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JUNE 2021

Relocation process of refugees in the EU stuck

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There are still thousands of people trying to reach Europe through different routes, and thousands more waiting for getting legal asylum.

Relocation process of refugees in the EU stuck

Alexis Tsipras, centre, with the first group of refugees being relocated from Greece to Luxembourg

As thousands of people keep arriving to Europe every day, the EU seems to be failing into handling the problem effectively since there are some disagreements among the member countries due to policies regarding refugees.

Many have criticized open-door policy held by Germany’s Merkel for considering it as the major cause of the huge influx of migrants into Europe, at the same time, the entering of refugees is not the only problem but also it is the slowness in the process to relocate them throughout all the member countries’ territories.

Some countries are asking the EU for more help for hosting refugees on their way to Europe, others claim for the implementation of transit zones, and some others say they can´t take more refugees in their territories, but as far as it‘s been seen, no visible efforts are being made to settle refugees definitively.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker have been calling for all the refugees to be relocated within EU member states according to a quota system, which many member states have rejected.  Until now, of the 160,000 refugees adopted as part of the arrangement, only 116 have been relocated. In Greece, 30 people were relocated to Luxemburg.

A fifth briefing to discuss Europe’s reaction to refugee crisis has been called on November the 12th , since the last four summits were unsuccessful into finding a long term solution for a crisis that doesn’t appear to stop.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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