that the British Deep State haven’t killed them like they killed their cats.

Concrete Mike

Ah the 40 year.old virgin comes out of his hidey hole once again.

He sure.spinned a nice tale . But this all it is spin, we all.know cèllphone metadata can be placed after the fact, thank you mr snowden!

So mr Higgins, youve had 5 years to solve this, and this is all you have to show for it?

Pathetic! Your not going to find what your looking for it doesnt exist! So your either happy wasting your life or your a disinfo peddler.

Your too narcissistic to be happy wasting your life on a fool’s errand so your a disinfo peddler, a gate keeper for the financial elites!

Monte George Jr

I saw a photo recently of Theresa and The Donald appearing together at a news conference in Britain. Theresa’s face had the horrified expression of someone who just had been raped by a Goblin. My guess is that The Donald had just requested a personal meeting with the Skripals to get their version of the Skripal Affair story. Request denied, of course, but that would amount to a blatant admission of some kind of foul play, wouldn’t it??? Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that discussion!

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