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Reports Of Greek Migrant “Black Site” As Erdogan Pushes Athens To “Open The Gates”


Reports Of Greek Migrant "Black Site" As Erdogan Pushes Athens To "Open The Gates"

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On March 10th, the New York Times reported that Greece had an alleged “black site” where it kept illegal migrants.

The entire report is based on the testimony of several migrants. The other evidence that it exists is that, on March 6th, three NYT journalists were stopped at a roadblock near the site by uniformed police officers and masked special forces officers.

The site’s existence was also later confirmed by Respond, a Sweden-based research group.

A screenshot of a map by the NYT shows the “black site” below.

Reports Of Greek Migrant "Black Site" As Erdogan Pushes Athens To "Open The Gates"

Greece’s black site, as a result of work by various experts, employed by the NYT, triangulation, testimony, etc. Click to see full-size image

Furthermore, as if simply perpetuating reports by the Turkish information network, the NYT alleged that the Greek border guard are using lethal force against migrants.

In addition, using footage supplied to several media outlets, “The Times has also established that the Greek Coast Guard, nominally a lifesaving institution, fired shots in the direction of migrants onboard a dinghy that was trying to reach Greek shores early this month, beat them with sticks and sought to repel them by driving past them at high speed, risking tipping them into water.”

According to the report, the video purportedly showing a Syrian factory worker being shot, and killed, on the Greek border, allegedly by Greek border guards was also subjected to forensic analysis and it was proved as true, as per the NYT.

At the same time, other outlets, such as German DW reported that civilian militias were patrolling the Greek border to protect it from migrants.

As per the report, a group of men gathered in a small village, and set out to patrol the border. Furthermore, they usually are not allowed to carry arms, but they are actually armed “just in case.”

The outlet alleges that these men are being armed by the Greek military, in some sort of conspiracy theory, that’s substantiated by little to no evidence.

On March 10th, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the EU should stop “stringing Turkey along” over helping out with the millions of migrants on its territory.

Since the billions Turkey has received aren’t enough, it also needs further support for its questionable activity in Idlib and its support for the al-Qaeda affiliated “moderate opposition” there.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to keep letting migrants cross into Europe, piling pressure on EU leaders to give Turkey more money to stem the tide.

“We are not thinking of closing these gates,” he told reporters on his plane back to Turkey from a meeting with the presidents of the European Commission and European Council on Monday night. “Our proposal to Greece is to open the gates.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has described the buildup of migrants and refugees on Greece’s borders and islands as an “asymmetric threat.”

His deployment of the army and police to stop them has European Union backing, but rights groups are increasingly concerned at the threats confronting their own workers, reporters and the migrants and refugees themselves amid an upsurge in hostility among local Greeks.




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  • Ishyrion Av

    Great job, Greece! Invaders have to be treated even worse. We live in a too “civilized” times, some years ago they were simply killed. What they deserve now too!
    Yesterday and today these invaders threaten our families, our lands, our faith – and there is no mercy for those who come with conquering intentions in our countries.

  • AM Hants

    Are we meant to care?

    Greece is defending herself from invasion.

    Where do the migrants actually come from, that Turkey is sending to Greece?

    How much money are the Human Traffickers making from the Turkey/Migrant deal?

    How many Christian migrants can be found amongst those heading for Christian Orthodox Greece?

    How much of Christian Orthodox Cyprus does Turkey occupy?

    • Ishyrion Av

      A lot of questions. Only one answer: this is an islamic invasion!

      • AM Hants

        Islamic or proxy Islamics, financed, supported and created by the Greater Israel Project.

    • Simplekindof Man

      I’ve got another question for you.
      Where are the Greeks of Istanbul what happened to them and their properties,and how come the Muslims of Greece are multiplying while the Greeks of Turkey have basically disappeared?
      Yep the fucks that are demanding human rights in Syria and willing to die for them…

  • Fratercula

    Turkey has used the European border as a launching pad to invade Greece, it is time to throw Turkey out of Nato and declare it a hostile state.

    • Jens Holm

      Fine idea. But what about the refugees. Do You have a garden or balcony for them.

      • Simplekindof Man


        • Jens Holm

          Very optimistic. Its like World Trade Center. Suddenly the glas is more then full.

      • Barba_Papa

        There are no refugees. Only migrants who want to have free money, housing, health care at the expense of West- and North European taxpayers. Turkey is a perfectly fine place for them to stay there and if Turkey doesn’t want it should send them back to their original places of origin, and not pass them on to others.

      • Human kind is doomed

        There are plenty of rich middle eastern countries for migrants to go to! Also, USA can send ships and board, let’s say, 10K people and ship them to USA. Why not?

        • Jens Holm

          The reasons for people migrate or becomes refugees should be solved in their own countries by political and economic devellopments.

