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Reports Of Greek Migrant “Black Site” As Erdogan Pushes Athens To “Open The Gates”


Reports Of Greek Migrant "Black Site" As Erdogan Pushes Athens To "Open The Gates"

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On March 10th, the New York Times reported that Greece had an alleged “black site” where it kept illegal migrants.

The entire report is based on the testimony of several migrants. The other evidence that it exists is that, on March 6th, three NYT journalists were stopped at a roadblock near the site by uniformed police officers and masked special forces officers.

The site’s existence was also later confirmed by Respond, a Sweden-based research group.

A screenshot of a map by the NYT shows the “black site” below.

Reports Of Greek Migrant "Black Site" As Erdogan Pushes Athens To "Open The Gates"

Greece’s black site, as a result of work by various experts, employed by the NYT, triangulation, testimony, etc. Click to see full-size image

Furthermore, as if simply perpetuating reports by the Turkish information network, the NYT alleged that the Greek border guard are using lethal force against migrants.

In addition, using footage supplied to several media outlets, “The Times has also established that the Greek Coast Guard, nominally a lifesaving institution, fired shots in the direction of migrants onboard a dinghy that was trying to reach Greek shores early this month, beat them with sticks and sought to repel them by driving past them at high speed, risking tipping them into water.”

According to the report, the video purportedly showing a Syrian factory worker being shot, and killed, on the Greek border, allegedly by Greek border guards was also subjected to forensic analysis and it was proved as true, as per the NYT.

At the same time, other outlets, such as German DW reported that civilian militias were patrolling the Greek border to protect it from migrants.

As per the report, a group of men gathered in a small village, and set out to patrol the border. Furthermore, they usually are not allowed to carry arms, but they are actually armed “just in case.”

The outlet alleges that these men are being armed by the Greek military, in some sort of conspiracy theory, that’s substantiated by little to no evidence.

On March 10th, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the EU should stop “stringing Turkey along” over helping out with the millions of migrants on its territory.

Since the billions Turkey has received aren’t enough, it also needs further support for its questionable activity in Idlib and its support for the al-Qaeda affiliated “moderate opposition” there.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to keep letting migrants cross into Europe, piling pressure on EU leaders to give Turkey more money to stem the tide.

“We are not thinking of closing these gates,” he told reporters on his plane back to Turkey from a meeting with the presidents of the European Commission and European Council on Monday night. “Our proposal to Greece is to open the gates.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has described the buildup of migrants and refugees on Greece’s borders and islands as an “asymmetric threat.”

His deployment of the army and police to stop them has European Union backing, but rights groups are increasingly concerned at the threats confronting their own workers, reporters and the migrants and refugees themselves amid an upsurge in hostility among local Greeks.




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