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Relations between Russia and the USA – Nov. 9 – 13, 2015

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The USA and Russia are major powers strongly influencing the situation over the world. Forecasting and studying many ongoing crisises are hardly possible without understanding of them. Today, SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is launching a new product to cover publicly this topic. We are starting with a short review, but our mid-term aim is to provide a high quality white papers dedicated to the topic.

This report is written and developed by Lisbeth Mechter.

Relations between Russia and the USA - Nov. 9 - 13, 2015

As conflicts continue to tear territories all over the world, Russian-American diplomatic impasses go on in an unprecedented struggle of power and influence over the regions in dispute.

Many agree that the latest world conflicts involving Russia and the US are a demonstration of a proxy war between both nations, or, according to others, a Cold War II.

But the truth is that nowadays, American hegemony over the whole world seems to be heading to its end with major powers rising, like China or Russia aiming to enhance a multipolar world. As far as can be seen now, American influence in warring regions is not so widely accepted by all due to its ineffectiveness and backing support to the ones they claim to fight.

In an attempt to create a defamatory campaign against Russia, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter stated that Russia is undermining international stability. In response to these allegations, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, said that Russian aims to enhance defense issues are caused by the US activity mainly due to their nuclear potential improvement, deployment of the global missile defense system, their disrespect to strategic equality and also their attempts to bring NATO infrastructure closer to Russian frontiers.

Russia must be aware of any effort to destabilize its national security, Zakharova inferred.

Another relevant event is the alleged existence of a document regarding on settlement in Syria produced by Russia. This showed up amidst the outset of the US-initiated working groups on the settlement in Syria taking place in Vienna. In fact, there have been talks and discussions between Russia and its allies in the region about that subject, but a formal document in regard to the settlement in Syria does not actually exist.

Undoubtedly, these conjectures are also part of the American aims to recover their protagonist role on international maneuvers.

Also it´s necessary to mention that Russia was never consulted or informed about the formation of the working groups in Vienna but when they were already set. For that reason, their objectives, agenda and tasks remain unclear to Russian diplomacy. Once again, American diplomats eluded their liabilities with their Russian counterpart.

Despite the numerous members of the coalition trying to reach a long-term solution to Syrian conflict, the US keep imposing their conditions and unilateral actions in a clear and improvised attempt to impose their leading logics over led ones.

Although Russia holds its stance of respecting what was previously decided by all the participants of the Vienna talks in response to the American hierarchical ambitions.

Nevertheless, whatever the US decides to inform about Russian activities in the world must be seriously considered and criticized since the support of American agencies to “independent media”, as it was informed by Zakharova, alleging that the US government intends to allocate $86 million for counter Russian propaganda next year.

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