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JUNE 2023

Reports About Airstrikes On US-backed SDF North Of Deir Ezzor Further Fuel Tensions Between SAA And SDF

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Reports About Airstrikes On US-backed SDF North Of Deir Ezzor Further Fuel Tensions Between SAA And SDF

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Rumors are circulating online that some unknown aircraft has striken units of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) deployed north of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

According to reports, 6 members of the SDF were wounded as a result of airstrikes on the industrial area near Deir Ezzor city, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River on Saturday.

No visual or photo confirmation of the incident has been provided as well as the SDF media wing has not commented on the issue. However, some supporters of the both sides have already suggested that the alleged airstrikes were conducted by Russian or Syrian warplanes.

The US-led coalition, the Syrian Defense Ministry and the Russian Defense Ministry have not officially commented on these reports also.

While the fact that the SDF suffered from some airsrikes is still unconfirmed, the circulating reports have already fueld tensions between the SDF and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). (MORE ABOUT HERE)

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Nigel Maund

This is inevitable and the US would love to accuse Syrian or Russia of attacking first so that they could justify an attack on the SAA forces! Typical cynical US tactic. This will accelerate and at some stage US aircraft will have to be shot down.

Bente Petersen

could be the US ie a false flag attack !!!! Is just out of the US book ….


Indeed, IF the incident occurred it is very possible that it was a US false flag attack that have many precedents in the history of US aggression. The Gulf of Tonkin affair being just one.


Bente Petersen

exactly… more like USA than SAA or Russia !!!!!

Nigel Maund

Totally agree! That’s what I think too! I would not trust the US as far as I could throw the Empire State building!

Miguel Redondo

I would declare it better as “fake news” rather than “false flag attack”. My reasoning is very simple. In case of a false flag attack we would have all the mass media reporting it with colour reports , western journalists giving live statements in front of an presumably bombed kurdish ambulance and life interviews with bloodsheded YPG-“freedom warriors”. Nothing of all that happens…..

888mladen .

You’ve got a point. The most likely scenario.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are trying to use the media to facilitate propaganda to lull the masses senses into accepting the idea, as they have been using all this current hype to do that.


quite insightful !

andy l

The SAA or Russians if it was them can just say they were targeting Isis. Its the SDFs own fault for being in the area

Floyd Hazzard

And who should care? The SDF and all their supporters and their activities in Syria are all illegal under international law. The world should really stand back and take a hard look at America, their NATO allies, the GCC and Israel and their brazen and shameless machinations and support of lawlessness in this theatre that contradicts the laws of the world.


Kufufufufufufufufuu no one cares anymore about the “law” or slanders like you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Did really have a serious comment or just a statement of fact, as those in the US,NATO , Israel,GCC Coalition ignore international law besides the only one whom is slandering is you.This is coming from a someone who said they don’t care about law, RFLMAO!


This Victor just sound another angry PKK troll, they just want to steal Syria land.



Deo Cass

Well, if it is true I must say about time. The US proxies of SDF and the US air force itself have already attacked the Syrian army twice with the Syrian government forces refraining from responding. Besides the US invading foreign colonial forces of the so called SDF have declared war on the Syrian government by stating that they will not allow Syrian government troops to reclaim their own territory on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river.


very well said!!

Leon De Elias

Syria still have its own borders,internationally recognized..Fuck the Kurds and the terrorist US..I consider the US as illegal Terrorist Mother State in Syria..


SDF needs to get the heck out of there. Them redirecting their troops from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor shows that they have totally different goals than defeating ISIS


would be best if SDF captures all of DeZ governorate from ISIS on their side of the river and hand it over to SAA after. Then Kurds can have autonomic region Rojava with respect to Arab tribes and minorities. SAA and SDF must cooperate to liberate Idlibistan and Al Bab/ Azaz region to eliminate Turkish agression and influence.

888mladen .

Actually they are minority themselves.


Not in Rojava

Solomon Krupacek

also; only 40%


depends on wich canton.

Solomon Krupacek

of course. but between royava borders only 40%. only very few areas are in syria, where they are above 50%. kurds will be not hold this territory. other nations wont live under kurds. ysou should accept the reality.


reality is how u make it and want it. Kurds, Assyriens, Turkmen and Arabs together can govern Rojava with respect for each others culture and religion.

