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Remnants Of Israeli Arrow-3 Missiles Used To shoot down Syrian Anti-Air Missiles Land In Jordan (Photos, Video)

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Video and photos show the remnants of Israeli Arrow-3 missiles used to shoot down Syrian anti-air missiles launched against Israeli warplanes.

The Syrian military claimed on March 17 that Syrian air defense troops had downed an Israeli warplane and damaged another one after they hit some “military target” near Palmyra. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces denied any losses.

Remnants Of Israeli Arrow-3 Missiles Used To shoot down Syrian Anti-Air Missiles Land In Jordan (Photos, Video) Remnants Of Israeli Arrow-3 Missiles Used To shoot down Syrian Anti-Air Missiles Land In Jordan (Photos, Video) Remnants Of Israeli Arrow-3 Missiles Used To shoot down Syrian Anti-Air Missiles Land In Jordan (Photos, Video) Remnants Of Israeli Arrow-3 Missiles Used To shoot down Syrian Anti-Air Missiles Land In Jordan (Photos, Video)

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Robert McMaster

So, these Israeli missiles didn’t hit anything. Except the ground.


Depends on how many they fired to target x number of S-200 missiles. If we assume that they fired more missiles to intercept the Syrian missiles then it stands to reason that some of them would not get to hit anything and fall to the ground.

Gary Sellars

None of them hit anything….

Douglas Houck

I agree. I don’t see any evidence that the Israeli Arrow-3 missiles (Iron Dome) destroyed the Syrian S-200 or that an Israeli jet was downed. All I see is a big tube that does not appear that it destroyed anything. It’s too intact.

Will be interesting to see what actually happened. Syria is saying no more. Wonder what would of happened with an S-300/-400 system. Hopefully nobody goes crazy. This appears to be a fight over Hezbollah.

john mason

Israelis are good in covering up, have had centuries of practice. In 2013 Syria sunk a Israeli sub with 84 on board, the Israelis are still covering that up and paying relatives of the deceased ‘shut up’ money.

888mladen .

It was nuclear capable German made Dolphin class submarine sunk by ultra-fast Russian torpedo launched from Ka-27 antisubmarine chopper. In retaliation IDF used Popeye missile with tactical nuclear warhead launched from the air over territory occupied by Zionist entity at SAA military installation near Damascus.

888mladen .

Of cause they have been trying hard to paint a picture of themselves as an invincible army of God. That has been part of their well designed psychological warfare. However the reality is not always what would somebody wish it to be. They prefer to leak their wounds in secrecy.

Robert McMaster

True. But the S-200s are old and the Israeli Arrows are State-of-the-art so it’s not very impressive.

Dave Gray

Were are the pics of the aircraft that was shot down ? or was it shot down over Israeli territory ..


Simplest plausible explanation would be that it wasn’t shot down. Because if it was shot down over Syria the IDF would be busy right now darking the skies with a massive rescue operation. And even a crash inside Israeli territory would still be news.

Most likely the Syrians mistook the explosions of the Israeli Arrow missiles against theirs S-200 missiles as them downing an Israeli bomber.

john mason

Golan Heights most likely, Syria said in occupied territory.

888mladen .

Israhell hasn’t shown any photos of their downed jet fighters at any point of time during Syrian conflict. So why would they have shown it this time? It seem like we often tend to fall victims to Zio superiority propaganda.

Gary Sellars

No evidence a S-200 was shot down, just wrecked Chosenite missiles. Show me the wreck of a S-200 that was clearly destroyed by an explosion rather tahn crumpled as it the deck and I may start beliveing it…..

John Whitehot

how are you going to discriminate a S-200 shot down by a missile, from a S-200 that hit its target and fell, from another that missed and fell its beyond me


The Arrow 3 is designed to intercept ballistic missiles, but not to shoot down AA missiles. This story is somehow strange.

John Whitehot

there is not much difference. Systems like these are designed around two principles: they need to be able to track low-RCS targets (like reentering warheads or small rockets), and they need very quick engagement times, which translates in powerful solid rocket boosters with lots of fuel (like in the Arrow), that also give the missiles ample maneuvering envelopes.

In theory, a SAM system could be tracked and engaged by this kind of weapon (I’ve seen vids of a soviet S-300 engaging and hitting another S-300 after launch), yet the news it’s fishy anyway.

If Arrows have been employed, it means Israel has reacted to some kind of high priority threat, as they know well that Russian ELINT sensors are all over Syria listening and recording emissions from Israel (for the same reason Russia does not use its S-400s if not for protecting its own personnel). It could be that if a IAF plane was targeted, it was not able to shake the incoming SAM at all using its ECM. That would imply that the Israeli aircraft are not that highly protected with electronic countermeasures like its often publicized.

There could be also other scenarios, but it’s too much speculation.


