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Republican Guard blows up insurgent sniper nest in Jobar, Damascus

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Republican Guard blows up insurgent sniper nest in Jobar, Damascus

AlMasdarNews reports: Around midnight today, the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Republican Guard carried out a special military operation deep beneath the eastern Damascus district of Jobar.

According to information obtained by Al-Masdar News, the SAA’s Republican Guard dug a tunnel under the mall area of Jobar and blew up an important building which had been fortified by local Islamist rebels.

The building overlooked SAA positions at the nearby Abasyeen bus station and was reportedly a frequent hiding place for rebel snipers.

A military source in Damascus said approximately 20 rebel fighters were killed in the explosion which had the entire building complex collapse – the exact death toll cannot be verified by Al-Masdar News.

The picture below shows smoke rising after the SAA’s midnight explosion:

Republican Guard blows up insurgent sniper nest in Jobar, Damascus

Much of Jobar is utterly destroyed as years of clashes have plagued the suburb; remarkably, tunnel warfare has now increasingly become the new battleground in the district.

Jobar has played an important role for rebel forces to safeguard their western flank of the East Ghouta, a rural region in eastern Damascus mostly controlled by Islamist factions.

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These are good tactics, because soon, within 10 years time. Israel will be sending tens of thousands of solders into Syria backed by two entire tank division’s to conquer 1/3rd of Syria. The Syrian people are going to need every single trick up their sleeve if they are to survive the onslaught, and turn the tides.


Duuuuude, what the hell are you blabbering about?

John Whitehot

Israel has maybe three armored divisions only nominally, they are more like brigades.

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