Solomon Krupacek

they dont want. such common state exists. called: S Y R I A


I m good with that bro but still believe autonomic Rojava within Syria would be best and SDF and SAA should work together as allies

Solomon Krupacek

autonomic kurds territories can exists. but not coherent, continuous territors. look at map above. 6-7 islands. also the ermans in belgium has divided territory. kurds have no right for such big territory. if i were assad, i would allow in elementary and secondary school local, minority languages.and after war allow bi-tri-multilingual territories.the kurds want only steal. they want oil fields, where are not in majority. this is crime.

Brother Ma

Wont happen.if kurds get power will oppress others just as they have in the past.some of us remember and know history!


There are no Kurds in Deir Ez Zor province. …. ZERO. Here below is a map

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37e1b0e83facf21ce7940fab8f098fe3ecac4b30e26bd88f2dd8f076647d9de7.jpg There are no



Let’s kick their a$$e$! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ee7939581ff559358c5353688c36c453c1c070cd90a4fb78091cd9b705d5962.jpg


Soon or later you will hear BREAKING NEWS: 10.000 Rangers and neal seals have been air-dropped on the eastern banks of the euphrates

Simon Gould

They’d never put their elite troops in a situation where they would be humiliated by Hezbollah – as they surely would


Yes, correctly :)


Israel already learned that lesson in 2006 in Southern Lebanon.


So you favor the violation of Syria’s sovereignty? What bizarre logic is behind your thinking?


PKK logic?

Brother Ma

You are obtuse or a paid zionazi troll!

888mladen .

Perhaps Assad should allow Turkish air force to carry out undercover strikes on the positions of Zio stooges.


good idea

Deo Cass

Quote: “According to reports, 6 members of the SDF were wounded as a result of airstrikes.” My God! If an airstrike by the Syrian and Russan air force scause such an insignificant damage to the enemy, then they can just as well pack and go home! The casualty count is more akin to a single mortar strike rather than aerial bombardment, always if the news is true. Unless of course, it is was some makeshift drone converted to carry such mortars and drop them on the enemy like we’ve already seen in ISIS arsenal.




well said

Jordan Katz

Personally, I just don’t see any real motive for SAA / RU air power to strike the Kurds at this time. They would be providing the US & Friends the justification to escalate that they’ve been looking for. Que Bono?

roger temple

If this really was an aerial bombardment, look for US friendly fire on the SDF. Yanks make a habit of friendly fire.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Turkish air force…..

Samuel Boas

Accident or no accident, about time they got hit.


Looks like the biters have been bit for a change. Message loud and clear. That this is Syria and not a potential stolen Kurdistan courtesy of the USA and it is Syrian oil – forget it. Take your greedy eyes off. We need the revenue to repair all the damage your US sponsors and warmongers have inflicted on our country and its suffering peoples.


Its called inevitably, every creeping rat on this planet knows this, that apart from the SAA and whom ever the present Syrian Gov. have asked for to assist their fight against an invading force, have all the legality, morality and sanity by their side, and whom ever dont aply to the wishes of the Syrian people and Gov. is an foreigner and an enemy of the Syrians, and to then hide the truth with creating color full names as Syrian DeamonCrautic Forces, is just an ridiculous name game, means jack shit. White helmets, huh an British payed propaganda machine, how and where something happens they are soooo surprised it was done by their own home grown scums aka Wahabistic lunatics, sponsored and fueled by your very own gov. and I bet, like the Norwegians/Sweds they support them with all the cash they need as we speak, since they are friends and is from the bonkers Saudis. Anyone criticizing them is an Islamaphobe, the ugly truth is, diametrically opposite, they are the enemy of Islam and thereby humanity as whole.. Nothing else. And an asset aka an cheep tool. If you dont see it you are an drooling idiot, period.

Second, the Kurds, whom is right now at the very edge, what to do. My only answer is, look at your grand children and children, do you really want them to go to this shit again, an never ending spiral of wars and violence. Its all yours. Never forget that.

Like the Rohignians case (Jesus how much bull its already piling up about them, where everybody ignores their history they aren’t strangers, in fact, natives, whom is by history Islamic, thats it), already morphed into an color revolution, sponsored by the same scums whom is behind Syria and Iraq, are probably, or highly lightly, in Myanmar as we speak, to feed the violence to an wider area, and with the help of the west, again to attack China.

