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Remaining Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Fighters In Southern Damascus Prepare To Withdraw

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Remaining Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Fighters In Southern Damascus Prepare To Withdraw

Evacuation buses south of Damascus city, by SANA

On May 2, the remaining fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Jaysh al-Islam and Jaysh al-Ababil south of the Syrian capital of Damascus started their final preparations to withdraw from their positions under the evacuation agreement reached with the government on April 29.

The Syrian opposition news outlet Enab Baladi said that bulldozers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had begn removing the barriers around the militants’ positions in the districts of Aqraba, Beit Sahm, Yalda and Babbila. Meanwhile, Syrian pro-government sources reported that the evacuation process will begin on the afternoon of May 3 and could last for a week.

According to reports, Jaysh al-Islam fighters will withdraw towards the Turkish-held town of Jarabulus, HTS fighters will withdraw to Idlib governorate and Jaysh al-Ababil fighters will withdraw to Daraa governorate.

Earlier, HTS fighters completed their withdrawal from their positions in the northern part of the Yarmouk refugee camp, west of Yalda district, and SAA units were deployed there.

According to observers, the evacuation agreement will allow the SAA to open another front against the besieged ISIS fighters in the Yarmouk camp, thus significantly increasing the pressure on the terrorist group.

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Send them all to Idlib hell. Buy where will ISIS vacate to, the E Homs desert ?!

Toni Liu

Just tell the media they are part of HTS and just bussing them without they know by blacking all windows to idlib and leave them there to their fate

Promenade Press

I will leave that trick to the USA for Daesh. Except USA sends them to Afghanistan to justified more war there.


ISIS does not have the vacate option. Neither side are taking prisoners.


But where will ISIS vacate to



Recent SITMAP attached. Enemy HTS withdrew from NW pocket, SAA advanced on a 250 m frontage, secured Habib al-Mustafa mosque (GRID 249150 E 707600 N) and imperative HTS defense hub RIJIH SQUARE (GRID 249270 E 707440 N). Line of Contact with Enemy approx 706800 Northing. Double envelopment developing south of west-east axis Salah ad-Din al-Ayoubi Street in HAJAR ASWAD district . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/751f3931656a370a4786943d0d153466a776b6bdee48e8e94090a95245bb7e9b.jpg Bibi and FUKUS wailing in tears


I’m amazed that these Al Nusra guys have been so quiet these past years. Every other front they’re causing major headaches whenever there is a potential cease fire or reconciliation agreement to be had. Oddly enough not in this part of town.


They probably saw all the fun ISIS was having playing with the SAA.


But in neighboring East Ghouta, practically around the corner, they were VERY active.


The Syrian government was initially willing to let ISIS relocate. Once the fighting started, ISIS started killing all captured soilders and in turn SAA did the same. Maybe the militants did not think the SAA as up for any more shit. I’m pretty sure the operation against ISIS is less restraint than East Ghouta, as there are less civilians to consider.

You can call me Al

Not over until the last fat, head chopping POS has left.

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