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Religious Tensions Grow In Ukraine Amid Collapse Of Newly-Created ‘Independent’ Orthodox Church

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Religious Tensions Grow In Ukraine Amid Collapse Of Newly-Created 'Independent' Orthodox Church

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The struggle for church assets and believers (mostly their political affiliation) within Ukraine’s non-canonical curches is on-going and it doesn’t appear that any end is within sight.

On August 9th, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky refused to sign a joint statement with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. The reason for this was disagreement, but it was not indicated what the disagreement related to.

Approximately two months earlier, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew said that the Kiev Patriarchate has never been on Ukrainian territory and is currently not there either.

“The so-called “Patriarchate of Kiev” does not exist and never existed,” said Bartholomew.

He added that granting Ukraine autocephaly is not related to politics and is associated with concern due to the fact that the Ukrainian side “could not enjoy complete freedom from external influences.”

Religious Tensions Grow In Ukraine Amid Collapse Of Newly-Created 'Independent' Orthodox Church

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Naturally, his repeated meetings with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko show that there were ‘no politics’ behind the decision. His calls that “Mother Church” may “adopt back” its “wayward Ukrainian children,” also clearly means that the Ukrainian church is free from external influence, except Istanbul’s.

This also is reinforced by indications that Bartholomew appears to be losing his authority. Earlier, the Vicar of the Patriarch of Antioch and the whole East, Bishop Erzurum Kais admitted that the Pan-Orthodox Council could take place without the Patriarch of Bartholomew of Constantinople.

According to the representative of the Antiochian Patriarchate, they recognize the Patriarch of Constantinople, but at present he is making a mistake regarding the situation in Ukraine.

“And if all Orthodox Churches assemble a Council without him and decide on the deposition of the Primate of Constantinople, then this is possible,” said Kais.

Earlier, the head of the non-canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate (UOC-KP) Filaret refused to follow the conditions of the tomos granted by the Patriarchate of Constantinople in January 2019. With the decision, the two churches united at the Council of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, where they elected the so-called Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).

“An association of one Orthodox Church of Ukraine has been created. Based on this association, the Patriarch of Constantinople gave us a tomos about autocephaly. But we at the Council did not know its contents. We learned of them after the merger.

If we knew the contents of this tomos, then we would not agree to such a tomos,” Filaret said. He complained that the tomos puts the UOC in strict dependence on Constantinople.

Recently, Filaret has been calling for followers to “rebel” against the Patriarch of the OCU – Metropolitan Epiphanius.

His appeal was published in the official Facebook group named “For the Ukrainian church.”

“I appeal to you. I served you for 53 years in the cathedral, did not miss a single liturgy, not a single ministry. Therefore, I ask you to protect the Kiev Patriarchate first and protect me as a patriarch … Address the authorities, protest. But you need to protest against Epiphanius, because everything is done under his control,” Filaret said.

It appears that the Ukrainian security services are also assisting in the persecution of clerics that are not part of the OCU.

Про що розповів протоієрей Віктор Земляний, керівник відділу з питань міжконфесійного врегулювання при Рівненській єпархії УПЦ відразу після допиту в СБУ?

Posted by РІВНЕ. Голос Церкви. on Monday, August 5, 2019

A cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), Viktor Terestris, was questioned by the SBU for the second time, being accused of inciting religious hatred, as he explains in the above video.

Earlier, the priest was charged with high treason and the distribution of so-called illegal literature.

In December 2018, in the framework of criminal cases of high treason and inciting religious hatred, 20, and after a while another 14 priests of the Rivne diocese were questioned. Terestris is also a priest of the Rivne diocese.

Cases of pressure on the clergy of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church became more frequent after the creation of a new government-backed church structure – the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU).

And due to the OCU’s straight up failure in putting the churches of the UOC-KP and MP under their control, there are reports of a “black registrar,” under regional authorities, which are used, by way of false documents to re-register communities of the canonical church to the jurisdiction of the “independent” OCU, according to the UOC-MP’s Chairman Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovarsky.

“A phenomenon has emerged as black registrars. Specialists who, under the Regional State Administration illegally, on the basis of fake and forged documents, reregister our communities in the jurisdiction of the OCU,” Metropolitan Anthony said.

Ho noted that the first step towards religious reconciliation in Ukraine should be just the return of the ‘captured temples’.

“The question is fundamental, the fate of ordinary people who were kicked out of their native churches onto the street is behind the problem,” Metropolitan Anthony explained.


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Economic sanctions = Economic terrorism.
Interfering in a state = State terrorism.

These are the crimes that the US and NATO perverters are committing since their birth.