          • Human kind is doomed

            Didn’t ask you about that!
            Why migrants don’t want to go to KSA/Qatar/UEA?
            Why USA doesn’t take migrants in some significant numbers?
            Hypocrisy is the word!

      • Albert Pike

        They can go back to where they came from. Surely at home there is work for them to build up their countries, even with balconies…

  • Vas

    Those civilian militias are actually part of the civilian national guard, by Law are obligated to carry firearms that the military has provided, aka military grade assault rifles together with ammo which they can keep in their home.
    Of course all these men have served in the army before and since service is mandatory in Greece, we are talking for all Greek males.
    As for the “black sites”, don’t make me laugh, nothing is secret about, this actually are well known detention centres. Its funny that US is speaking about “black sites”, who the US…that has black sites all around the planet.
    As for the coast guard, its not just a saving life organization, who the f@ck told you that, the name coast “guard” means something. It guards the coast, the borders, their job is to prevent any illegal entry into their sovereign nation, and Greek coast guard will do that by all means, even if lethal force is required. Period.

    • FlorianGeyer

      You are correct.

      A so called ” Black Site ” in such a situation within Europe today, would need to be underground and out of sight from the Sorus NGO’s etc.

      The migrants are ILLEGALLY attempting to enter the EU, so what to they expect in 2020?

  • Kris Kent

    we have PNG see what happens when you insult a png mother they only did it once

  • Simplekindof Man

    NYT. credible source of BullShit.
    There are a couple of centers in Greece called ” closed centers”or “reception center’s ” where they are held for ellegal entry-many are NOT eligible for refugee or asylum status(although recently Greece has suspended asylum applications)
    Most are NOT Syrians.
    Bullshit again from shitheads with an agenda.
    A crappy photo with hard evidence
    (A 23…yo….migrant….was held here… what ever dude)
    Maybe it would have been better to let them loose and live in slumbs or under bridges or even better , buythem a one way ticket straight to every turkey supporting country.

    • Jens Holm

      Those refugees are not descriebed as Syrians here as well as in our TV, Radio and written news. We are well aware Turkey fx has many from Aghanistan, Iraq and Iran.

      And Your claim telling this is a selective lie might be partly true, but factsa are they cannot handle so many well and store them whwere they can, so they dont migrant to the rest of Europe.

      Most places are terrible. Camps having 5 times more then they are build for hardly having sanity and water for drinking purpose are well known.

      The best would be those ramained under their own bridges and slumbs. I dont think greeks and we asked them to come.

      So You might demand changes, where theycome from. Anybody here in my country can see how things are very bad for millions and millions in the muslim world.

      We didnt create Islam and certainly dont support systems keeping living standars low and making extremisme.

      Syria is vey good example. Assads has had decades for needed reforms and hardly has invested anything. Even taking up oil for own purpose paying for corruption are from old ineffective days. IIts the same for agriculture people have abandonned even urbanized they also has no jobs. They make 10 times at 40 hektars and should make 40 times at 10 hektars wasting water to the sky and in the long run make salty fields.

      And none here like Kurds even they as the only ones has plans for some important improvements.

  • Jens Holm

    We know the problems.

    Greeks has very big problems. Frontex just have given 750 million dollars. Turks do create more refugees in Syria well and hard assisted by Assad and Input , BUT some EU members also deny to pay whats decided as well as taking any refugees.

    We also have the many from ISIS. Denmark only will take those, we cant avoid.

    We have our own extremists and alreeady have good traditions to keep them low. We dont need anymore excuses for them. Its much like they having almost no jews prefare act gainst muslims.

    A minimum for incom,ers from the start back in the 1970 should be almost only taking the ones, which willingly at least try to integrate by clothe and quslifying themselves by edaction for needed jobs.

  • Barba_Papa

    If the New York Times loves these migrants so much it should petition the US government to take them in instead. If you don’t want to do that then STFU and don’t ask others to that instead!

  • Constellation 2023

    Europe and Greece should take on the burden of refugees instead of he empty talk of human and refugee rights they spew out.

  • kostas4X4

    New York Times, with it’s fake WMD and pro war fake news, has a played a big part in promoting the wars that created most of the refuges. Fake news pushing is their job.

    • kostas4X4

      If they want some, we have in Greece 10s of thousands applicants for assylum to choose.

  • goingbrokes

    Yeah, the Greek nazis are torturing these humanitarian immigrants (64% from Afghanistan), the humanitarian young men who were throwing rocks at the border guards because they love Soviet-EU so much!

  • such as German DW

    The DW Deutsche Welle news outlet is 100% funded by the German state. I would allways be cautious about their content.

    From my personal viewing of the DW articles and videos, I would describe them as subtle and restrained propaganda. Never inflammatory or plumply lurid, but transatlantic liberal dogma always remains on the tip of the tongue as a bitter aftertaste. On the other hand, some of the journalists’ comments are bold and stupid.