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Reported Ceasefire Collapsed in Hasakah (Again). Clashes Ongoing

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Reported Ceasefire Collapsed in Hasakah (Again). Clashes Ongoing

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Clashes are (again) ongoing between the pro-government forces and forces loyal to the US-backed Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the eastern Syria despite yesterday reports about a ceasefire agreement implemented in the city.

Heavy fighting has been ongoing in Hasakah since last night with both sides using mortars, artillery and fire arms each against other. Reports say that the Kurdish forces (YPG and Asayish) seized a post office after refusing to accept the ceasefire.

  • Asayish YPG shelled Gweiren, Askari and Wasta;
  • Pro-government forces in Kawkab shelled north and west Hasakah;
  • Syrian warplanes are reported over the city.
Reported Ceasefire Collapsed in Hasakah (Again). Clashes Ongoing

Click to see the full-size map

Kurdish ANHA news agecny has claimed that Syrian warplanes made an airstrike on a HQ of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the area. No pics, videos, proofs have been provided.

Pro-Kurdish sources also massively dissiminate reports about some (350 and more) Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) deployed to the city and civilian casualties from the shelling of pro-government (only pro-government) forces. However, no proofs have been provided.

An example:

Reported Ceasefire Collapsed in Hasakah (Again). Clashes Ongoing

The fact that Kurdish and Kurdish-linked sources turned into a war propaganda-style broadcasting, along with denying any kind of a ceasefire, indicate that the PYD leadership are not going to pursue a peaceful solution on the tensions in the province.

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Doom Sternz

Without any legal authorization from the United Nations, President Barack Obama has ordered the arming and training of anti-government rebels, including those who have fought under Nusra’s command structure, has carried out airstrikes inside Syria and has deployed US Special Forces inside Syria. All breaches of international law.

Random guy

very interesting comment. except for the last part, which is kinda too far.

That Guy

the last part is the most accurate one.


This is international politics, no concrete balance other than power.

US style legitimation is super easy. Tell people those are “evil communists” everybody screams and masturbates (although no one reads any book and know nothin about socialism), you have your legitimacy, bomb the so called enemy, kill them, and then make a movie that shows evil commies as monsters, than fix millions in front of the TV for super bowl, then show some serial killers in order to fix people in front of the TV to make them forget, then find another evil, “muslim”. screaming and masturbation of racist nationalist feelings, oh yeah… ok bomb muslims, kill them, and then comes election, two clowns entertain the people, and then make a movie about demoracy, how you defend the democracy outside, everybody watches that expensive show, masturbates about democracy thinking their 2 party system can be even called democray, and it goes so on….

See no need to talk about anything or try to legitimate anything in international affairs. you got A-bomb, the other not. Then use it… You bomb iraq and kill the leader. everybody just watches becuase they are not powerful, ok you do it. so what?.. terrorism, definition. They can also define terrorism as two man having sex.. does it matter how it called?

Russia bombs terrorists.. Hah haha.. Russia defends its interests, nothing to do with terrorists. How come they want a stabilized Syria but not wish to have a stabilized Ukraine? They lie

Legitimation in politics means to show an acceptable lie to the people in order to get support. We dont need to focus on it too much. In german they say politics is all about “interessenvertretung” (representation-defend of interests) İnternational law is a joke. How can you call a system as law without having a common authority to lagalize and enforce it, whithout having a control mechanism over the enforcer?

İnternational system is built to make us believe that there is a system, at least some game rules. That way we feel more secure. İt is presented to us as a legitimate system, but in reality it is based on power relations. the ones who wants to preserve it are only the strongest ones.

Doom Sternz

I guess the difference is that Russia is operating under international law and a UN mandate?

Keep it Real

Whats your definition of a terrorist? Everybody who is picking up arms against a selected goverment by the syrian people is a terrorist! Only in our western media, they call terrorist, who carry out a regime change rebbels.

Tom Johnson

They even call residents “moderate terrorists”. Russia WTF is a “moderate terrorists”?

Keep it Real

CIA paycheck in the pocket!

Hisham Saber

I always knew Kurdish treachery would rear its ugly head sooner rather than later. Like international roaming Gypsies and Jews, Kurds have no loyalties to anyone or place. Therefore they should be put in their place. They are nothing but tools of the conspiring West and Israel. They are fools however, in that at the end of the day, when discarded by their puppet-masters, they will have to live side -by-side with the very people they now backstab. To Syria, push them into Turkey where they will receive their just reward. Bastards.

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