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Report: Adoption Kiev To The EU Will Be The Biggest Mistake

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Ukraine could become the second major mistake of the foreign policy of Europe since Yugoslavia, says the 200 pages report “Ukraine and the European Union: overcoming the illegal exploitation toward a modern democracy?”

Several key points of the report:

1. Ukraine remains one the most corrupt country in the world, despite the political changes that happened in Kiev after Euromaidan.

2. Conflicts of interest are common due to the high influence of oligarchic groups in the government decision-making. That threatens both democracy and relations betweee Ukraine and EU.

3. Today Ukraine is “a country at war, with highly unstable economy.”

4. “Before the Revolution, Ukraine seemed to no longer be, as it has been often described, the “country of organized crime”. For many reasons, the influence of organized crime groups had strongly decreased while still remaining preeminent. Obviously, the situation with the Civil War greatly changed the reorganization of such criminal groups, with the majority of them becoming “integrated” into the law enforcement and administrative structures at strategic points such as ports, refineries, industrial storage facilities, etc.”

5. “Any party engaging with Ukraine will have to interact with groups that are linked to oligarchic structures.”

6. Anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine is not working.

7. The big problem in Ukraine are also illegal activities and trade, which in May-June 2014 was extended to consumer products, – the report says.

8. Analysts said the continuing of war in the east of the country only leads to the strengthening of organized crime, which can become so strong that not only captures the whole Ukraine, but “infect Russia, the European Union and the United States.”

9. Ukraine might be the “nemesis” of Europe which couldn’t prevent the war.

10. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for the year of his presidency, became richer by at least several times, according to his declaration of income for 2013 and 2014.

Report: Adoption Kiev To The EU Will Be The Biggest Mistake

In conclusion, we want to quote the fact which was originally regarded by the authors of report: “democracy cannot be “imposed” from outside, and that crime without control can lead an entire geographical zone and a massive population to a disaster of war, hate and cruelty, scratching to the end the fine glaze of civilization humanity has taken over centuries to build.”

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