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Remaining Militants In Al-Quneitra Governorate Accept Evacuation Agreement

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On July 27, the remaining fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the southern governorate of al-Quneitra accepted an evacuation agreement, which was proposed by the Damascus government few days ago, according to Syrian pro-government activists.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that dozens of buses entered the HTS-held towns of Bariqa, Ufaniyah, Turnejeh, Jubata al-Khashab and Beer Ajam in al-Quneitra. According to the pro-opposition monitoring group, the buses will evacuate hundreds of fighters of HTS and the FSA along with their families to the opposition-held areas in the northern governorate of Idlib in the upcoming hours.

A day earlier, the SAA entered the historical city of Quneitra and several villages and town around it under a reconciliation agreement with local FSA groups.

Remaining Militants In Al-Quneitra Governorate Accept Evacuation Agreement

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Once the evacuation process is over, the entire governorate of al-Quneitra will be under the control of the SAA for the first time since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011.

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well we got the oil thats the important part


You are going home without getting nothing more than a increased national debt.

New Israel is Muslim

muh shekels

Promitheas Apollonious

you got nothing.

Bill Wilson

What oil? The Kurds still consider the oil & gas fields to be Syrian government property which also makes Damascus responsible for their operation and maintenance.


Nah, watch what happens next. Besides the fields are a mess and there is no infrastructure to get it to any market. They were a target when a much different picture was in place. They needed to be in control of D.E. and A.B. to make it work. That is all blown away now. Have a good weekend Vidura.

Chris P

911 never stopped the oil Terrorist, nor will SDF Oil stop Russia or Assad. The great American empire is crumpling, from within and throughout the world too. China will crush USA. As they say in France. ” Bon chance.” All the lies are coming out and all the American secrets too. Like all the drone technology and fairly modern missile that are now in your enemies hands. Still nothing learnt from Vietnam. Proxy wars means you are the next terrorist target. You taught the Taliban, and ask yourself how 7000 American soldiers died fighting a futile war in Iraq. You trained them and now they will all turn on you. 1000 military bases throughout the world and 0 friends. 7000 dead in Iraq and they allied with Iran. Weapons of Mass destruction and yet none to be found, or victims either. Good luck on Wall Street and your lies. By the way, the oil market is flooded and will remain so for a long time too. Fracking changed that.


Lol you must be from Europe


HTS and other militants have been surrendered in Quneitra province. Now ISIS cell and then occupied Jawlan Heights.


Nusra Leader can’t go home anymore brudda.
He’s gonna die in Idlib.

Promitheas Apollonious

of course he can go home if not already home (tel aviv)


HTS should lead the way in removing ISIS for their positions.


What brutalities US and UK have done through their own proxies Israel, ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. That is a dark spot of barbarisms on them.

If they use too much soap still they cannot remove this dark spot from their bodies. This is now history and saved with many private and government organizations in shape of footages.

One day these war crimes will become clamps of their throats. But they will never scare from that day like devils because they will happily go to hell.


It is to my opinion that Damascus has won the war and SDF has to know that. Since itegrity of Syria was agsin put into shape through armed struggle, it is too late to for SDF to impose tough conditions to Damascus. I would advice SDF to realize the ground situation and accept the strenghtning of peace through in Syria and Damascus to welcome SDF not as political party but movement for peace from war and local governments be established run by local people in the areas. But I quite agree that in a country ravaged by war with enemies aroud hunting it,no other person shall carry gun except the Government. It will take sometimes to bring real peace and confidence and central govt must defend the country. SDF may join the central army now to fight agaisnt the real enemies who dont eant peace. No otherarmy that obey orders outside Damascus can be allowed in syria from the development there. SDF please continue with talks and Damascus to have common stand which considers accepting local governments but no local armies to be allowed. Democracy has be destroyed to zero through guns. Let the syrians be build democracy from scratch incrementally…this will need some time…they must tolerate that. Learn from Germany and Japan after WW2, sovereign countries…what happened immediatelly after the WW2..Damascus is a winner in syria..thstvis central govt…what you expect to do after the war on defeated parties…to allow them with guns and rule themselves? Let us be realistic. SDF are heroes to realize the situation and to end the war quickly but they must be flexible and accept the reality on the ground.



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