Ukraine is a pretty much a noncountry.


comment image

Brother Ma

The blue part added to the Ukraine in 1922? Who did it belong to before that and what was it called?

Harry Smith

That territories were historically Russian (you can google for Scythia, as Rus’ and Slavs are 2 of 5 major Scythian tribes), after that there was Rus’ state, called Kievian, because of the grate Duke settled there, after Mongols ruined Kiev, all survived population migrated to the North and those lands were not populated for awhile. Then the territories were partially controlled by Ottoman Empire in the west and so called “vol’nitsa” (kinda land of freedom) in the east.

After Peter I started his expansion he recaptured castle of Azov and the process began. When those territories were joined to the Russian Empire the development has started and new cities were built. You can take any big city at that territory and most of them were founded by Russian Czars or Czarina Catherine II the Great.

Then came Lenin, and as he was Germany’s agent he started to create the state to give it under the control of Germans. This was made because at the end of their history, east-goths settled at the part of Crimea, and because of it modern Germans proclaimed Crimea their historical land. In fact, it was made because Germany had a huge amounts of food to import and it was a big security gap and slow down for industrial development. So they decided they need those lands (yellow, orange, blue and violet). In fact it was one of the reasons of WW1. So Lenin, when he came to the power started the creation of an artificial state with the idea to transfer it to Germany at the future. But he didn’t succeed because he died, and Stalin, being not so smart, continued the Lenin’s policy without the strategical understanding of it.

You just read a short quintessence of the Southern Russia history. It has many generalizations, but I will discuss any minor mistakes with anybody.

AM Hants

Thanks for that informative comment. Interesting to read.

Brother Ma

Thank you friend for that informative piece.


Oh God, where did you find this nonsense?

“and Slavs are 2 of 5 major Scythian tribes”

Scythians were Iranic tribes, there are many sources confirming that.

“Then came Lenin, and as he was Germany’s agent he started to create at this territory the state to give it under the control of Germans”

And this is a peak of your gibberish, the Germans used the Ukrainian separatists as a peon during the peace negotiations in Brest. If Lenin was a ‘German agent’ why Germans started an offensive in 1918? They were going towards Petrograd ( they took Narva (february 23), Pskov, Talin…) and there was no one to stop them. The Bolsheviks were forced to move the capital to Moscow and started preparing underground cells in Petrograd.
if the Bolsheviks didn’t accept that shameful peace treaty that would almost certainly make end of the revolution (and the Bolshevik party almost collapsed around that decision).
But as the later events showed how right Lenin was being certain that a revolution in Germany is imminent.

It wasn’t Lenin that gave an autonomy to Ukraine, Kerensky did that.

It’s shameful by using some facts and combining that with pure nonsense to pervert history like that.


Shame, why did you remove your post?

But here is your answer any way, I already wasted my time answering to your question.

After the first part of the negotiations was torpedoed by the representatives of the Ukrainian Rada (I repeat, recognized by Kerensky) that promised supplies (1 mill tons of grain, 400 million eggs, 50,000 tons of meat…) to Germany and the AH Empire, Trotsky was sent to prolong the negotiations as much as possible. The Bolsheviks and the left SRs (there was a coalition government) and Trotsky sincerely believed that a revolution in Germany would happen any moment.
He went directly to German soldiers, conducted propaganda there. Von Kühlmann, the state secretary of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote in his memoirs that: “By the sight of Trotsky it was clear that he would very much like to stop these protracted negotiations, and if he could throw a bunch of grenades at our delegation, then he would inevitably do so ”.

Harry Smith

Sorry, I didn’t removed my post. Maybe any mistake or whatever. As for your answer, my question was about Trotsky, not about Rada. As for your answer, it looks you didn’t know the history or learn it at Wikipedia, because Bolsheviks, at that moment, had no interest in Rada, but part of them with Lenin in the head were Germany agents and were for peace, while other part with Trotsky were American/Britain agents and had orders not to stop the war. That’s why, on the secret meeting at January 24th, Bolshevik voted the principle “no war, no peace” with 9 votes pro and 7 votes contra. So, I hope, you won’t write your comments on the Russian history until you will learn the subject better.

PS: just for enlightening your gaps in history: January 22 Rada proclaimed independence and since November 7th Kerensky was not in the power, since Bolsheviks deposed him. So there is no relationship between Trotsky, Kerensky and Rada.


Heh, so all of them were someone agents?

I’m not intending to write you an essay about the Brest peace negotiations but one can’t discuss that without the ‘Ukrainians’, they were there, they were recognized by the Germans and were providing them by essential war supplies that Germany and Austria were needing badly.
Why the Germans were negotiating so long with their ‘agents’?
Why the offensive?

