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Remains Of US-Made Rockets Found In Libya’s Tripoli (Photos)

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US-made Mk 4 mod 8 motors used to propel FFAR 2,75 inch [70 mm] rockets were recently found near the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

On January 6, a Twitter user from Libya shared a photo showing the motor of a FFAR rocket he found in his farmland in the area of al-Qusr in Tripoli on Twitter. A similar motor, completed with tail fines, was found near the city around a year ago.

The FFAR [Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket] was developed in the 1940s as an unguided air-to-air rocket to intercept bombers. By the 1950s, the unguided rockets were used against ground targets.

This type of rockets was not spotted in Libya before. It may have been looted by the rebels from the stockpiles of the Gaddafi regime during the 2011 coup. Another possibility is that it was sent to rebels by their foreign backers back then.

A year ago, Tripoli, which is controlled by the Government of National Accord, was under attack by the Liberian National Army. It is unclear which side used the FFAR and in what way.

The NATO military intervention led to the permanent state of chaos in Libya. Weapons and war debris are being found across the country on a regular basis to this day.


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Al Balog

Is this evidence that Trump supported Haftar? ? This is interesting.

Anyone remember this? I vaguely remember on a local broadcast live on Youtube (one meant for USA’s domestic audience) Trump saying this in an interview, but I can’t find it archived anywhere. Most likely, it was scrubbed-away to avoid bad publicity in the future. It was in April-May 2019, right when Hafter started his offensive. The local reporter asked him his thoughts on Haftar’s actions in Libya.

Trump: “Haftar, Haftar. Yeah, I like that Haftar. Just talked to him on the phone the other day. Great guy, great guy.”

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