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JUNE 2023

Remote-Controlled Gun Mount in Action in Syria (Photo)

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An innovative remote-controlled artillery gun has been spotted among Syrian troops.

Remote-Controlled Gun Mount in Action in Syria (Photo)

Photo: warfiles.ru

A remote-controlled artillery piece, based on the ZU-23-2 23mm twin-barreled gun and mounted on an armored reconnaissance vehicle, has been spotted in Syria, the Vestnik Mordovii information website reported.

Syrian troops have been using the ZU-23-2 gun since the beginning of the war. Earlier, they mounted it on infantry combat vehicles and other vehicles of various types.

According to the website, the gun has sufficiently high characteristics. The rapidity of fire is up to 2,000 rounds per minute. The striking range is up to 2.5 kilometers. The shot weight is 190 grams.

Remote-Controlled Gun Mount in Action in Syria (Photo)

Photo: otvaga2004.ru

Its main problem was uncovered position of a detachment, unprotected from bullets and shrapnel.

However, Syrian handymen (perhaps, with help of foreign advisers) solved this problem by installation robotics elements. As a result, they received the innovative remote-controlled combat module.

Armored and more capacious boxes for ammunition became another innovation.

For the time being, these modules are mounted only on upgraded armored reconnaissance vehicles. But it is possible that very soon they will appear on other models of military hardware.

Remote-Controlled Gun Mount in Action in Syria (Photo)

Photo: twitter.com / ivansidorenko1

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