Why would America and Britain be needing any agent when they had Kerensky and his government in their pocket?
The Provisional government was financed by the allies, they were staying in the war and accepted all the debt of the RE.
The Bolsheviks did all the opposite, ended the war and refused to pay any debts.

Harry Smith

Sorry, but I think I would not read your essay about the Brest peace just because you mixed up Rada, Kerensky and Bolsheviks. Which, in fact, are 3 things apart.
1. The negotiations with Germans were so long because only part of Bolsheviks were Germany’s agents.
2. The offensive was because Bolsheviks refused to sign the peace treaty.
3. America and Britain needed Trotsky and Sverdlov, because Lenin, being German agent, overthrown Kerensky and had to push up the Germany agenda.

Look, dude. It’s too late to have the conversation with you and, to be honest, too boring. You have some knowledge but can not connect the dots. So please pardon me, I am finishing this discussion with you.

PS You have the right question about the guns. Just try to look at the situation if Ukraine was one of the objectives of Germany in the WW1 and Lenin was the German agent. Add the fact that Ukraine proclaimed kinda autonomy after Lenin took the power and not in times of Kerensky. Have a nice sleep.


“America and Britain needed Trotsky and Sverdlov, because Lenin, being German agent, overthrown Kerensky and had to push up the Germany agenda.”

Hahaha, Trotsky was a key person in the October revolution.

Good by and enjoy your conspiracy theories.

Harry Smith

Sorry for my bad English. I mean Trotsky was sent to Russia after Lenin started his preparations to return to Russia. Lenin came to Petrograd in April 1917, while Trotsky only in May 1917.

As for the conspiracy, to blame somebody in it is kinda way to put a big black dot to end the conversation. However, if we will look at the facts, conspiracy really exits. I.E. Trump’s accusations of collusion. Wasn’t it conspiracy? Of course it was. But thanks to Hollywood clichés, everyone who is speaking about conspiracy is identified by the majority as lunatic.

I will give some facts and let’s everybody decide:

1. Kerensky was member of masonic lodge. He even was Secretary General of the “Grand Orient of Russia’s Peoples” lodge from 1916 until July 1917. He confirmed his masonry in his memories.
2. Kerensky’s father was director of gymnasium where Vladimir Lenin was learning. While Lenin’s father was supervisor of Kerensky’s father. So Kerensky and Lenin’s families were friends
3. Trotsky’s uncle was a banker and his bank had a branch in New York.
4. Sverdlov’s brother was a banker at Wall Street and his bank’s office was in the same building with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York/

AM Hants

So love that image. Pictures tell a thousand words.

Zionism = EVIL

Well, let’s take a historical perspective; Ukraine is an integral part of Russia
since the advent of Orthodoxy around a millennium ago. It was named Kievan-Rus
for a reason as all important events of Russian religion and politics originate
from Russian Ukraine. The Zionist infested so-called West must understand that, to Russia, Ukraine can never be just a foreign country. Russian history began in what was called Kievan-Rus. The Russian religion spread from there. Ukraine has been part of Russia for centuries, and their histories were intertwined before then. Some of the most
important battles for Russian freedom, starting with the Battle of Poltava in 1709 , were fought on Ukrainian soil. The Black Sea Fleet — Russia’s means of projecting power in the
Mediterranean — is based in Sevastopol, in Crimea since it was won over from
the defeated Ottomans. Even such famed dissidents as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and
Joseph Brodsky insisted that Ukraine was an integral part of Russian history and, indeed, of Russia.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is Russian land Kievan-Rus and the Talmudic perverts can not create another Orthodox Wahhabism in Russia, simply will not happen. The Jew child molesters now control Kiev and are trying to use this failed entity to destabilize Russia, it is time to destroy the Talmudic cult of evil in Ukraine and globally.

Zionism = EVIL

Ukrainians are the fake element of Hollywood created Jew version of history like the Zionist occupation of Arab Palestine. They live in a country with a complex history and a polyglot composition, Crimea, 80 percent of whose population is Russian , became part of Ukraine only in 1954 , when Nikita Khrushchev, a Ukrainian by birth, awarded it as part of the 300th-year celebration of a Russian agreement with the Cossacks. The west is nominally Catholic; the east staunchly Russian Orthodox. The west speaks Ukrainian a corrupted dialect of Russian; the east speaks mostly Russian. Any attempt the Talmudic destabilizers in Ukraine to destroy Russian Orthodox culture —as has been the pattern — would lead eventually to a total civil war or break up. To treat Ukraine as part of the Jew instigated an East-West confrontation would scuttle for decades any prospect of peace in Europe or the world. The Talmudic evil must be stopped in Ukraine like its Nazi predecessors.