You see, one goes down, another one pops up, like cancer. If you dont see that either, you are willfully blind and clue less. I recommend sitting down, China or Russia as an third part, and do something, and make it clear. That should not be an problem, and ignore the freak show in the western MSM.



Says the commenter with so much FEAR he won’t use his name or face. I have learned, folks who are terrified do not give accurate information.

Shylo Duffy

You got it you know the score…


Unless assad gets a guarantee that the Russian air defence systems will protect the SAA from air attacks then crossing the river would not be a good idea.

The U.S is just itching to strike assads forces, i am skeptical that the Russians will directly engage American air power


American coalition is a terrorist coalition. They finance and arm ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Israel and other global terrorists in the name of democricy, peace and stability like in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya etc right. These brutal terrorists should be stopped now. Otherwise somebodies would be stand against them. War is not some countries priority but America begging for war.


We will see now when Daesh is gone, what Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and the others that are backed by like Russia etc., will do to the Kurds, I don’t hate Kurds I like them as brave people, but they are proxy for American wars, how now the Kurds will defend themselfs from the states itself where the Kurds are, especially after now their parliament and their councils want to do referendum for independent Kurdistan inside in Syria and Iraq. If they declare independence by their own, that will be very bad, they will be a self-proclaimed state, in such case, we will see new war because Syria says and Iraq too, that will defend and clear all the country by any aggressor or occupation.This will be very perfect opportunity for Turkey to strike them, and they will never find peace in that newly formed state.


I hope you are wrong about ‘Kurds’ never finding peace.


I used to have sympathy for the Kurds , seeing them as oppressed by the Turks. But this changed when I realised they were the ones who buttered the Armenians to steal their land. Worse, seeing how to what extent they steal land from the Syrians , I understand and tend to side with the Turks on the Kurdish question.

Divesh Kumar

You don’t need anyone to attack you when you are in bed with Americans. I am sure it must be uncle Sam’s birds if this happened

Carol Davidek-Waller

Or it’s another US sponsored false flag attack meant to slow down the inexorable advance of the SAA. Since the goal of the U.S. sponsored SDF is partition, the Syrians would be within their rights to attack them. However that wouldn’t stop US propaganda machine from msking a meal of it.

Moussa Saab

They have the same uniforms as IS, what do you expect?

Moussa Saab

If the reports are true, than it is more likely the U.S struck the kurds with another air strike.

Shylo Duffy

What does the US always say when they strike down a Russian or Syria plane? They claim they thought it was ISIS who was attacking. Well what’s good for the geese is good for the gander my Momma use to tell me.I’m just surprised that no one has put them under the same sanctions as they put others through.


Because today America controls the worlds economies.

Brother Ma

How when us is so powerful?

Shylo Duffy

I just want to say that reading these comments have filled me with joy knowing that most people are awake and understand it’s our own Western Govts that causes all the hell in our world today.It honestly makes me happy to see we are aware of the hell they’ve put the world through. GOD bless us all.


agreed ..EXCEPT Muslims been killing each other ‘enmasse’ since before Europeans had Governments.


Christians have been doing the same , etc, etc . Sanity has no religion , but truth in communication seems to be the path to it .


It would be a good idea to introduce a comparison – i.e. “compared to X muslims have been…” Otherwise you just end up with a provocative statement with not much substance.

Walter White

its not the kurds fault its the Americans again, they have no business in Syria they are after the oil for their interests they don’t give two shits about the kurds. How can the Americans tell the SAA to keep out of the Euphrates river? its their own country lol


I am an American , and I care about the Kurds.


The Kurds are far far far away from their homeland, with their big adventure down to Deir Ez Zor. Take a look at this map below. There are absolutely no Kurds living in Deir Ez Zor province. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37e1b0e83facf21ce7940fab8f098fe3ecac4b30e26bd88f2dd8f076647d9de7.jpg



I think he means the imperial regime in Washington….

Solomon Krupacek

try to care about indians


I agree with you, Solomon, on this , well said!

Tarciso Ribeiro

you should care about yourself ,your country,your government full of criminals.

Brother Ma

Like solomon said ,try to care a little more about native indians,black your fellow europeans and syrians at large before the kurds.

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