Thanks for this information. I was thinking about the reaction time. If the AA missile was fired somewhere near Palmyra, how many seconds the Israelis would have had 1) to identify the threat for their fighting plane (that means, after the AA missile had been launched already) 2) to launch the Arrow missile from Israeli territory and 3) to intercept the AA missile on Syrian territory at low altitude before hitting the plane. All this must have happened in much less than 1 minute I presume. I don’t believe this.

Toni Liu

Or maybe there are some arrow 3 secret capabilities that Israel wont published, something like their aircraft flying in the air with that missile and use missile like american adm 160 mald uav, which sacrifice them selves when they detected incoming missiles, it just my opinion only what real happened one, only god and israel know what really happened out there


Those missiles are huge, they are definitively ground based.

Toni Liu

I mean they already flying with them after israeli fighter fly, and israeli fighter control the missile with their radar something like adm 160 mald but with ground based launcher, because nearly impossible to detect and shoot the missile that already homing in supersonic speed to friendly aircraft hundreds kilometer away from your base, everthing just assumption only because I’m not scientist who build that missile


Maybe they are S300 remnants? That’s a big missile.

What I don’t get is Israelis bombing near Palmyra? Why?

John Whitehot

np. I’m afraid I can’t provide any solid thought on your questions though; in order to, we would need to know some parameters on the involved systems which are not published. Anyway,it can be safely assumed that:
1) Identification is instantaneous – since they scan the Syrian airspace, they assume every contact originating from the ground as hostile. This step is performed automatically by the software of the air defense radars and sensors so the Israelis would know about a Syrian missile as soon as their radars tracked it.
2) Hard to say. It depends on the Arrow reaction times (assume very short, some fractions of seconds) and if there was some human decision involved in the flow of the events above. In that case, assume some seconds delay (not much more).
3) Again, difficult to judge but always very short times as the missile itself is boosted to hypersonic speeds. Public sources state a velocity of 2500 m/s.

Curiously also, we still haven’t read any official protest by the Kingdom of Jordan, which is weird, as normally, countries tend to get nervous when foreign missiles fall over their territory.

john mason

True, your analysis is correct about the Arrow3.

Doyle Philipson

Nope, the Arrow is designed to use proportional guidance logic for high altitude, near course intercept same as blk3 and the 400/sa-23. for the most part, the modern systems, the non export variant ones anyway, they are all satellite and ABM capable. the 300sv can do the same with the right software upgrades to the 55K6E. my english is very bad. please forgive me :D


The question is…what the israeli air plane are doing over Syria territory, protecting their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY ARMY?. Israel must be CHARGE WITH AGGRESSION and WAR CRIMES for attacking a country that is not at WAR WITH THEM.

yosef alem

my question is where are the s-300 or pantsir s-1/s-2. the syrians shouldn’t really let this kind of violation of their sovereignty be left up to s-200 when they have more complex and more effective systems. i know that the russians have the means and capabilities to shot down any israeli aircraft including their new f-35. even if they don’t shot it down directly the should still help the syrian air defense to target and home in on the israelis.

John Whitehot

the answer is: not everywhere. Be assured that if Israel plans and deploys ground attacks inside Syrian territory it does them where air defences are weak.

john mason

Those S200 have gone through a thorough upgrade by Russia and are quite capable of downing planes. They are also far cheaper than the S300/400 and they are held in reserve in the event that the US and Turkey decide to start something big. Doubt that the Israelis will be violating Syrian territory any time soon.


As the article clearly tells, this is the remnants of Israel Arrow-3 missile, this does not mean that this missile shut down anti-air Syria missile. There is not proof at all about this. I really doubt about this news.


The range of the S-200 is listed at 300 km, so a missile launched from Palmyra could have stalked the Israeli F-16 all the way Jordan. The arrow system would have no trouble spotting the S-200 RCS. For long range interceptions, with extended flight times, arrow system would have launched multiple intercept rockets. They wouldn’t wait to see if the first one hits as this would jeopardize the pilot.

What we are looking at in the photo is not something that hit a target. If must be anice extra unused arrow missile. It’s ordinance was likely remotely detonated to eliminate its guidance system from falling into the wrong hands and then fell to the ground.

The f-16 probably survived, thanks to the arrow. Other arrows likely have fallen around the region.

Question, how long has the Israeli airforce been working for ISIS in Palmyra?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Jordan should retaliate against Israel for Israeli missiles hitting Jordan.
Just like Israel does every time a stray bullet or mortar fly’s from Syria-Golan and accidentally falls into Israel, then Israel starts bombing humans on the other side of the border.
Jordan should act just like Jews do, and copy cat their actions legally.
It is within Jordan’s right to defend it’s territorial sovereignty against Israeli aggression.

888mladen .

What Jordan will do for sure it will kiss their lower bottom as an expression of its appreciation.


If this missile would had hit a Syrian anti-anti air missile, it would be broken into pieces. However, the presented pictures show this missile almost completed but broken. My guess is that this missile did not hit anything and just fell down in Jordan territory.


Well, my guess is that, this is first stage form Arrow missile. Isn’t Arrow two stage missile?


Cameraman needs a couple more smokes.

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