An internecine religious war is historically never very pretty.
This disaster would be the icing on the cake for the US plot to fracture Ukraine for generations, even centuries.

Pave Way IV

Isn’t the Primate of the Orthodox Church they just elected Jewish? They probably should have chosen a nice, well-connected Anglican boy. Think of the BREXIT dividends!

AM Hants

Curiousity, but, wherever the AshkeNAZI Khazarians go, or nations they wish to pillage, the first thing they try to destroy is the Orthodox Church and their treasures. Ukraine, now they are trying it in Cyprus, not forgetting Greece. Sorry, as I forgot the secular nation of Syria, together with other nations in the Middle East, who had no problems with sectors, loyal to the Orthodox Faith.


AM Hants, with all due respect (I like many of your posts), please don’t go into that conspirology stuff. The Ashkenazi have nothing to do with Khazarians.

comment image

AM Hants


Atlantic Council
Fabian Society
Tavistock Institute
Prop Or Not
Alexandra Chalupa
Dimitry Alperovic
Crowd Strike
George Soros
Clinton Foundation
John McCain
John Brennan
Integrity Initiative
William Browder (grandson of Earl Browder)
Victor Punchuk
Christopher Steele
Pablo Miller
Common Purpose
Timothy Bell
David Bell
Bell Pottinger
Sans Frontieres
Mayday Rescue
James Le Mesurier

Now what do they all have in common?

Don’t both the AshkeNAZIs and Khazarians originate from the same area, and both Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who adopted Judaism, Islam and Christianity, whilst learning Hebrew?

Just find who links into who, and including back in the days when Judea was an outpost of the Roman Empire, and ruled by Herod, fascinating. With regards conspiracy, isn’t it just a hunch, till it becomes fact? So for me, the above, is a hunch, and happy to wait until the time it becomes fact, or can be proven false, owing to facts with substantive evidence.

I guess we will disagree on this. Take care.


“In summary, in this most comprehensive study to date, we have examined the three
potential sources for contemporary Ashkenazi Jews, using a new sample set that covers the full
extent of the Khazar realm of the 6th to 10th centuries. Analysis of this large data set does not
change and in fact reinforces the conclusions of multiple past studies, including ours and those of
other groups (Atzmon and others, 2010; Bauchet and others, 2007; Behar and others, 2010;
Campbell and others, 2012; Guha and others, 2012; Haber and others, 2013; Henn and others,
2012; Kopelman and others, 2009; Seldin and others, 2006; Tian and others, 2008).
We confirm the notion that the Ashkenazi, North African, and Sephardi Jews share substantial genetic ancestry and that they derive it from Middle Eastern and European populations, with no indication of a detectable Khazar contribution to their genetic origins


“Don’t both the AshkeNAZIs and Khazarians originate from the same area, and both Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who adopted Judaism”

No, look at that graph that I posted again. That’s Average identity-by-descent sharing between different populations. You can see that the Ashkenazi are closer to the East and West Europeans than to any Turkic Tribes. Their closest ‘relatives’ are Sephardi and North African Jews.

AM Hants

Thanks. Interesting, owing to a recent article I read, with regards the DNA in Israel and the DNA in Palestine, of the Jewish Faith. When I went looking further, do believe one of the articles, goes with your comment. I can understand why the Khazarians do not wish to be associated with the AshkeNAZIs.

The thing I like about these sites, excluding the trolls, is even when you disagree with soembody, you also learn from their point of view.

Tnhis is not the article I was looking for, which was more science based, and it focuses on Khazarians and ignores the AshkeNAZIs.

ZIONIST JEWS ARE NOT DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM, PALESTINIANS ARE!… https://hshidayat.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/zionist-jews-are-not-descendants-of-abraham-palestinians-are/

I personally have no problem with those of the biblical Jewish faith, but, do have a problem with the darker side of the zionists and their partners, of other faiths.


AM Hants, the Khazarians dissolved. No one can tell what DNA haplo groups they were carrying. So they are looking at the territory of their former empire. And Caucasus is such a melting pot, they are sharing a couple of haplo groups and a village in a next valley is speaking not only a different language but a completely different language branch.

Another interesting (hi)story is about the Alans that went through whole Europe and ended up forming a kingdom in North Africa. And Caucasians today are arguing which one of them are their descendants. Even DNA genealogy can’t help much because these Alan DNA samples that we have are varying from Iranian to Caucasian haplo groups.

AM Hants

Cheers, I like informative comments, where I learn something.

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